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Electrical contractors Edmonton | Use Motion Sensor Lighting

The reason motion sensor lights are installed in buildings according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Is to ensure people can navigate through the space safely. Whether it is commercial, industrial.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Or residential business. Keeping people safe. As they navigate through the entire building. Is important. There are many common areas. Where electrical contractors in Edmonton. Are installing these sensors.

For one, a parking garage is a great example. Whether this parking garage is in a business. Giving employees a place to park, before they start work each day. Ensuring that this area is well lit is important for safety.

Or, they could be the parking garage. Of an apartment building, or a condo complex. For the same reasons. Electrical contractors in Edmonton are installing motion sensor lights. To keep people safe.

As they come home for the day. Or leave, no matter where they are going. Another place that is quite common. To install motion detector lights is in a stairwell. These are typically very dark, cramped areas.

Whether it is in a business, or in an apartment building. As well as a condo complex. By installing not just motion sensor lights. But motion sensors, with LED lights. Means that these spaces can be brightly lit.

Whether people are at work, or at home. This bright lighting. Can increase their sense of safety. And also deter criminal activity from congregating or happening in those areas.

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A third area where electricians. Are installing motion sensor lights. Is in storage rooms. Often, apartment buildings, or condo complexes. Have an external storage area.

From the apartment or condo’s main living area. Usually down the hall, or in the basement. And ensuring that these spaces are well lit. Can be a safety factor as much as a convenience factor as well.

Typically, people are entering into these areas. With their arms full of things that they are wanting to store. In a business, employees typically have things that they are looking to put away when they enter this space.

And by ensuring that they can always have a bright light. Whether they are coming, or going from this space. And regardless of whether they are carrying equipment or not. Can help increase their safety.

In a business, having motion sensor lights on in the bathroom. Means that businesses do not have to pay exorbitant electrical fees. To light a room, that is only used some of the time.

There are many reasons why motion sensor lights. Are beneficial in commercial and residential buildings. But externally, these not only are a safety issue. They can deter crime as well.

As crime is usually because of opportunity. By using motion sensor lights. Building owners can remove that opportunity for criminals. However, it is not enough to simply by some motion sensor lights.

And stick them up in various points outside. They should consult with a professional. Who will help them by the correct lighting. As well as enough sensors. To get the job done properly.

Electrical contractors Edmonton | Use Motion Sensor Lighting Inside And Outside

Many people may not understand how important motion sensors are says electrical contractors in Edmonton. They can help increase safety outside and inside a building.

As well as deter criminal activity. Increasing the safety of the overall neighbourhood. However, in order for these things to happen. Building owners. Whether it is a residential property or a business.

Needs to ensure that they are going about this properly. To ensure the motion sensors are working properly. Installed in the right locations. And are being maintained as well.

The first thing that many people are unaware of. Or forget, as the case often is. That they must manage their sensors. This means do some regular, and routine maintenance of these devices.

Motion sensor lights typically have three things. That need to be maintained. The motion sensor itself, the photocells. And the light bulb that turns on, when motion is detected.

The motion sensor, can get dirty or dusty. If it is inside, dust can settle on the sensor. Making it work less effective. Until it is no longer functioning. At this point, many people call their electrical contractors in Edmonton complaining.

That there motion sensor system. Has only been installed for a few months. And it is already broken. There electrician will have to point out that it is not broken. And they just need to clean the dust off from the sensors.

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The photocell, is the part of the motion sensor light. That ensures that the light only turns on when it is dark outside. Therefore, keeping this clear of dust and dirt. Can ensure that this functions properly as well.

If people notice that there motion sensor lights are turning on. When it is not dark outside. Causing them to spend more in electricity. This is likely because the photocell is covered in dirt or dust as well.

To clean these areas, that go contractors in Edmonton recommend. Taking a microfibers cloth, and an nonabrasive cleaner. And simply wiping the sensors clean everyone, to three months.

However, for many property owners. They might have a dozen, two dozen. Or even more than fifty or a hundred motion sensor lights throughout their entire property. And may not have time for maintenance.

These people can contact their electrical contractors in Edmonton. Who would be more than happy to maintain these devices. As well as their smoke detectors and emergency exit lights. On a regular, monthly basis.

For a low monthly fee, people can ensure that all of these things are being taken care of. So that it does not give them a false sense of security. That they are being protected, when they actually are not.

If people want more information on motion sensors. Whether they are buying new ones. Or, whether they have purchased a location with motion sensors. That they are not sure if they are working. Or if they want to upgrade, they can contact there electrician. Like Hauer Power in Edmonton today.

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