Temporary Transformer and Generator for emergency power

Temporary Power and Emergency Generators

Good Day! Welcome to today’s edition of Your Edmonton Electrician! Today we will be discussing temporary power, and generators. For whatever reason that you might not have access to the electrical grid we are her to provide you with temporary power until we can get you back onto the grid. Whenever you’re facility or home is having power troubles as a licensed contractor we can get you the power you need, with the top quality service and support that you deserve!

Temporary Power. What is temporary power? Temporary power just means that your home or commercial facility is being energized by an external source that isn’t your usual utility service provider. As an Edmonton electrician here we typically use Epcor or Fortis for the power grid, depending on where your exact location is. If your main breaker or switchgear should fail between your utility provider and your home or business, that is where temporary power comes in. As a licensed electrical contractor we are happy to coordinate with Epcor, Fortis, the property owner, safety codes officers, as well as the temporary power rental companies in cases where they are required. Whenever a system transfers from utility power to temporary power, or from temporary power back to utility power there should be a permit in place. Whenever a permit is pulled for electrical work being performed it must be inspected prior to the energization of the new power source. At Hauer Power Electrical we have the required electrical contractors licenses and masters certifications in order to pull electrical permits. If you find yourself needing an electrician in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, or surrounding area for temporary electrical power services, then look no further. Call us today to give you power!

Installation of a Generator, and transformer, for emergency temporary power

Residential Temporary Power. For our residential electrical services the power can usually be restored day of in the simplest of cases. Sometimes a main 60A or 100A breaker will fail in a customers home and need to be replaced. With the replacement of a main breaker the power supply must be disconnected through the electrical meter by contacting your local utility electrical power provider. Once the work is complete and safe it must be inspected by your local safety codes officer or inspection department. For this to occur an electrical permit must be in place, and the inspections department must be notified. After an electrical inspector has deemed the installation to be visually permissible then the local utility provider can re-energize the electrical service to the home. As your local Edmonton electrician this is a job that we frequently perform and would be happy to perform for you. Other cases of residential electrical power outages become a little more complicated. Sometimes an old outdated Federal Pacific electrical panel can be fried or compromised so much that an emergency panel upgrade is required. In this case you may be out of power for 6-8 hours or even more depending on location, accessibility, and required code upgrades. As of currently the Edmonton and area electrical inspectors will not allow a panel to be simply swapped with a newer model without bringing the immediate system up to complete code. Sometimes this can be a costly procedure, much more costly when performed in an emergency situation involving expensive overtime callouts. As a preventative measure it is good practice to upgrade outdated panelboards and services before they require emergency electrical services. Not only for your safety, but for your wallet as well. If you’re ever unsure about the age or reliability of your electrical panel contact your licensed Edmonton electrician about the cost and timeline of replacing your expired electrical. With residential electrical power outages caused by faulty electrical even some of the more challenging cases will typically take 2 days to complete. Rarely will a generator larger than a wheelbarrow be necessary for a residential service upgrade. Typically for a residential panel upgrade or electrical service upgrade a generator will be on site to run computers, refrigerators, and oftentimes some basic lighting or basic kitchen appliances. Your Edmonton electrician will often have a generator on site to power up batteries, drills, saws, and temp lighting for the work being performed.

Commercial Temporary Electrical Power Services. Our commercial temporary electrical power solutions can be applied to a large variety of facilities. Often times a commercial facility will experience electrical power outages and they need to get back online fast. Sometimes it’s through no fault of their own with a transformer feeding them from their local power grid that has simply reached the end of it’s lifespan. Sometimes a power outage can extend from a customer failing to react to a long standing electrical issue. If you see an electrical issue in your facility you should always contact your local licensed electrician for piece of mind at the very least. Your local commercial electrician will see issues like yours everyday and can tell you an approximate lifespan, along with short and long term electrical solutions. As a quality Edmonton electrical contractor we take pride in getting our customers back up and running fast and efficiently. Through having good contacts with quality generator rental companies like Trinity Power, we have everything in place to get your facility back up and running ASAP. With experienced journeyman electricians on call 24/7 we are ready for any electrical emergency that your facility or business may face. We perform emergency power outage call outs on a weekly basis, for all of Edmonton and area. From broken power cables, and feeder cables to exposed wires to seized switchgear and fried burnt out electrical fuses. We are proud to provide cable repair and cable splices when a landscaping company hits the cable with their dozer. At Hauer Power electrical we are proud to send out licensed electricians to repair your electrical when you need it most. If you’re not doing this everyday you don’t want to try and start in an emergency. Call your Edmonton electrician for emergency commercial electrical services. If you need a generator, a fuse, a new main breaker, new switchgear, or even retrofit replacement parts call Hauer Power Electrical today and let us give you the power!

Emergency Generator Delivery
Where you need Power, when you need power.

Emergency Electrical Services. Edmonton runs 24/7 and to be a part of this great city, so do we. As your local Edmonton electrician we are happy to provide around the clock electrical services for the emergency electrical issues that Edmonton faces day to day. Call us and get in touch with our emergency staff as we solve your electrical problem safely. Rain or shine we are proud to bring you the electrical services that you deserve. Call or email us at Hauer Power Electrical today and see how we can give you power.



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