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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton Electrician. In today’s topic we will cover your whole home renovation, the electrical construction process from start to finish. What to avoid, what can be improved, and the tips and tricks that will make the electrical installation as simple as possible. Whether you’re doing a residential electrical renovation or construction job or a commercial electrical renovation or construction job, your edmonton electrician will bring you the quality and professional tips and tricks that you need to get your projects electrical done safely, and meet Canadas Electrical Code (CEC). As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at Hauer Power Electrical, your Edmonton electrician, if you have any thoughts on something that wasn’t covered. We always offer free estimates in home to Edmonton, sherwood park, st.albert, and other surrounding areas.

Planning. As with most things, planning is everything. As your residential electrician whenever we show up to a job the first thing we see is all of the electrical options that you may have for a specific task. As a reliable commercial electrical contractor we always look at the electrical options and how the job can be wired with the most up to date codes and trade practices. The more solid a plan is from the start, the smoother a job will go. As an experienced Edmonton electrician we always advise our customers to lay out even a basic drawing of what they want to happen with their big or small projects. More planning at the start saves a lot less stress in the end. If you are starting a renovation or construction project without a set of engineered drawings detailing locations and circuitry, then be prepared to spend time asking and answering many questions. There are many things that your edmonton electrician should be able to catch, and explain to you. In a residential bathroom renovation often times height of GFCI receptacles, or vanity light height, type of bathroom fan. Do you want your bathroom fan to play music, have LED Lights, or maybe a stronger CFM rate than most fans. Reliable electrical contractors should be able to ask these questions from the start. Do you want separate switches for your fan, vanity light, and possibly a light above your shower or bathtub? Do you want in floor heating, or forced air heating from your furnace for the room? Do you have high draw loads in your bathroom that you may want a separate circuit or an oversized circuit to avoid nuisance tripping? As your edmonton electrician we ask these questions from the start to ensure that you get all the options in front of you before you make a decision. These options are the easiest to implement at the start of the job, before the walls go up and need to have drywall damage done to them after. At Hauer Power Electrical, it’s all about giving you the power! 

In Commercial applications often times electrical blueprints are involved. Your Edmonton Electrician has a job to analyze these blueprints. These blueprints are prepared drawings that are designed to encompass a plan and specify exact placement and circuit numbers for all electrical situations. These plans often will have flaws or things wrong with them where the electrician will have to interpret and alter, sometimes with the permission from the engineering firm that produced the blueprints. There are a wide variety of things on these prints that your experienced electrician should be able to catch. Whether it be ampacities of the circuits, or voltages, or wattages that are incorrect, all of these need to be closely examined by the quality electrical contractor before any pipe or conduit can be run, or any cables are pulled. This is all part of the in depth planning process.

Questions of where a bed may be going or a desks real placement and measurement can be crucial to getting the job done perfectly. As your edmonton electrician we understand that when a piece of furniture is going to block an outlet that changes may be required. We perform top quality workmanship and it shows in our end result so that you can access all of your electrical without having to move items around frequently. As a quality electrical contractor we understand that no one wants to have to have a job done twice, and that’s why it’s our priority to have the job done right the first time.

Removal of Walls and Ceilings. Often times the question will come up as to how much demolition is required at the start of the job. As your experienced Edmonton Electrician we know that many homes in Edmonton and area are very old. This means the homes have gone through many hands, many renovations, and have had the chance for many electrical mistakes. We at Hauer Power Electrical, your Edmonton Electrician, always advise the more demolition the better, as these old homes in Edmonton and area often have hidden junction boxes or receptacles, or sometimes just forgotten wiring that was not installed in a safe manner in the first place. Experienced Electricians know that with time electrical will fail, especially when it is not installed correctly, and within current Canadian Electrical Codes. Your Edmonton Electrician should advise you when certain red flags are present, like aluminum wiring. When a customer has aluminum wiring it is always advised to go over and above to remove aluminum residential wiring. This wiring has unsafe tendencies and has the potential to start electrical fires. The cost of reinstalling drywall, mudding, taping, sanding and painting can be expensive, but never as expensive as an electrical fire. As your experienced edmonton electrician it is always most advisable to go over and above when performing pre electrical demolition. Renovations are the perfect time to get rid of old brittle wiring that can be a fire hazard hiding in your home. 

