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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Three Phase Power In Residences

People call their electrical contractors in Edmonton. To upgrade their electrical system. And assume, that they are going to need to upgrade to three phase power. However, this is usually never necessary.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Especially when the person calling. Is calling about residence. Even if they are adding many circuits. Or doing a large renovation. Such as finishing a basement. And adding an additional suite, in their garage.

However, no matter what electrical upgrading. They are planning on doing in their home. In which case, they should be calling. Electrical contractors in Edmonton. In order to help them do the job properly.

Not only is electrical work inherently dangerous. Because if someone makes a mistake. They could put their home at risk. Of an electrical fire. Because of doing something incorrectly like crossing liars.

Or causing their home to be no longer grounded. Causing electricity to be discharged dangerously. Or even causing their breaker system not work. So that the electricity will not be turned off.

By their breaker, if the circuits are overloaded. Not only do their electrical contractors in Edmonton. Have the expertise to do the installations correctly. But also, they have insurance.

That will help cover the damage. If something goes wrong. But if a homeowner decides. To do the work themselves. And something goes wrong. Their own insurance will not cover it.

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However, what they will also discover. From there electrical the electricians that they hire. Is that there is almost never an instance. In a residential situation. Where they will need to upgrade to three phase power.

Which usually is very good news. Simply because three phase power. Is incredibly expensive to upgrade to. Because of the additional wires. And additional copper that they must use.

For businesses, that depend on their machines. To earn their money. The cost is justified. And they will earn that money back. When they do not have downtime. Based on shoddy electrical systems.

But for homes, there are hardly any electrical devices. That are going to require over 240 V. While two hundred and forty, is more power. Then a single phase power can handle.

There electrician can actually. Install something called Split phase power. Effectively increasing the voltage capabilities. From one hundred and twenty. Two 240 V power that they can run.

If people are installing a brand-new stove. That has a larger voltage capability. Because it has two ovens inside of it. Or other large flattop grill. Perhaps, they are installing a large air conditioning unit.

Or putting a hot tub in their backyard. They are going to needs larger than single phase power. And by splitting phases, to go to two different transformers. They can increase the voltage safely.

This is why it pays, to hire experts. Such as a red seal electrician. Like the experts at Hauer Power in Edmonton. They will be more than happy. To give all homeowners. An estimate on all of their renovation projects. So that they know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Three Phase Power In Residences

When people are upgrading the power in their home, they need to contact electrical contractors in Edmonton. So that it gets done perfectly. And that they do not make critical mistakes.

Many people may be aware. That they are going to need more circuits in their electrical system. And now that they are going to have to add a subpanel. Or a brand-new electrical panel.

Will but they might not know at all. Is that there going to need to upgrade their power. From single phase. And what that entails. Some people think that they have to go from single phase power to three phase power.

And they have also heard, that three phase power is extremely expensive. And while yes, electrical contractors in Edmonton. Agree that 3-phase power is much more expensive.

Most residences will never need to upgrade. To three phase power. The matter how ambitious homeowners projects become. They could be adding a home theatre to a basement room.

Or, finishing the basement entirely. Adding a mother-in-law suite to their garage. Or creating a home office. And they think that it is going to require significant power increases in their home.

All of these projects. Or going to need more circuits. And the electrical contractors in Edmonton. Our want are going to want to add additional circuits. So if they want to add more circuits in the future.

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They will be able to. But it is not necessarily a given. That they are going to need to upgrade the type of power. From single phase to what is called Split phase. There is no such thing as second phase power.

But what Split phase is. Is a way that there electrician. Can double the voltage. From hundred and 20 V, to add to hundred and 240 V. Safely, and inexpensively. What they do, is split the voltage.

Between two different transformers. So that they can safely increase the power in that coil. Without having to add an expensive three phase power system in the home. However, even upgrading.

Two a Split phase system, is not necessarily needed. Typically, only if they are going to run very powerful machines. Such as a high-powered air conditioner units. Hot tub, or a very large and powerful stove.

Some people might assume. That if there adding ceiling fans. A more powerful range hood fan. Or even new bathroom fans. That these are motors, and they will require three phase power. However, that is not the case.

All of those machines. Still only use up hundred and 20 V or less. This is the benefit of using the professionals. Such as Hauer Power in Edmonton. Not only will they be able to come to the homeowners project.

Do a tour, and talk to the homeowner. About all of the equipment they are going to run. In any equipment they are going to add. But they will also be able to get a no obligation estimate. To help people know exactly what to expect from the renovation.

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