Journeyman vs Master Electrician, Experience the difference.

Apprentice to Journeyman to Master, Experience the difference.

Hello, and welcome to today’s edition of Your Edmonton Electrician! In today’s chapter of Hauer Power Electrical we discuss the transition of the electrical workforce. From an electrical apprentice, to a quality journeyman electrician, all the way up to the title of certified master electrician. Today we will answer your questions about the differences in experience that come with the different stages of the electrical career. Stick with your Edmonton electrician for all the electrical questions and concerns that you may have!

Apprentices. Not to be overlooked the electrical apprentices will start their learning process in the electrical trade as a first year electrician. This is where every electrician begins, even your Edmonton electrician.  At this early point in time their electrical experience is generally fairly limited. They can be an extremely useful help on any jobsite with the right attitude, and the right team to share their knowledge. As your quality edmonton electrician we are proud to upkeep a team of professionals to train our apprentices and have the job done right. A first year electrical apprentice will progress through their career earning hours, experience, and eventually technical training. At this time in Alberta the Apprenticeship and industry training board requires that a first year electrical apprentice acquired 1200 hours of on the job experience prior to advancing to a second year level of apprenticeship. Your Edmonton electrician as well as the rest of Alberta electricians would have had to go through the apprenticeship and industry training board. In addition to the 1200 hours of on the job training the first year electrical apprentice also requires technical training through an institute approved by the apprenticeship and industry training board. Once the electrical apprentice has completed both types of training they must also have surpassed their individual anniversary date before being able to progress onto their second period of training. Once all 3 of these requirements are met the electrical apprentice is now considered to be a second year apprentice. As they progress through the trade working for a quality electrical contractor they will repeat this exact process to become a third year electrical apprentice, and again to become a fourth year electrical apprentice. The highest level of apprentice is the fourth year apprentice. Once this fourth year electrical apprentice has reached an increased 1500 hours of on the job training with a reliable electrical contractor and completes their final stage of lengthened technical training they simply need to surpass their anniversary date. Contact your Edmonton electrician or the AIT Board if you ever have questions concerning the procedure of the journey from apprentice electrician to master electrician. The anniversary date is set in place so that a quality electrician cannot reach their journeyman electrician certification until they have been in the trade learning valuable electrical skills for a certain minimum period of time. At this point the fourth year electrical apprentice will then graduate onto being a journeyman electrician. Once someone has become a journeyman electrician then they generally will receive more challenging tasks and begin learning more complex electrical troubleshooting on the job. At the same time that a quality edmonton electrician will take their journeyman certification they will be able to take on their red seal certification only a matter of days after. A Red Seal Journeyman electrician is able to work anywhere in Canada as an electrician, whereas a journeyman electrician can work in his or her respective province as a journeyman electrician. Regardless of the red seal designation for an electrician the company that an electrician works for will decide whether or not they are qualified for such a role. As your edmonton electrician we always advise future electrical graduates to accomplish their Red Seal designation as a good measure for if they ever choose to work outside of the province of Alberta.

Good Journeyman Electricians. As a qualified journeyman electrician progresses through learning more complex electrical systems they gather more troubleshooting experience. A quality edmonton electrician will continue to gain wisdom and knowledge in the electrical trade as they progress through the years. We started Hauer Power Electrical when we decided to take the plunge into the masters level of certification in the electrical trade. As a master electrician you can pull permits with a valid business license depending on your place of work. Here as your edmonton electrician a master electrician can pull permits with a valid business license applied with it. The same goes for fort saskatchewan electricians and sherwood park electricians. Whether you need an Edmonton residential electrician or an Edmonton commercial electrician they would require both a general contractors license as well as a master electrician certification number. To become a master electrician your edmonton electrician must have a valid journeyman electrician certification for 3 years before the process can begin. To begin the process they must submit a request to the safety codes council consisting of a fee to apply for the examination, as well as a resume, and the required supporting documents that prove that they have been registered in the trade long enough to have acquired the required experience. Once they have been booked to write the 8hour supervised examination then you’re edmonton electrician will complete that exam. Upon successful completion the now master electrician will receive their masters certification number and will now be an unrestricted master electrician. Your edmonton electrician has a responsibility to maintain their standings as a master electrician however. This means that they must take a code update refresher course through the safety codes council of alberta every time the canadian electrical code changes, which is every 3 years. In addition to completing the mandatory code refresher courses on a regular basis they must also pay annual fees to the safety codes council in order to maintain their good standing as an unrestricted master electrician. As your edmonton electrician we keep in good standing with the safety codes council so that we can continue to bring you the best possible service that you can get. At Hauer Power Electrical, your Edmonton electrician, it’s all about giving you the power!

Different Fields Of Experience. In the electrical field there are 4 main categories of field experience for edmonton electricians. These are residential electricians, commercial electricians, industrial electricians, and institutional electricians. Residential Electricians will know how to work on a customers home. They are familiar with the different wiring methods allowed for residential wiring, and the different codes that come with it. Residential electricians typically will make less than commercial electricians and less than industrial electricians. It is harder to find good residential electricians simply because this industry will have less interest due to the wage difference in electrical fields. As your edmonton electrician, we currently offer residential electrical services because we know how hard it can be to find the right residential electrician for you. Commercial Electricians will work on a very wide variety of businesses, offices, buildings and structures. A quality commercial electrician will typically know how to install electrical systems based off of either a construction or maintenance mindset. At Hauer Power Electrical, your Edmonton electrician we pride ourselves in our knowledge of commercial electrical in every stage of the process. Commercial electricians working on the construction side of things will install large amounts of conduit, wire, panels, breakers and devices. Professional commercial electricians will have a good idea of the correct wiring methods and good safe practices for electrical installations. Reliable Commercial maintenance electricians just like you Edmonton electrician will have a good understanding of safe methods of electrical troubleshooting, as well as how to install the quality electrical equipment that a specific commercial facility will require. Industrial Electricians here in alberta will generally be servicing the oil and gas industry. Industrial plants can include sawmills, alcohol and food production facilities, and energy production and refining facilities. A good Edmonton Electrician will have experience in all of these electrical industries in order to provide the best possible electrical solutions to your problem. Industrial electricians will work on a large variety of equipment and may specialize in certain fields within the industrial sector. Institutional Electricians refer to quality electricians working in hospitals, care facilities, prisons, jails, and the like. Your Edmonton Electrician is proud to service these areas of the electrical industry with clients spread throughout Edmonton and area. These institutional electricians have certain trade practices and electrical codes that must be followed specific to their work site and customer requirements. These electricians will also generally specialize into their specific industry and specific sites.

If you or anyone you know need quality journeyman electrician or a certified master electricians, then look no further! At Hauer Power Electrical we have over 50 years of experience in the electrical trade and we are always happy to give you power. With our dedication and knowledge we are confident that we can find the right electrical solution for your problem regardless of your industry or size of electrical project. With us as your edmonton electrician, you can be comfortable knowing that your electrical problem is being solved by professional electricians. Call us at 780-935-0622, or email us at We look forward to giving you power, and we hope that you have a great day!

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