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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | What Bathroom Fan To Install

With all of the different options that bathroom fans come in, says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Ultimately, the decision has never been harder. Undoubtedly,  it has also never been this fun. Choosing a new fan for a bathroom.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

However, the first, and most important consideration. Needs to be the size of the fan. Or rather, how powerful the motor is. In order to figure this out. Firstly, homeowners need to understand clearly.

What the job of a bathroom fan is. The enemy of a home, is ultimately moisture says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Which is why vapour barriers are applied. Throughout the entire house. During its construction.

It should be noted that moisture getting in. Not only can cause of mould to start to grow. Which is a serious and significant health risk. But also, moisture can cause rotting. It can cause ice damage, in this northern environment.

In addition to this, moisture can also destroy things like studs, and insulation. Which is why great care is taken. During the entire construction of a home. To ensure moisture cannot get in. However in a bathroom.

The problem is not moisture from the outside getting in. But moisture from the inside causing problems. And this is the job of the bathroom fan. Is to take that internal moisture. Ultimately venting it outside.

The bathroom fan is designed. To suck up all of the moist air. And then venting that, through a series of ducts. To the outside. Where it is not able. To cause damage to the home any longer.

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However, in order to move all of the air in a room. The motor of a bathroom fan. Needs to be the right size. Without a doubt, the larger the room says electrical contractors in Edmonton. The larger the motor needs to be.

And while the largest bathroom fan. Moves hundred and 50 cubic feet per minute. This may not be enough, for very large bathrooms. Which is why homeowners should get help from the experts.

As well, they are cautioned against choosing the smallest fan. Which is approximately 50 ft.³ per minute. In their smallest bathroom, because while it is the minimum needed. If the fan becomes clogged with dust.

Which is inevitable, it will stop working as efficiently. And in the smallest bathroom. That means it is not able. To appropriately vent the air out of their home. This is why expert advice is vital.

And Hauer Power in Edmonton. Says that their own rule of thumb. Is never installing a fan. That moves less than seventy or 80 ft.³ per minute of air. Into any homeowners bathroom.

If a bathroom is extremely large. They have the option of using multiple fans. That are installed on the same switch. So that it will move enough air out of the bathroom. When it becomes humid enough.

Because these calculations are complex. Homeowners should not have to worry about them. And instead, call the experts. Such as Hauer Power, a company located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Deciding On What Bathroom Fan To Install

Choosing a bathroom fan may not seem exciting says electrical contractors in Edmonton. But that just means people have not gone shopping. In order to choose a bathroom fan recently. Because there are so many fun options.

Undoubtedly homeowners, can let their imagination run wild. When choosing the correct bathroom fan. For the different bathrooms in their home. Ultimately, the job of the bathroom fan. Is to vent out moist air.

However, once the right motor size is chosen. There are a wide variety of options. That people can check out. First, there is the option. To have varying degrees of noise levels dampened.

Anyone who has been in a bathroom. That has had a very cheap bathroom ventilation fan. Will know how annoyingly loud it can be. It can drown out a stereo, and make talking very difficult.

If people have a big soaker tub. That they want to have relaxing baths in. Having an inexpensive, and annoyingly loud fan. Can ultimately destroy the peace and quiet. That they are looking for, in their bathroom. As well as in their home.

Undoubtedly, while a very quiet bathroom. Is important to many people. At least, to the rooms where they are trying to relax. And when the noise level. Is very high in bathrooms where people are having showers. In addition to getting ready for work and school.

While other people in the house are trying to sleep. However, quiet is not the most important metric. For all homeowners. Especially when they may value energy efficiency over quietness. Whether their goal is to produce their energy bill.

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Or to ultimately lower their carbon footprint. However, these are only some of the options. Another energy efficient option. Is to have a fan with a built in humidity sensor.

This is great for a wide variety of reasons. Not only do people not have to remember. Turn the fan on, or back off again. Which means it will save. A lot of energy in the home says electrical contractors in Edmonton.

But people can be certain. That the fan is only on. When it is humid. So that they do not have to have it running. When it is not needed. People can even have a motion sensor. So that the fan only turns on.

When people are in the tub or the shower. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because there are many fun options. Such as mood lighting. In the form of energy efficient LED light bulbs.

That can be put on the bright white setting. To give people additional brightness in their bathroom. Which is especially good. For applying makeup. Or, put it on the blue, red, purple or green setting.

To have a very special and relaxing ambience. For there so in their tub. In addition to that, people can even get a bathroom fan. That has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. This is in fact one of the most popular kinds.

That electrical contractors in Edmonton is installing these days. Because it enables people to hook their music. Or a radio, an audiobook or a podcast. So that can listen while they are showering, bathing. Or getting ready for work.

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