Your Electrical Service needs an Upgrade.

Greetings from us here at Hauer Power Electrical! Hello everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician! Today we are going to be talking about your circuit breaker panel! Replacing an expired electrical circuit breaker panel is no easy task, and we are here to get you there. Sometimes you may require a service upgrade, maybe an Ampacity Upgrade, or maybe just to swap out old existing dangerous circuit breakers. Whatever the case, we are your professional Edmonton electrical contractor! Whether it is commercial electrical for your place of business, or your residential electrical that needs care today we are a quality electrical contractor that believes you need the best customer service experience. If you are ever concerned with the quality of your install, or have any questions feel free to reach out to your local edmonton electrician, at Hauer Power Electrical! You can always email us at or call us during regular business hours. If you need emergency electrical assistance you can always call our phone number at 780-935-0622, and get redirected to our emergency services number where you will be required to submit your email address. Now come join us as we dive into service upgrade options for you. Commercial and Residential Electrical Services, with concern today on your current electrical circuit breaker or fused panelboard, and getting it replaced for you.

  1. Electrical Service Upgrade, or Electrical Panel Upgrade:

As your professional Edmonton Electrician we are passionate About service upgrades and panel upgrades. Oftentimes Edmonton homes will have old Federal Pacific stab Lok panels. These Federal Pacific and federal Pioneer stab Lok has been long since taking out of service. Federal panels are an electrical fire hazard and should be replaced with a quality electrical panel as soon as possible. Unfortunately due to current Canadian electrical code standards panel cannot simply be swapped and grandfathered in without changing out the applicable metre base and overhead Mast or underground service if it is also not up to code. In the past panels could simply be Swap and a permit would still be pulled. However, now the authorities that be governs that these panels can not be simply swapped out and the service must be upgraded. This service is something that we are proud to offer our expertise on. If we can safely eliminate all Federal Pacific and federal Pioneer stab Lok panels in the city of Edmonton then we are one step closer to reaching our mission at Hauer Power Electrical.Our service upgrade services are not limited to the expired Federal Pacific and federal pioneer panelboards. Service upgrades can apply whenever a customer wishes to change out their existing panel board. This is often due to requiring more approved electrical circuit breaker spots.  often times this service upgrade is also a request at the time of selling or time of buying a new property. replacing an existing panel board is a great way to upgrade your property and is often seen as a selling feature for a new or used home. people want to know that the home that they are going to live in is electrically safe and will not burn down in their sleep. Other brands of panelboards that are existing and potentially dangerous are Commander panels, Sylvania panels, general electric panelboards, zinsco panels, and Bryant panels. All of these panelboards listed have long since being out of production and out of service for various reasons. Along with the Federal Pacific stab Lok panels many of these named panelboard companies have been known to not trip their overcurrent devices under load. An electrical circuit breaker is a form of overcurrent device and is designed to trip in the occurrence of fault electrical current. When an electrical circuit breaker does not trip under fault electrical current you have the potential for an electrical fire. Copper wire and aluminum wire is only rated to carry so much and ampacity and when that ampacity is exceeded then heat develops fast and can burn up that wire, along with anything else inside your walls. As we all know electrical house fires account for the majority of all fires in residential homes. These old and expired service panels are a leading cause of electrical house fires and need to be eliminated as soon as possible. We are always happy to give our customers free estimates for all electrical work. Especially when it comes to service upgrades we know what we are talking about. If you can send us photos of your panelboard and of your overhead service, or underground service, which includes your electrical meter and electrical service Mast, then we can give you an accurate estimate for your electrical project. AsYour professional Edmonton electrician we have zero hidden fees and our vision and values include honesty as a top priority. When you meet with us and our team you will see it is very clear that we are an honest electrical contractor that simply wants to put our customers needs first. Our mission is to provide you power through customer service. 

