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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | When To Install Three Phase Power

When homeowners, or business owners are upgrading their power, they need to call electrical contractors in Edmonton. To help them figure out what exactly they need to upgrade.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

Even though some people may feel that they have the skills and experience needed. To do their own electrical work. Especially if the upgrading that they need. They do not believe to be very difficult.

However, people should never do their own electrical work. For several reasons, including the danger. Not necessarily while they are working on the wires. But if they make a mistake.

Once they turn the power back on, they may have put their building at risk. Of electrical fires, and electrical discharges. By crossing wires, or other mistakes.

As well, if they put their building at risk. There also putting all of the occupants of the building. Their family or employees at risk. And if there is damage, their insurance is not likely to cover it.

If they did not hire electrical contractors in Edmonton to do the work. Another thing that the right professionals will determine. Is if people need to upgrade their power. From single phase, to split phase.

Or if they are a commercial or industrial business. Whether they need to upgrade to three phase power. In residential builds, people are never going to need three phase power.

Because 3-phase power is not cost-effective in a home. There is additional wires, and more copper. Which effectively increases the price. And three phase power is typically only needed.

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To run large machines, that have heavy-duty motors. However, many homeowners may think. That by adding ceiling fans, or bathroom fans. As well as a very powerful range hood fan.

Would be the motors required to have three phase power. But this is not the case. If they do need to upgrade their power from the single phase to something more powerful. Split phase is all that will be needed.

It effectively increases the voltage capabilities. From 120 V, to double that at 240 V. Which will be adequate for all of their fans. As well, if they decide to add powerful equipment to their home.

Like hot tubs, or air conditioning units. Therefore, when they call there electrician. To come do a walk-through, and provide an estimate. They will survey exactly what is in the home already.

They will look at the electrical panel. To see if it needs to be upgraded. And listen to the homeowners plans. From adding a basement suite. To a theatre room, or home gym for example.

They will figure how many more plug-ins they will need. And how many more circuits they will need to add. And then upgrade the panel, or add a subpanel as needed. In order to ensure the homeowner has what they will need.

When people are ready to upgrade the electrical in their home. They should not hesitate to call Hauer Power in Edmonton, as the expert electrical contractors in Edmonton for residential power.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | When Installing Three Phase Power

It is an exciting time, to buy a new building for a business, and business owners should call electrical contractors in Edmonton. Whether they are building a new space for their business. Or whether they have bought an existing building.

Chances are, if they have purchased a building. There going to need to upgrade the wiring, and power. In order to suit their needs. They may need more plug-ins, more lights.

Or they might even need to upgrade their power, from single phase or split phase. To three phase. Depending on the amount of electrical devices that they will use in their business.

Whether it is a commercial or industrial business. Chances are good, that business owners are going to need to operate high-powered equipment. Such as pumps, and fans.

And they should consider upgrading to three phase power says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Even though there is an additional cost, because more wires and more copper is needed.

However, for businesses, this is an easily justified expense. Because they will use those machines. To make money, and they needs to have consistent hours. In order to not interrupt that process.

Therefore, their electricians. Will let them know if their plans for the building. Will require adding three phase power instead. Even if they are not going to run much more powerful equipment immediately.

The electrical contractors in Edmonton will want to know, if that is in their future. Because it may be much more cost-effective. To upgrade the power now. While they are already going to do some work.

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So that they do not have to come back in a couple years. To do some more upgrading, and increase the cost. Even if business owners do not think they will ever need more powerful equipment.

Adding three phase power is often a great way. To increase the amount of devices. The electricians can put on a circuit. Without adding more circuits to the electrical panel.

If they have a large space, that they want to light. Or if they are going to have a lot of machines that need to be plugged in. It still can be more cost-effective. For the business owner to upgrade their building to three phase power.

Some people often want to know if their electricians. Can upgrade to four, five or even six phase power. Because they have very powerful equipment. However, there is no such thing.

Because while it might seem that adding additional phases. To three phase power will increase the power capabilities. This is actually something that Nicola Tesla experimented with.

And discovered that there is not enough increase in power. To justify the additional material and expense. Therefore, three phase power is the most powerful electricians will be able to wire.

And will be adequate, for all commercial and industrial businesses. No matter how powerful equipment they run will be. When business owners are ready to increase the power in their business.

Calling Hauer Power in Edmonton. Is the best first call they can make. They will offer no obligation estimates. And will work with the business owners. To upgrade the power for them.

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