Running of Conduits, Cables, and different sizes of wires. How your electrical project is wired from the start will make a big impact on changes, wire costs, and overall rework if other changes are to occur. As your experienced Edmonton Electrician we understand that a little preparation work at the start may be a little more costly, but will help to prepare the job for savings down the road. Often times for just a couple wires for one outlet an electrical contractor will simply run the smallest conduit required for those couple of wires, not thinking about the future. At Hauer Power Electrical we take into account that if you want something additional now, you’re likely going to want something additional later, and it will save you money to do it now when your wall cavities are accessible. As a quality electrical contractor here in Edmonton it is our job to let you know these changes are likely to occur, and to present you with these long run cost savings. With our experienced team of qualified electricians we know that sometimes it’s beneficial to add an electrical panel, or upsize an access box, if you might need more services to follow the same path later on down the road. Your Edmonton Electrician here knows that minimal additions when your walls are open now, will save you lots more in the future. If you decide to add a kitchen, to a part of your home that is far from your electrical panel, it may be more beneficial to add in a subpanel. Your Edmonton Electrician may suggest to add a new subpanel closer to the circuitry of your kitchen. This may help save money on a lot of unnecessary wiring, and depending on the brand of panel, potentially breaker savings as well.

Different Trades involved in a project.  Whether you’re finishing a basement renovation, or converting a warehouse to an office space, there will be many trades involved in the project from start to finish. Every project requires a quality electrical contractor, but in addition to that you may need a quality plumber, a quality ceiling specialist, or a reliable flooring contractor. As your edmonton electrician we are far too familiar with how a projects timeline can be affected by trades booked in the wrong order, double booked, or not booked at all. As a reliable electrical contractor in Edmonton we are always happy to recommend quality contractors that we have worked with on other projects, to give you peace of mind, and help create a fluid working atmosphere. As your Edmonton Electrician we believe when every trade can work together appropriately then hiccups in the time management process can be mitigated. We always like to recommend our quality network of contractors to make the process easy and stress free for you the customer. A stress free construction project is hard to come by, but when you go with Hauer Power, your Edmonton electrician, it gets a whole lot easier.

Multiple Stages of a Project. Just about every project will be multi-staged. As your Edmonton electrician some electrical panel upgrades or electrical repairs will be a single stage project however that is not the same on a larger project.  For example the experienced electricians can’t start their job until the framers are finished. The drywallers can’t begin until the plumbers and qualified electricians have completed their rough in. The list goes on. If not prepared in the right order, then the multiple stages of a renovation or construction job can really hinder a timeline and destroy a budget. As a quality electrical contractor we your edmonton electrician understand the importance of time management for completing our setup stage, rough, and final, in accordance to complete your renovation project or construction project in a safe and timely manner.

Permits and Inspections. As with any project to do done in accordance with local bylaws, permits must be pulled prior to working, and inspections completed. As a professional edmonton electrician we have masters credentials to pull these electrical permits to take one less stress off of your to do list while you’re managing your project. Permits and Inspections are typically multi staged with a rough in stage and a final stage as the project goes along. An experienced Electrical contractor like Hauer Power Electrical knows that on bigger projects the inspectors will come in a more frequent intervals depending on the size of the project.

Finishing a Job. As your quality edmonton electrician we know that no job is completely finished until you, the customer, are fully satisfied. We are happy to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rating from all our happy customers, and aim to continue to grow at a rate that can maintain these great figures. We always perform clean electrical work, and keep our professional standards from start to finish. This way you the customer have one less thing to clean up, and you have a piece of mind knowing that the electrical in your walls is safe.

Opportunity. When performing a renovation to an existing structure of any kind it is always best to take that opportunity and hire a quality reliable edmonton electrician to have a look at the existing wiring. At that point you may have the opportunity to rip out some hazardous electrical wiring and safely reinstall some new wiring and bring that circuitry up to current electrical codes. As your Edmonton Electrician, we at Hauer Power Electrical Services believe in bringing you the quality electrical work in a professional manner at the reliable rate of good workmanship that you, the valued customer deserve!

As your quality edmonton electrical contractor we are available to perform all of your electrical services that you may need. Whether big or small, we do it all, so remember. If it has wires, it needs us! At Hauer Power it’s all about giving you the power.

Feel free to reach out to us at 780-935-0622, or at for all your electrical questions and concerns. We perform free in home estimates during our regular business hours, and we monitor our emergency request lines for all emergency electrical services. Whatever your electrical project may be, call your trusted Edmonton electrical contractor, Hauer Power Electrical, today!

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