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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Should You Clean Bathroom Fans

A problem with many homeowners according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is they think that when it comes to their bathroom fans. It is something that they can simply set, and then forget.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

However, this is not true at all. Bathroom fans need regular maintenance. Just like cleaning their gutters. And checking their smoke detectors. To ensure that they work well. And even changing the filters in their furnace.

All of these things are needed. To keep the home working well, great shape. And keep them safe as well. And while many people. Remember to check their smoke detectors. And climb up on their gutters every spring and fall.

People continually forget. To clean their bathroom fans. Until the bathroom fans. Start making so much noise it is disruptive. Or, bathroom fan completely stops working. Leaving people without bathroom fans at all.

Many people are not even sure. Why they need a bathroom fan. They often believe, the bathroom fan is designed. To keep their mirrors from fogging up. So that they can get ready for their day after their shower.

And while there is a small grain of truth to this according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. The real reason is much larger than that. And much more important. What happens when a person uses the bathroom.

There is a lot of water, the toilet, the sink. As well as the tab or shower. Can create a lot of humidity. That can build up in the bathroom. Creating problems like mushy drywall. And more seriously, mould.

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Mould is very destructive in a home. But also, it can be a health problem. Which is why it is part of the building code. That every single residence. Has a ventilation fan. Or window.

To keep these rooms, as humid free as possible. Many people are unaware of this. Which is why they do not do the regular maintenance. That can keep their fan functioning properly for a long time.

The design of the fan, is actually to suck up the humid air. And then vented to the outside of the home. Fans will be chosen for each bathroom. Based on the size of the bathroom. And how much air the fan can move.

The larger the bathroom, the more powerful the fan is needed. When the fan gets a bit of dust clogged into the vent great. As well as dust landing on the fan blades themselves. Two things happen.

The fan has to work harder. In order to move the same amount of air. And over time, may simply stop moving the air. Out of the bathroom. And humidity can collect. Creating mould and other problems.

As well, because the fan has to work harder says electrical contractors in Edmonton. The motor is going to get worn out sooner. And it will shorten the length of the fan. Causing it to work noisily.

Until it does fail. If homeowners find. That there bathroom fans. Are now making more noise than they ever did. This is the time to call Hauer Power. For a price on how much it would be to replace it.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Should You Be Cleaning Bathroom Fans Ever

Bathroom fans do an exceptionally important job according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Which is why they are part of the building code. And no residential bathroom. Should be without one.

Unfortunately, many homeowners. Are unaware of how important they are. Or that they need to do some regular maintenance. To keep them in good working order. As the fans work.

To suck humid air out of the bathroom. They are inevitably. Going to suck up dust, and pet hair at the same time. This is why there are fan grates on their bathroom fan. To catch the dust.

So that it does not settle on the fan blades as quickly. Electrical contractors in Edmonton recommend. Homeowners vacuum off the bathroom fan ventilation great. Every three months. Or ultimately more often if they have pets.

While every six months, they recommend. Pulling off the bathroom fans great. In order to vacuum off the fan blades themselves. Because this will keep the fan working efficiently. To move the humid air out of the room.

However, if people do not do this maintenance. The fan will start to wear out sooner. Working with more noise. And working less efficiently. When people find that their bathroom fan is making too much noise.

They should be proactive, and call electrical contractors in Edmonton. To discuss options when it comes to bathroom fans. And how much it would cost to install them. If people think they are should not be a lot of options.

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When it comes to bathroom fans, they are absolutely wrong. Nowadays, bathroom ventilation fans. Come with many different bells and whistles. So that people can have the bathroom experience they want.

For example, there are of course options. To reduce noise levels of the bathroom fan. Which is ultimately important for people. Who live in busy households. Or who are showering, when other people are asleep.

But there are also energy efficient models. Models that come with mood lighting built in. With LED light bulbs. That flash different colours, to set the mood. For an invigorating shower.

Or, for a romantic or relaxing bath for example. They also come with Bluetooth speakers built in. So that people can connect their phone. Unless into their favourite music, radio or podcast while getting ready for work.

Firstly, there is even an option. For the bathroom fan to come with a sensor built in. That simply knows when the humidity level in the bathroom. Is more than it should, and turns on.

Working as long as it needs, to reduce the humidity levels. And when they have dropped. To an adequate level. They bathroom fan turns off. Therefore, saving a ton of energy.

Therefore, when homeowners want to replace their bathroom fans. For any reason, their first call should be. To electrical contractors in Edmonton at Hauer Power. They will be able to give homeowners the options and the pricing they need.

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