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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | What Is Three Phase Power

Many people understand that they need to hire electrical contractors in Edmonton. When it is time to upgrade their electrical system. But may not understand. Specifically what that is going to entail.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

They often think that they may be able to save money. If they are able to Google how to do the upgrading themselves. However, it is never a good idea. For someone without the correct training.

To upgrade their own electrical systems. While it might seem like a good idea. And that people will be able to save money. And that there is virtually no risk. Since they will be turning off the electrical breaker.

Before they start working on their electrical system. The risk is not while the person is working. On their electrical system says electrical contractors in Edmonton. But rather, a risk when the job is finished.

And they turn on the electricity to those circuits once more. They can cause many different things to go wrong. Such as crossing wires, causing a risk. Of electrical fires. Installing something incorrectly.

Causing the electrical breaker. To not work correctly. And not turn the breaker off. If the circuit becomes overloaded. Again, causing a risk of electrical fires in their building. Or even, causing a problem.

To cause their building to no longer be grounded. If the wrong wire gets disconnected. Which would result in electricity dangerously discharging. At random intervals, when people are using electrical devices.

Therefore, it is never worth the risk. For people to install their own electrical upgrades. Because they will never know that they have caused a large problem. Until it is too late.

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And that problem has occurred. By that time, the damage will be done. And the risk to the building. As well as the people within the building is not worth the money saved.

As well, electrical contractors in Edmonton say that. When people do their own electrical work. They may not know. The appropriate time to upgrade to three-phase power, or not.

Many people often think. That if they are adding more equipment to their electrical circuits. Or if they are going to require more voltage. That they will automatically need to upgrade to three-phase power.

However, whether they do or not. Requires a lot more complex study of the situation. Done by an expert, such as the master electrician at Hauer Power. It is not a simple case.

Of more equipment equals needing three-phase power. And in a residential application. Three-phase power is almost never needed. Instead, what is most commonly used.

To increase the residences power capabilities. Without the expense of three-phase power. Is actually installing what is called split phase power. Which will double the amount of voltages that a home will have.

By splitting the voltage between two different transformers. Which does not require the expense that upgrading to three-phase power will cause. When people would like to save themselves the headache and the danger.

And not upgrade their electrical systems themselves. They should simply contact Hauer Power to help them.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Learning What Three Phase Power Is

Many people who are upgrading their electrical systems, should contact electrical contractors in Edmonton. To help them with this large, and important job. Often, when people buy a new office building.

They will also have to call electrical contractors in Edmonton. To upgrade the electrical system. To accommodate their specific needs. They will come in, to the business. And talk to the business owner.

About all of their current needs. And about all of their plans for growth in the future. Finding about exactly what equipment they are going to run. And what equipment they are going to upgrade with in the future.

This is going to determine exactly how many circuits the electrical contractors in Edmonton are going to need to add. As well as determining. Whether the business owner needs three-phase power or not.

It does not matter if it is a commercial or industrial business. There are several circumstances. That will help the electricians to determine. When to install three-phase power.

For example, if they are going to be using large motors in their business. Such as an industrial style fan. To pull fumes out of a machine shop for example. Or, a business that needs a water pump.

To run for the entirety of the day. Are more likely going to need. To have three-phase power installed. Even if they have significantly more increased power needs. Business owners need to understand.

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That there is no such thing as for, five or six phase power. Because the additional cost that adding those additional phases would be. Is not worth the amount of power that they would gain.

In fact, this is the very subject. That Nikola Tesla examined many years ago. And discovered, that anything past three-phase power. Was inconsequential. Especially for the increased materials used.

Therefore, people can have a single phase power. Which handles 120 V. Split phase power. That can handle 240 V. And three-phase power, that will handle approximately 340 V at a time.

There electrician that they hire. Will be able to tour their entire building. Here about all of the different machines. As well as as, hearing about. The business owners plans for the future.

And will decide the best phase power to install. As well as how many additional circuits. The business owner is going to need for their specific needs. In fact, even if a business owner is not going to run machines.

That require three-phase power. Electricians may install them anyway. Simply because it will allow them. To add more devices per circuits. So that they do not have to add a subpanel, or a new panel.

This is complex. And needs to be figured out by a professional. As well as installed by an expert as well. When business owners are ready to upgrade their electrical. They should immediately contact Hauer Power for that expert help.

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