Hello! Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton Electrician. As your quality electrical contractor we often work around furnace rooms and frequently face the questions about humidifiers. Are they bad for asthmatics? Do humidifiers really do anything? Is it true humidifiers help your skin? At Hauer Power Electrical we have done the research and we want to give you the power of answers. Come with us, your Edmonton Electrician as we guide you through the wet world of humidifiers and the pros and cons that come with them!

If you want a spoiler alert and want a quick answer without reading on, here it is! As your Edmonton Electrician we recommend to anyone facing a humidifier dilemma, to go with a “flow through evaporative humidifier” and follow the recommended maintenance instructions. Hope that helps you! In the meantime, we’ll get back to the article.

Purpose. In our years as quality electricians in Edmonton we’re often asked what a humidifier even does. In short a humidifier is designed to add moisture to the air to prevent dryness that affects all parts of our bodies. As your Edmonton Electrician this is essentially the goal of a humidifier, but if not properly maintained humidifiers can have adverse effects on the body.

Pros. No, we’re not talking about your Edmonton Electrician, we’re talking about the pros of having a whole home humidifier. When you have a whole home humidifier working properly and doing its job then you have a comfortable home. Here are some of the benefits as your Edmonton Electrician sees humidifiers. They operate automatically as opposed to the standalone humidifier that you might find in someone’s bedroom. Either way these humidifiers typically require a water source. Some need to be refilled monthly, or annually, and some get connected to a water source on installation. If you’re not sure what yours is and don’t want to have a look reach out to your local Edmonton Electrician and they should be happy to help. Most will even offer routine maintenance programs. Static Electricity in Edmonton. As a quality electrical contractor we know all about static electricity here in the dry climate of Edmonton. If you find static electricity in your home, it may be too dry. Humid environments don’t see static electricity, but dry ones do. As your Edmonton Electrician we recommend having a good whole home humidifier  to help prevent nuisance static shocks. Removal of static electricity in the home also helps out with fine electronics. Fine electronics can be ruined by some static shocks due to their delicate circuit boards. If you have a Grand Piano or other delicate wooden musical instruments a humidifier can help prevent the cracking of the wood. As your Edmonton Electrician we often find nuisance cracks in the drywall of peoples homes. Typically this is caused by very low humidity levels. If you have lived in Edmonton for any length of time then you know just how dry our winters can get. As your Edmonton Electrician we know that nosebleeds, itchy throats, dry itchy skin, cracked lips are all too common in our Alberta winters. With the cold dry climate the air already has low humidity levels. When the furnace introduces it’s dry heat and dries out what little moisture there was in the air it causes us discomfort. With a whole home humidifier you can mitigate these problems in your home doubletime. Humidity is good for the skin, as long as it comes from a clean fresh supply. Not only would the humidity factor help you with all these conditions, but a safe level of humid air is more comfortable to live in then dry air. A comfortable home is something everyone desires, and when you hire a quality electrical contractor you can bring yourself one step closer to a comfortable home. You can actually save heating costs in the winter by having a whole home humidifier as you won’t need the heat on as high, as you would without one. The EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that a consumer can save 4% on their heating bills for every degree lower that they set their thermostat. Combining a smart humidifier with a smart thermostat and you have some real power savings on your hands! Contact your professional electrical contractor today and learn more about the benefits of a smart environmentally friendly home. Speaking about the environment, many residents of this great city of Edmonton have plants living in their home. If you find that you enjoy having plants in the home, but they die too frequently then you might have low humidity levels. Plants are a great way to make a home more comfortable. Humidifiers can help keep your plants from getting dehydrated and dying. Working as an Edmonton Electrician seeing hundreds of beautiful homes we often find damaged hardwood. Hardwood is typically dried before an installation, however it will still have very small amounts of moisture within it. To keep it looking new you must maintain it. If you have hardwood floors or artwork in your home a humidifier will help to keep them from drying out and becoming damaged as well. The Environmental Protection Agency states that humidity levels in the home should be between 30-60%. Any Lower and health issues are more likely to occur along with many of the other effects that arise from a dry environment. Any higher than 60% and you might encounter issues with mold. As your Edmonton Electrician we recommend a whole home humidifier that sits between these ranges, but also has an indicator of when it needs more water, or when it’s putting out too much water. With these choices we bring you to the 3 main types of humidifiers.

