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Hi everyone and in today’s edition of your Edmonton Electrician we are going to be talking about the Nest smart thermostat. The Nest has a wide line of devices and being owned by Google Nest is a staple for home automation. If you would ever like to learn more about Nest or its line of products you can visit them on their Nests website. If you want to know more about the installation or our electrical costs to have them installed in your home you can always call us at 780-935-0622 or you can email us at

As a thorough and reliable electrical contractor here in Edmonton Alberta we are happy to provide our customers with options. What better option than having smart devices in your home. many customers want to have a smart home but simply do not have the funds available for it that is where a fair and affordable Edmonton electrician such as us comes in! Power power electrical we offer fair pricing for a quality service.  our mission is to provide our customers with power through customer service. as the Nest devices as a whole are quite costly due to their quality Manufacturing we often recommend customers to seek out more cost-effective options for smart thermostats or smart doorbells. This brings us to The Nest Thermostat. The Nest thermostat is a smart thermostat that learns your schedule and adapts to when you are home or away in order to save you money on your utility bill. the pros of the Nest smart thermostat is that it is a top-of-the-line smart thermostat and in our opinion gives you the best bang for your buck. As your Edmonton electrician we never want to sell items to a customer that doesn’t want or need it. when we crunched our numbers Nest showed cost savings to pay for itself after 5 years. What this means for the consumer is that if you are living in your home for 5 years or more it will be cost-effective to install a smart thermostat such as the Nest thermostat. if you are living in your forever home then it is a no-brainer to go ahead and have and Edmonton electrician install your smart thermostat and start seeing the cost savings that it can provide. Here in Edmonton Alberta we Face winters of all the way down to -40 and Summers all the way up 2 + 40. These extreme weather fluctuations mean that you can’t just set a thermostat to one value and expect any cost savings if you are heating to the same value in the winter as you are in the summer nights you are going to be losing money. All great Edmonton electricians will agree that one of the major drawbacks or cons of the Nest thermostat is that it requires a common wire running to your furnace. What this means is that a typical thermostat will operate as if it is a temperature actuated light switch. typical thermostat to will only require two wires. The Nest smart thermostat will require at least three wires for standard heating two wires will control the heating and the third wire will provide constant power for the thermostat. The Nest Thermostat require a constant power because it needs to still function while the heating circuit is open. Sometimes you will find that if you install a Nest thermostat it will work without a common wire. In the next 3 to 5 years your thermostat will stop working due to its battery life dying out without being powered up. You will likely find that it will die out in the spring or summer months when your heating circuit is not engaged and your thermostat is not receiving power. For the reason of having a common wire installed for your Nest thermostat we advise you hire a quality Edmonton electrician. as a reliable electrical contractor here in Edmonton Alberta we are proud to provide services as a certified Nest Pro installer. You can review us on Nest through Nest Pro, and see a list of Nest installers in your area. The Nest home/away assist is a great feature of the Nest thermostat as it learns when you are home and when you are away to determine whether it needs to heat the home or not. Another great feature of the Nest thermostat is its early on feature, discoverable in the settings menu. You can heat your home with the early on feature because it starts eating early to reach the temperature desired at the scheduled time. You can choose a maximum duration 0 to 5 hours to limit how long Nest will run for when preheating during the night you can program it how long you would like Nest to preheat for which is a great feature if you wake up at the same time every day. another great feature of The Nest learning thermostat is reflective of where your thermostat is located in your home. In some situations the thermostat is located in direct sunlight and your thermostat will be displaying an incorrect value of heat. When your thermostat is in direct sunlight The Nest thermostat has a feature to account for this mistake of construction. Sunblock is the feature name in the Nest smart thermostat.  sunblock tells Nest when it is in direct sunlight so that it can adjust the temperature correctly. Nest is known for having its least feature which appears when you have adjusted Nest to an energy-saving temperature. As your Edmonton electrician we feel this is especially important if you are concerned with saving cost on your monthly gas utility bills. Two more fantastic options with the Nest thermostat r directly related to its temperature control. The Eco temperature is a value that you can set where the home’s occupants are most comfortable. This is typically set anywhere from 19 to 22 degrees Celsius. This is what will be most commonly referred to as you are Holmes room temperature. Another great feature for the Nest smart thermostat is the safety temperature. The safety temperature will have Nest activate Heat at the safety man even when the thermostat is set to off. This feature is designed to prevent your plumbing from freezing during cold winter months. If you are on vacation or holiday and no one is home this feature will help to keep your home at a safe temperature while you are gone. it has a default setting and a maximum of 7 degrees Celsius so that you can be sure that your home will not get colder than 7 degrees Celsius and that your plumbing will not freeze. with the Nest home thermostat you can set your temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit which is nothing impressive Canada is the second largest country in the world and should be accommodated for. Many other thermostats smart and otherwise do not have this feature which is a major con for other thermostats. you can schedule your fan to run on your Nest thermostat from any time to any time for any amount of time up to an hour each hour. This is especially helpful in the hot summer months when you would like to cool your house down but do not have air conditioning . if you have some meddlesome kids or friends that likes to play with your thermostat The Nest smart thermostat has a lock feature. if you have that goofy friend that loves to mess with people’s temperatures or you just don’t want anyone adjusting your thermostat you can set it to lock with a pin code or through your phone so that you can readjust it when you return. another great feature about the Nest thermostat is that it will display the humidity in the inside of your home relative to the thermostat location. It will also tell you the temperature outside.

Get in touch with your Edmonton Electrician today at Hauer Power Electrical and see how we can make your thermostat situation work for you. At Hauer Power our mission is to provide you with power, through customer service. You can call us at 780-935-0622, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you, and we look forward to giving you power!

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