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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | What Motion Sensors Are Good For

People may not realize how important motion sensors are according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. At keeping their property safe. As well as keeping the occupants of the building safe as well.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

They may be purchasing a building. That has already had motion sensors installed. And when the motion sensors are not working. Do not try to fix them, because they do not know how important they are.

Or, they purchase a building. That has motion sensors installed. They are not working, therefore they call electrical contractors in Edmonton. To place the system with something that actually functions.

However, electrical contractors in Edmonton like Hauer Power. Say that chances are, the system is not broken. And it is not malfunctioning in any way. Because these motion sensor systems will last for years, and decades.

The more likely culprits. Is that these systems, have fallen into a state. Where they have not been maintained for such a long time. They are simply not functioning. But they are not broken.

A great example of this. Is people may not realize. That motion sensor lights. come with two different sensors on them. One sensor, is the main sensor. That detects motion, and gives the signal to turn the light on.

If this sensor gets covered. By dust, debris or dirt. What will happen, is that the sensor will be covered. And simply not able to detect motion at all. Therefore it is not malfunctioning. It is functioning as it is supposed to.

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Another sensor on the motion sensor system. Is the photocell. This is the sensor that is designed to ensure that the light only comes on. When it is dark outside. Therefore, if this is covered.

By dirt, debris or dust. Then what is going to happen. Is that the lights are going to come on even when it is not dark outside. It is going to cause the property owner. To assume that the system is broken.

However, all that it is required in this scenario. Is a bit of maintenance. Using a microfibers cloth. And non-abrasive cleaner. To gently wipe the dirt, and dust away from the sensor. So that it starts working again.

Another reason why people might think that there motion sensor system. Is not functioning. Is because it is using an inefficient type of lightbulb. These lightbulbs can overheat, and break very easily.

And what a person might think is a non-functioning system. Is just a motion sensor system that keeps getting the lightbulbs broken. The easy fix to this, is getting a system that uses LED light bulbs instead.

These lightbulbs might cost more. But there the most energy efficient. The most cost-efficient. The brightest. And the strongest on the market. If people would like to upgrade their motion sensor system.

Two a more robust, and long-lasting LED system. All they have to do is call their electrician. Such as Hauer Power, to provide a quote on upgrading their system today.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | What Motion Sensors Are Used For

Motion sensors are very important according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Keeping properties safe. Keeping people within the property safe. And deterring crime.

These are just some of the reasons. Why business owners. As well as homeowners are installing these systems on their property and buildings. As well, it can help both the business owner and the homeowner.

Save money on their electricity bills. How this works, according to their electrician. Is it ensures that people can have an exterior light on. When it is needed. Such as someone coming home late at night.

Were leaving for work, while it is still very dark outside. Without having to leave their exterior light on. From the moment they leave work. Until the moment they get home. In order to have that light illuminated.

They can leave their motion sensor on. Knowing that whenever they get home. They can simply approach the house, or the business. And have a well lit path to or from their car.

Many people may argue, that the same thing can be accomplished. By putting their lights on a timer switch. However, electrical contractors in Edmonton. Says that this is only truly functional.

In areas of the world where there is constant daylight, and constant darkness. The farther north people go. The more they are going to have a difference, between lightness and darkness in the summertime and winter.

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This means people are going to have to constantly adjust the timer. In order for it to be tuned into the right time. And still, because the homeowner. Or the business owner to waste a lot of electricity.

By having the light on for hours and hours at a time unnecessarily. In the case of a motion sensor. Electrical contractors in Edmonton says. The light might only come on for five minutes, twice.

Helping people save on their monumental electricity bills. Another way to help people save money on their electrical bills. Would be choosing the right style of motion sensor light. This is why they should hire the professionals.

Like Hauer Power in Edmonton. Because they will help them be steered towards the ones that have the most economical lightbulbs. Many people assume that this means fluorescent light bulbs are going to be the most cost-effective.

But this is not true for many reasons. Fluorescent lightbulbs still are breakable. Which means they can get hit by hail, debris. Or be targeted by vandalism to get broken. Particularly by criminals looking for an opportunity.

But also, even though fluorescent lightbulbs are low energy and low heat. They still do get hot. And what happens when people are using a glass lightbulb. Such as fluorescent, halogen or incandescent light bulbs.

And these lightbulbs get hot. And there happens to be rain or snow? The answer is they will shatter. Requiring the business owner. Or the homeowner to purchase more bulbs.

More frequently than they expect. LED light bulbs are most energy efficient and least breakable. Which is why business owners and homeowners should use these styles.

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