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Hi everyone and in today’s edition of your Edmonton Electrician we are going to be talking about the Nest Hello smart doorbell. The Nest has a wide line of devices and being owned by Google Nest is a staple for home automation. If you would ever like to learn more about Nest or its line of products you can visit them on their Nest website. If you want to know more about the installation or our electrical costs to have them installed in your home you can always call us at 780-935-0622 or you can email us at As always as your professional electrical contractor our mission is to provide you with power, through customer service!

What to Expect From The Nest App (Application).

Let’s dive right into the nest hello and see why it is a smart doorbell that you need in your home. The nest hello as five features right when you open up the app. once everything is installed and working correctly you can see your past history for 5 days. You can see the people that your nest hello has recognized through facial recognition. You can talk to whoever is at your door with Nest 2-way audio service. you can add a new video recording clip with their new clip service right from the homepage. And there is a quiet time feature on the nest hello doorbell stop. The quiet time feature is especially helpful if you have little ones or babies at home that you do not want to disturb. You can choose how long you want to mute your indoor chime and you are visitor announcements from 30 minutes up to 3 hours. This way if you’re putting your child down for a nap you can set quiet time and the nest will not sound your indoor chime unit. two more features you can see it right from the apps front page is the filter of what events you want to see.You want to see certain items and have been recorded then you can without seeing the other types of recordings. The five types of recordings you can pick from or person, doorbell ringing, motion, familiar faces, and unfamiliar face. This is especially helpful if there is a lot of foot traffic at the home with tenants or people coming and going. Or if you live on a street with lots of traffic and you don’t want to see the motion recordings of every time a vehicle has driven by. As your Edmonton electrician we feel that these features are a big selling point of the nest hello smart doorbell. There are two ways that you can view video and the appropriate events. Whether you want to view it on a different timeline you can scroll up and down from the sub menu available on the main page. if you are someone that does not like to be recorded the nest hello has schedule feature. You can set up a schedule of when your camera will turn on and off during the day and you can tell her that to the typical times that you leave and return your home. similar to The Nest smart thermostat hello doorbell has a home/away assist feature.  the home away assist feature is especially helpful if you would like to automatically turn your camera on and off. The camera can use phone location to turn on when you leave and to turn off a game when you return home. this feature is set to automatically switch to behaviour of the nest products in your home based on your GPS location. If you are like your Edmonton electrician and you’re someone who doesn’t like to be bothered by notifications on your phone, you can pick which type of notifications to receive. Or you can text you not receive notifications at all. If you would like to receive notifications when people are at the door or all other motion that option exists. Your Nest hello doorbell can even tell you when it hears a loud noise. Some dangerous neighborhoods this may be a concern. Your face detection that comes with the nest hello doorbell is really quite impressive. if the visitor has a disguise on such as a hat or sunglasses sometimes it has a hard time telling. Otherwise whether the lighting is poor or bright it seems to recall the faces fairly accurately. You can teach your camera who to know based off the photos. you can give these people names which is especially useful if you have a Google home setup. If you have a Google home automation setup then this product is right for you. the Google Nest doorbell can alert you via you are Google home and tell you exactly who is at the door. If it does not recognize the face it will tell you that there is an unfamiliar face at the door. it does not seem like there is any limit to the number of familiar faces that you can add do the application. This is something that nasty has done a great job on and as your Edmonton electrician we could not recommend more. When it comes to hearing about who is at your door you can turn on your visitor announcements. This way your Google Assistant speakers and display can announce whenever a visitor Rings Your Nest hello smart doorbell. As mentioned if you have the nest aware service and you save your visitors name it will announce your visitor by name. The last time we checked the nest aware service was $5 Canadian per month so a total of $60 per year. it is always best to check in your area what the accurate costs are at that time. At the cost of $5 a month Canadian we definitely feel that it is a steal of a deal even just for the facial recognition software.

Video Quality, and Data Usage.

 When talking about video quality it can be easy to get confused with all of the numbers if you’re not attack guy or girl. if you want the figures of pixels this may not be the article for you. But we can tell you that The Nest hello has the best video quality on the market even in relation to us Direct competitors such as the Amazon doorbell. From the video setting in the app for the nest hello you can change your quality and bandwidth. It has an automatic default setting to cap out at 120 GB per month of data usage. If you would like higher-quality and your data usage allows for it then you can scroll that bar up to try and get the best quality video. This will cap out your data usage at 300 gigabytes per month. again the last time that we checked with our local data utility provider they would cap out there service at 450 gigabytes per month to put it in perspective. As your Edmonton electrician we feel strongly that if this is a service that you are interested in, to contact your local data utility provider first. We would hate for any of our customers to get hit with extra data charges when they were not aware of such a charge. Another great video feature of the nest hello doorbell is its night vision mode. The night vision mode is an automatic mode that you can adjust if the lighting in your area is perhaps extra dim. The default setting works perfectly for us and it will probably work perfectly for you too. you can share camera footage with any other family members that live in. Really you can share it with whoever you would like.

Device Options.

 You can adjust the status Light Of Your Nest hello in relation to the brightness of the Rings and led sensors.  other things you can adjust our your duration of your chime in your home as well as the microphone. You’re trying to rayshun can be from 3 seconds all the way up to 10 seconds and should be adjusted accordingly for your chime unit. Sometimes units require a longer session in order to play a certain tone. This can be configured once everything else is set up correctly. Your microphone can be set to disable audio and audio recording. When audio recording is set to off you can still listen to live but you will not receive any sound alerts. You can also play a chime prior to talkin that will let anyone in the room know that you are about to talk. We don’t know really what that feature benefit from but it’s another nice little option. The Nest Hello doorbell will require a few things from your system.


The Nest hello will require Wi-Fi access in order to communicate to the app and to the rest of your nest home automation system. A nest hello will also require a wired connection. If your previous doorbell was battery powered then there will need to be wires ran from your chime unit to your doorbell in order to work correctly. As your local professional Edmonton electrician we at our power are more than qualified to perform this task for you. Another thing that your system will require for the nest hello smart doorbell is a wired chime Transformer connection. The style of Transformer that is required for the nest hello doorbell is a pretty standard Transformer and will likely be in good working order if your existing chime is working. If you are existing chime and Transformer are non-functional then we can replace those for you at an additional cost.

Honesty First.

As your professional and reliable Edmonton electrician we always will let you know of pricing before we start the work so that you are not stuck with sticker shock when you get your project completed it. Our mission is to provide power through customer service The Nest hello is one of the many options we like to give to our customers. As always the offer seniors discounts as well as military discounts in an effort to give back to those hard-working people who have made Edmonton so great for future Generations. You can always call us at 780-935-0622 or email us at  we look forward to hearing from you,  and we look forward to giving you power. 

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