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Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Why Bathroom Fans Matter

Many homeowners do not know the importance of their bathroom fans according to electrical contractors in Edmonton. They assume it is to clear the steam from the mirror.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton

And therefore, do not put a lot of importance. On turning them on all the time. Or, on their regular maintenance. The only time that many homeowners think about their bathroom fans.

Is when they start making more noise. Or stop working altogether. However, the function of the bathroom fan is incredibly important. Not just to the bathroom itself. But to the entire rest of the home.

What it does, is it sucks all of the humid air. Out of the bathroom. And vents it out of the home. So that the humidity cannot accumulate. And cause problems not only in the bathroom. But elsewhere in the home as well.

Humidity can cause a lot of problems. Including facilitating the growth of mould and mildew. Black mould particularly, being extremely dangerous for people’s health. In addition to being destructive.

Excess humidity can also promote rot. Causing the drywall to become mushy. And rotting out other areas of the home. Such as the studs, or the insulation. With time this can be extremely dangerous.

As well as extremely expensive to fix. That could have been avoided. By having an efficient bathroom fan. In good working order. One of the most important things to consider. In a bathroom fan.

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Is the amount of air that it is designed to move. The larger the space of the bathroom is. The more powerful the fan will need to be. In order to suck out all of the air from the room.

This is expressed as cubic feet per metre, or CFM. Bathroom ventilation fans come between fifty CFM or one hundred and fifty CFM. And their electrical contractors in Edmonton.

Will be able to choose. Which size. Is going to be most advantageous for each homeowners bathroom. And while fifty CFM, may appear to be the right size. For a small bathroom, such as a half bath.

This is not actually accurate. Because as soon as the bathroom ventilation fan. Is installed in a bathroom, it is going to start accumulating dust. Which will impact the fans ability to function.

The more dust that is on the fan. The less air it is going to be able to move. Which means a fifty CFM fan. May not be efficient for a tiny bathroom at all. This is why Hauer Power suggests.

Putting nothing lower than seventy or eighty CFM fan and even the smallest bathrooms. This means, it will have a bit of wiggle room. And if a homeowner forgets. That they should be vacuuming the fan.

It will still be able to function properly. To move the humid air out of the room. And protect the home from the damage of moisture. When homeowners are ready to replace their bathroom fans.

All they have to do is pick up the phone and call electrical contractors in Edmonton. Who will give them a quote on what it would cost. To replace this important feature of their home.

Electrical Contractors Edmonton | Learning Why Bathroom Fans Matter

Mostly, homeowners only think about their bathroom fans says electrical contractors in Edmonton. When they become too noisy to live with. Or they stop working altogether.

Many people do not realize. That their bathroom fans have a time limit. On how long they are rated to function. The most inexpensive fans. Such as the ones that are installed. By home builders in their new construction.

Are going to last the shortest amount of time. Which is approximately two years. In addition to that, they are extremely noisy. So that the homebuilder. Can save as much money as possible on the home.

This is why you when people move into their brand-new. Very expensive home. They turn on their bathroom fans and dislike. How loud the fan is operating. Electrical contractors in Edmonton say this is called.

A builder grade fan. And it is very popular. For homeowners to replace them. As soon as they move in to their new home. They can contact electrical contractors in Edmonton. Who will give them the price.

Of replacing their bathroom fans. But also, can help them choose. Which bathroom fans they can choose from. And which ones they recommend. While people might assume that there is not a lot of choice.

When it comes to replacing their bathroom fans. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are more choices today than ever before. With not just the size of the fan. The noise level, and energy efficiency.

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But these days, bathroom fans can come with built-in heat lamps. Built-in Bluetooth speakers. So that people can connect their phone. And listen to their favourite music. As well as the option.

To put mood lighting in their ventilation fan. To brighten the room. Or set the mood for a relaxing bath for example. There can even be bathroom ventilation fans. That come with motion and humidity sensors.

So that the fan only turns on. When someone is in the room. And when the humidity sensor knows. That there is excess humidity to be removed. It will then turn off. When the humidity levels drop again.

There are so many different options. That homeowners can always use some help. From there electrical contractors in Edmonton. Choosing the right fan. And ensuring that they have considered all their options.

While the Bluetooth speaker. Is one of the most popular versions being sold today. Homeowners continue to say. That reducing noise in their home. Is one of their top priorities.

For a few extra dollars. Not only can they get a lower noise bathroom ventilation fan. They can also get a noiseless one. So that they do not ever have to hear it. Whether they are having a bath, or trying to have a quiet shower.

Especially when all other members of the household are asleep. Ultimately, when homeowners are ready to replace their bathroom fan. The first call should be to Hauer Power, located in Edmonton.

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