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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | The Many Parts of a Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensors are important to keep businesses and residents is safe according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. However, they need to be installed properly and maintained.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

When people are choosing motion sensor systems for the first time. There are many different aspects that they should consider. In order to get the correct type of motion sensor lights.

As well as ones that are going to help them be energy efficient, save money. And minimize the times that they have to replace the light bulbs. While motion sensor light systems of the past.

Used many different types of light bulbs. Such as incandescent, halogen or fluorescent light bulbs. The most current models use LEDs, also known as light emitting diodes. For many different reasons.

First of all, light-emitting diodes are energy efficient. Because they simply draw less energy then other types of light bulbs. Therefore, they are already a cost-effective option for homeowners and business owners.

As well, they are more cost-efficient than traditional light bulbs. Simply because these lights last longer than traditional bulbs. That means, they will burn out less often. And require less replacing through the lifetime of the motion sensor system.

Another reason why many people are choosing LED light bulbs. Further motion sensor lights. Is because they are brighter than other light bulbs. Therefore, they can brightly light an area more successfully with LEDs.

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Another reason why electrical contractors in Edmonton like LED light bulbs. When they are choosing motion sensor lights. Is because they emit the lowest heat. While property owners may not understand the significance of this.

It is very simple. Incandescent, halogen and even fluorescent light bulbs. Will emit heat after they have been turned on for even just a minute or two. If these motion sensor lights are outside.

And it is raining either heavily or not. Or snowing, any time the precipitation hits the hot light bulb. There is a shatter risk. This means that people who choose motion sensor light systems that have more traditional light bulbs.

Will typically, and up replacing those light bulbs more often. Due to them being shattered from rain or snow falling on the hot light bulb. However, that is not the only reason why LED lights are more durable.

Unlike incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs. That are encased in glass. These light emitting diodes are encased in a very thick, plastic shell. Which means they are less likely to break.

Even if there is hail, or a Vandal growing rocks at the motion sensor light. Therefore, business owners and homeowners who get the LED system. Will definitely spend less time replacing light bulbs.

They should always call on electrical contractors in Edmonton, such as our power to install their motion sensor system. So that they have peace of mind that is installed correctly. And with the right sensitivity.

If people are doing this for safety reasons, or to deter crime. They will want to make sure that it is installed properly. And functioning as well as it can.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Motion Sensor Lights Have Many Parts

Complex motion sensor lights are says electrical contractors in Edmonton. However, there are many different parts. And choosing the right system, installing it correctly. And having the right settings.

Will ensure that these lights will achieve their objective. Whether it is keeping occupants of the residence safe. Deterring crime, or helping employees of the business get around easily.

The first thing that electrical contractors in Edmonton want property owners to know. About motion sensor lights. Is that the ones that they are going to be using. Are called passive infrared radiation.

This contains a sensor, that has 1 to 3 levels of sensitivity. They will need to ensure that they have the correct level of sensitivity. Based on what they are doing with that light.

For example, business owners that are putting it in their stairwell, or parking garage. To keep their employees safe. Will want the highest sensitivity level. So that as soon as their employees enter that area.

Lights come on very brightly. And stay on for long enough time. To allow them to get up or down the stairs. Or into the building from the garage or safely to their car for example.

In a residence, for a property owner wanting the light turned on. When they let their dog out into the yard at night. Or, in their bathroom at night. So that they do not have to search for light switch when they are tired.

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Electrical contractors in Edmonton. Recommend having a very low sensitivity. On this motion sensor light. So that it does not blind anyone unnecessarily. While the sensitivity of the sensor is important.

It is also important that the sensor is being kept as clean as possible. Outside, wind, snow and rain. Can cause dirt to layer on top of the sensor. Until it is no longer functioning. And inside, it is just that can do this.

It is recommended for people to take a micro fiberglass. As well as a nonabrasive cleaner. To gently clean the sensors of all dust and dirt. That can affect its use.

As well, another part of the motion sensor lights. That people should be aware of is the photocell. This is the device on the motion sensor light, that will allow the light to only turn on when it is dark outside.

If this photocell is dirty. Or has been clogged with dust, it is going to not work properly. Having the motion sensor lights come on when it is daylight out. Which will cause the homeowner, or business owner to spend more on electricity.

Again, cleaning these photocells requires a micro fiberglass, and nonabrasive cleaner. And for this to happen every 1 to 3 months. When people are ready to get motion sensor lights installed.

They should call the experts, such as Hauer power to not only install. But to maintain these lights so they will be functioning for many years to come.

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