  1. Ampacity Upgrade:

Ampacity upgrades refer to an electrical panelboards increase of electrical service size. Increase in ampacity to the customers electrical service allows them to have access to more current draw which in turn will let them have more electrical High draw devices. Examples of hydro electrical devices include but are not limited to microwaves stoves dryers hot tubs air conditioning units toasters coffee makers hair dryers space heaters electric garage heaters electric water heaters electric furnaces. Essentially any large load that will draw a high amount of electrical current  will be considered a high load. The most common scenario for an ampacity upgrade is when a customer is looking to have a legal Suite installed on their property. To construct a legal Suite on a customer’s property a series of permits must be pulled and set in place. once all the permits have been issued by the city of Edmonton or the Strathcona County then the work can begin. In a ampacity upgrade situation we often look at what the customers needs really are rather than if they need to be sold this product. Animosity upgrade is typically more expensive than a service upgrade due to the fact of larger and more expensive materials and cable and more labour for the job. when upgrading a customers service ampacity there is coordination required between certain authorities here in the city of Edmonton or in the surrounding counties. at Hauer power electrical we are happy to coordinate with all of the appropriate authorities in order to have your electrical project completed safely and on time. When we upgrade a customer’s service ampacity from say a 30 or 40 or 60 amp service we typically will be upgrading them to a 100-amp service. However if they are looking to increase their usage electrical then we look at what their specific loads are. if they want to have two laundry rooms and two kitchens then they may be able to get away with a 100-amp service. However if a service upgrade is already being installed we often will recommend to step it up to 200 apps simply due to the fact of cost at the time. Ampacity upgraded will typically be 500 to $1,000 more than a service upgrade but it will give you all of the wattage requirements that you will likely need or an average to large square foot home. if a customer has an air conditioning unit, as well as a garage sub Service, as well as a welder along with two laundry rooms, and two kitchens, then we highly advise a service ampacity upgrade to a 200-amp service. These loads are all high draw and will use frequently more than 100 amps if you use them at the same time and on a regular basis.

  1. Upgraded Electrical Circuit Breaker Swapout

As a professional and quality Edmonton electrical contractor we give our customers options. When an electrical service upgrade or electrical ampacity upgrade is simply not cost effective for our customer we give them the option of an approved upgraded electrical circuit breaker swap-out. When upgrading electrical approved electrical circuit breakers we provide only approved electrical circuit breakers that have been tested by the manufacturer and are CSA approved or equivalent. This option is typical for Federal Pacific and federal Pioneer panels that have electrical circuit  breakers installed, that are well known in the electrical service industry to not trip under exceeded ampacity loads. In the past in the 1950s and 60s when Federal Pacific was a leading panelboard and electrical circuit breaker manufacturer, they made a major mistake that still impacts us today. The mistake that Federal made was that they lied about testing their electrical circuit breakers and they happened to fail to open the electrical circuit under load when tested by a third party. This resulted in much backlash for the Federal Pacific company as it should. They still make Federal electrical circuit breakers today, however these electrical circuit breakers are required by law to be tested by the manufacturer as per Canadian electrical code and other legal authorities. New approved electrical circuit breakers that have been tested are the appropriate electrical circuit  breakers that we would use to swap out a customer’s existing Federal Pacific panelboard circuit breakers. Once we have removed the old and expired electrical circuit breakers they are destroyed, never to put another home at risk again. Typically the cost of an upgraded breaker swap out will range from $500 to $1,500 depending on the size and the types of electrical circuit breaker that is required. Approved electrical circuit breakers are an expensive materials cost and while this job typically does not take a lot of time, the correct electrical equipment is what accounts for the majority of this cost. Upgrading your electrical circuit breakers is an important thing to do to verify and ensure the electrical safety of your home or business. When electrical circuit breakers are old and expired they should be removed from service and destroyed. Approved electrical circuit breakers typically last 15 to 25 years. They may be good and safe for longer, however they should be function tested by a competent and licensed electrician.

Get in touch with us today at Hauer Power Electrical and see how we can make your electrical circuit breaker situation work for you. At Hauer Power our mission to provide you with power, through customer service. You can call us at 780-935-0622, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you, and we look forward to giving you power!

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