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Greetings. Hello everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician! Today we talk about the commercial line of electrical work that is sometimes overlooked. Today we will talk about what a commercial electrician does, what makes an environment considered commercial when talking about electrical, and most importantly why you need a commercial maintenance electrician. Read on with us as your professional electrician as we continue to expand on electrical work and electrical topics here, as your Edmonton electrician.

What does a commercial maintenance electrician do? Regardless of where you work or what your business is the chances are pretty good that you require lighting at the very least. Even basic office spaces and warehouse spaces with limited electrical needs will often times require data, cat 5 or cat 6 cabling for computers, printers, assorted office equipment, etc. One thing to avoid where possible in an office space is the overuse of electrical power bars or electrical surge protectors for branching off to different loads. We always advise against the over use of electrical power bars because often times it will often lead to the electrical overloading of a circuit. When a circuit is overloaded it is designed to trip in order to protect the electrical wires of that electrical circuit. If a circuit is overloaded however and parts of the system fail, then you may have an electrical fire on your hands. When multiple electrical circuits are instead brought to your commercial office space, desk, or working area rather than the overuse of power bars then the system has more electrical isolation points terminating to multiple electrical breakers, thus making the electrical system more safe. When you have multiple octopus setups the wiring is not designed to withstand heat, and often times the connection is not as secure between the electrical power bars, or surge protectors. This creates arcing, which creates heat, which will eventually lead to an electrical fire. This overloading of circuitry in your commercial building, retail space, office space or warehouse, is why it is always a good idea to have a commercial electrician, or commercial electrical contractor inspect your system, and make the appropriate electrical changes. Change the electrical in your commercial space, before the electrical changes the commercial space for you. By hiring a commercial electrical contractor and implementing a routine maintenance program you can get ahead of these electrical problems before they happen, and save expensive loss costs in the long run.

More than just lighting and plugs. If your business or facility has more needs than simple lighting, data, and power receptacles, then it’s a no brainer to hire a commercial electrical contractor, if you haven’t already done so. By having a professional commercial electrician familiar with your buildings electrical on a routine basis, you can help to ensure that any electrical problems are dealt with sooner than later than if someone was brand new to your facility. Having a quality commercial maintenance electrician familiar with your system can help save downtime, and increased electrical bills in the case of emergency electrical needs. Choosing the right quality edmonton electrician can help your facility to function better by having less downtime whenever an electrical problem present itself. Rather than calling around and trying to find a professional electrician in your time of need you’ll know that you already have one that you can trust, and rely on. Whenever you need additional circuits for more offices, or specialty electrical for new equipment that will streamline your business you can be comfortable knowing that your electrical contractor is looking out for your best interests. At Hauer Power Electrical we take pride in knowing that all of our staff is helpful, trustworthy, and always looking out for the customer. Whether your facility has certain noise requirements, safety requirements, or any additional requirements in general, we are confident that our experienced electricians can comply with your needs, and get your electrical job done right.

Safety comes first. At Hauer Power Electrical we strive to be a safety leader on all of our job sites. We are a COR Certified company which means that we are audited on an annual basis to ensure compliance with all relevant aspects of safety in our industry. As a proud holder of the certificate of recognition we comply with all safety requirements of whichever site we are on by upholding our safety policies set in place. We fill out Field Level Hazard Assessments for every job performed in addition to periodic inspections of all of our electrical tools and equipment. If your place of business requires a safety program to be set in place then choose Hauer Power Electrical. With an impressive safety record and electricians well versed in safe work practices we are proud to represent a safe standing with the Alberta’s safety authorities, and uphold a valid COR certificate of recognition seal. For more information about COR safety and the required compliance feel free to reach out to us at

Services. As your professional electrical contractor we are proud to service the commercial areas of Edmonton’s electrical with a wide variety of clients. We service multiple laboratory facilities in the Edmonton area as well as medical facilities and shops requiring endless different systems for a large variety of tools and equipment. Refer to our list below of common items that we are proud to provide to the commercial electrical businesses of Edmonton and area. If it’s not there then give us a call and we would be happy to discuss it with you!

Examples of commercial electrical services.

Addition of electrical outlets

Expansion of electrical outlets

Addition of electrical switches

Additional high bay lighting

Additional Ceiling Panel Lighting

Additional retrofit recessed lighting/pot lights

New commercial construction

Commercial electrical renovations

Addition of electrical sub panel or pony panel for additional circuits

Electrical walkthrough and inspection

Electrical Permits

Addition of Data outlets to system

Upgrading Lighting to LED

Replacing burnt out Fluorescent Tube Lighting

Replacing burnt out Ballasts for Lighting

Additional Grounding and Bonding of electrical

Custom commercial electrical services

Temporary Power Services

Emergency Power Services

Emergency Generator Services

After hours commercial electrical services

Installation of conduit or raceway for future use

Replacement of bathroom ventilation fans

Installation of ceiling fans for increased air flow.

New circuits for Air Units

Electrical Timer Installation/replacement

Exit Light/Exit sign installation/replacement

Electrical Code Upgrades

Routine Electrical Maintenance Services

Electrical Panel Directory Updates, Laminated and Time Stamped for future reference

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Service Upgrades

Additional circuits for new equipment or tools

Electrical Breaker Replacement

Give us a call! The list goes on and on. If you have electrical in your place of business or look after facilities maintenance then it might be worth it to find a quality commercial maintenance electrician. If that’s the case then look no further then right here at Hauer Power Electrical. We’re a locally owned and operated quality electrical contractor, and as your Edmonton electrician we’re always happy to give you the power. We provide free electrical estimates to all places of business in Edmonton and area and we are proud to bring Edmonton the quality electricians that it deserves.

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