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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Where To Start When Renovating

There are several different reasons why homeowners may renovate their basement says electrical contractors in Edmonton. And these different reasons, can often come with different electrical requirements.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

This is the reason why it is important. For homeowners to consult with electricians early on in the process. So they do not overlook something important. And end up costing additional money.

Either to redo electrical work that has been done. Or because the electrician needed to cut holes in walls, or tile. In order to do the job that they need. To add the electrical components for the homeowner.

One of the first things that electricians are going to ask homeowners. When they are consulting at the beginning of the job. Is asking the homeowner if they are renovating for their own needs and comfort.

Or if they are going to be adding a basement suite to the house. If they are going to be taking on a tenant, who is going to be living in this space. They will have many more electrical requirements.

That are important that they are done correctly. Then simply adding additional rooms, to a fully functioning home. When they have determined this, the rest of the questions they asked.

Will be very easy to ask, although it is very important periods that the homeowner considers them very carefully. When it comes to a comfort renovation. One that the homeowner is doing to add function to their home.

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Typically done, because they do not want to move. But there home is no longer fitting all of their needs. As well as they want it. This could be because they are growing as a family.

And now their two-bedroom home is too small. So they want to add bedrooms in the basement. The number of bedrooms they add will be important. As well as having electrical contractors an Edmonton point out.

That if they are adding bedrooms, they should be adding a bathroom. So that people who are staying in the bedrooms. Do not have to run upstairs, and through the house. In order to brush their teeth before bed.

Or go to the washroom in the middle of the night. The number of electrical outlets in each bedroom. Will be very important. As will be deciding if that should be a half bath, or a full bathroom.

And if there is going to be Internet access or connection. Required in the bedrooms. Or if the homeowner, would rather their family. Not have Internet in their bedrooms.

By considering all of these questions with the help of electrical contractors in Edmonton. Can help ensure that homeowners basement renovation. Fits all of their needs and requirements.

While adding functionality to their home. So that they do not have to hassle with moving. Which would involve finding a new home to buy. Selling their existing home.

Packing up, and moving. To a new neighbourhood, and having the kids go to a new school. When parents are ready to do this. By hiring Hauer Power, it can give them the expertise they need.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | What To Do First When Renovating

A basement renovation can be a simple project says electrical contractors in Edmonton. Or, it can be a very complex project. With many different parts to it. Homeowners may not know where to start.

This is where talking to electrical contractors in Edmonton. Before starting renovations. And even before starting their plans for the renovation. Can help them take many things into consideration.

That they may never have thought about before. That can help them have the best renovation. Depending on what the purpose of renovating their basement would be.

By far and away, the most complex basement renovations. Is when a homeowner is renovating, to add a basement suite. So that they can bring in additional income to the family. By renting out the space.

There are many unique considerations. When they are building a basement suite. Such as having a unique entrance. That only the tenant can access. But also, important considerations.

Such as if the homeowner wants the basement suite to be metered separately. So that they can get their own utility bills. Or, if the homeowner is comfortable splitting the bill with the tenant.

Hoping, that they will pay for the charges. Or that they are not going to be the kind of tenant. That uses a significantly larger amount of electricity. Which would end up costing the homeowner more in the long run.

The reason why this is one of the first things that electricians will ask. Is because it needs to be one of the first considerations. Adding a second metre is something that electricians can do.

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But it needs to be done at the beginning of the project. Because it will require doing things like adding the units own electrical panel. As well as giving it its own furnace for the space.

And once a homeowner is adding a furnace into the basement. By law, the furnace needs to be housed in its own room. With a functioning door. Therefore, the decision to put in a second electrical metre.

Will influence most of the rest of the renovation. Which is why it is important they can connect with electrical contractors in Edmonton first. Before doing much else in the entire basement renovation.

After they figure this out, the next thing will be figuring out if they need any service capacity upgrade to the basement. Chances are quite good, that the homeowner will need that.

Due to the larger electrical requirements. Such as adding a refrigerator in the basement kitchen, a stove and even a microwave. If they are going to also add a washing machine and dryer, that will add electrical requirements.

This needs to be one of the first things considered as well. Because in order to get a service capacity upgrade. The electricians. Will need a current capacity calculation.

And that can be very time-consuming to get. So to avoid holding up plans on the rest of the renovation. It should be calculated first. When homeowners are ready to do a basement renovation.

To add a suite. By connecting with Hauer Power, can give them the electrical expertise that they need. To ensure it is done correctly.

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