3 Types. As your Edmonton Electrician we generally only see 2 main types here, but we will brush on the third less common one as well. As a professional electrical contractor we like to get the full picture when working in a customers home. The two most common types of humidifiers we see are the Steam humidifier and the Evaporative humidifier. As an Edmonton Electrician the most common one we see is the evaporative humidifier. The steam humidifier has the functionality that it boils the water in a vapourizer fashion and then distributes the humid air into the furnaces forced air. This is a pro because the boiling temperature will kill off any bacteria that could be entering the home. It is also a con however because you can face rust in your ductwork over time. As a professional electrical contractor we advise to keep small children and pets away from any steam humidifiers to avoid risk of any burns that could be caused by any malfunction. The other option for the most common type is the evaporative humidifier. This type takes a water supply, and uses 1 of 2 methods to distribute it into the home. As your Edmonton Electrician we acknowledge that there are plentiful examples of humidifiers out there, and a myriad of types. These types mentioned here are simply the most commonly used here in Edmonton. Type 1 is more prone to mold and mildew. Type 1 uses a rotating foam or composite pad and repeatedly dips it in a pan holding the water. This type can become a nightmare if the pan holds the water stagnant as now mold will grow effectively will negate any health effects that it may have previously mitigated. Again as stated before you may want to contact your local Edmonton Electrician to have a look at a routine maintenance package in order to get the best possible outcome from your whole home humidifier. Type 2 evaporative humidifiers have a flow rather than a dip. This type of humidifier flows the water through the unit, eliminating any hazard of stagnant water in the home. The third version of humidifier that is a rare type is an aerosol style humidifier. As your Edmonton Electrician we do not recommend this style as the maintenance proves timely and inconvenient. The nozzle will continue to clog and drip water causing more issues. Upon repairing this unit you will face even more frustration due to the rarity of the unit. As your Edmonton Electrician we recommend to anyone facing a humidifier dilemma to go with a flow through evaporative humidifier, and follow the recommended maintenance instructions.

Cons. As your Edmonton Electrician we like to research all of our industry and keep you up to date with necessary info. As we at Hauer Power recommend the proper use of whole home humidifiers, there are also downsides. You must keep on eye on both the cleanliness of your humidifier and the moisture levels of your home. If too dry you’re home is uncomfortable, but if too moist then you will have greater issues. If you ever find condensation on your windows, then your homes moisture level is too high. If you don’t clean your humidifier at least once a year you could encounter issues with mold and mildew. If cleaning your homes humidifier on a regular basis may be too much to keep up with when life gets busy, consider giving your local quality electrical contractor a call. As your Edmonton Electrician we are always happy to put our customers minds at ease, and solve any other electrical issues that they may face. If you or your child has asthma, or allergies, then a humidifier could either help or hinder their health depending on how well the unit is maintained. Dirty air caused by stagnant water could increase allergens and cause adverse health effects. Consider replacing old humidifiers with rusted parts or growth on the inside. In Edmonton our electricians often find old buildings develop deposits that either cannot be cleaned or have degraded the lifespan of the equipment. Change filters frequently and always keep an eye on the cleanliness of the water. Without routine maintenance you could be sending spores and allergens throughout your home. For routine maintenance packages contact your professional electrician, Hauer Power Electrical! If your home was built a long time ago, or built incorrectly it could be improperly sealed, and you could have an issue with leaking of air to the outside. This could be from a variety of sources, typically windows, doors, fireplaces, fans, even improperly installed pot lights. As your Edmonton Electrician we install our recessed lighting to be IC rated when in an insulated ceiling. As a quality electrical contractor we also comply with all vapour barrier codes and install vapour hats around all of our fixtures whenever vapour barrier is present. If your home is inadequately sealed then a whole home humidifier might just temporarily cover up, but not actually solve. Air leakage can be a big factor when dealing with heat loss in a home. Your Edmonton Electrician sees mold as the largest issue when dealing with humidifiers in a home. If you install a lower quality humidifier it may actually present more harm than good. It may not be designed to automatically adjust how much moisture is actually flowing through your home. This can create problems, especially mould.

Summary.  When you pick an electrical contractor you look for trusted quality. When looking for a whole home humidifier you should also go for quality. Your Edmonton Electrician would advise you to look at the preventative maintenance as well. These units can greatly affect your health and quality of living, either for the better or the worse. As your Edmonton Electrician we advise for those who are burdened by maintenance to reach out to your local contractors and see about routine maintenance programs. The same way people hire maids for a routine service, they can hire contractors. Owning a property can be a lot of work at times, and sometimes it’s best to hire a helping hand. As your Edmonton Electrician we offer such programs, and we provide in home estimates to Edmonton and area FREE of charge. Give us a call today, at 1-780-935-0622, or contact us at info@hauerpower.ca

At Hauer Power Electrical we are your Edmonton Electrician. We look forward to giving you power!

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