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A brief description of what Hauer Power Electrical, your Edmonton Electrician, can do for you!

Hi guys it’s Ryan from Hauer Power electrical and I’m here to tell you about the services that we offer here for you in Edmonton Alberta, your Edmonton electrician can make your home, office, business look amazing we can get you the best cost that you need for those quality professional rate for you via nest certified pro pricing. Do you want to bring your whole house up to code if you need a whole home re-wired if you want to move your laundry you need a washer and a dryer movie maybe upstairs maybe downstairs riding an en suite we can give you an estimate for your electrical needs there if you want. Room fans if you want a smart thermostat smart doorbell The Nest hello doorbell to the Alexa ring doorbell as a certified Nest Pro installer rest assured as your Edmonton electrician we can get you the best possible pricing you can get the $300 that you’re going to pay at Home Depot and try to install it yourself and then get frustrated with it it’s just not worth it, it doesn’t cost that much more and you’ll get the quality Professional Service that you deserve. If you want service upgrade that your panel if you need a new sub panel if you need to upgrade a service upgrade do you need a new panel in your garage in your shed in your basement. Or if you’re doing the en suite we talked about and you say hey down the road I want a new A/C (air conditioning) unit we can provide provision for that will give you enough space in your panel that you won’t ever have to or another electrical contractor. We can’t give you a fuse box so don’t ask for that because those are a fire hazard. We can give you smoke alarm if you want smart smoke alarms that will talk to you in case of a fire and I’ll send alerts your phone you’re not home when your house has a fire we can do that for you to help you pass inspection if you just rough-in a basement maybe you didn’t hire us me you’re happy with the guy you did hire but you just not sure if it’ll pass inspection where do you live in a duplex you can’t pull the home electrical permit yourself but as your Edmonton electrician we can do that for you if you need Consulting on maybe you’re planning a kitchen renovation are you say hey where should I lay this out while we’re not a general contractor and we can’t build it for you we can give you a good layout as far as your electrical to minimize wiring cost if you need grounding issues did you find your lights maybe they don’t dim but maybe they are flashing maybe they dim too much for you maybe you have shocking issues that’s a big one right away if you’re touching your plug-in and your zapping yourself when you’re on plugging space heater or something like that anything give us a call we can fix that for you in the face plate screw the little screw that holds me cover plate on her flutter switch sometimes I’ll give you a shock if it’s not grounded right give us a call we can we can work that out free consultations contact your Edmonton electrician today at Hauer power. If you need but you want to build your dream home general contractor in there we can do that for you we can give you a competitive rate if you want just maintenance if you just want to look through your house and then say hey we just need a second opinion maybe you just bought a house and you’re not sure how it’s wired you’re not sure what plug is controlled from what breaker maybe you want a panel layout diagram if you want a nice list on your panel board for these things are handy in case of an emergency you can help our room in that circuit just like that give us a call we can do that for you if you want to have say smart so you want to go to the smart way and you want to automate your home devices to the smart devices is it costly? yes, is it worth it you can talk to your phone and turn off lights in your room from your house at work you can adjust your thermostat if you haven’t done correctly like right here in Edmonton by Hauer power electrical contractor if you do it correctly through us in what you can have at the end of the day is all these devices talking to each other and talking to you and giving you updates on how your home is doing that’s a some power consumption aside from that it gives you peace of mind you know where your home is if you want home security you can go through nest put up Nest cameras cameras inside outside I’m talking all through the app recognize face facial recognition here then you can take action if you need underground wiring we can pull those permits if you need to go to your garage you want outdoor lighting you want a light pole in your backyard in your front yard if you want some backyard accent lighting media have a nice Garden customer put up lights in the garden yes you are not working and you have a Transformer or did he just an estimate on how much you think is going to cost that way we can get to an agreement and get that done for you if you need yes. Outdoor receptacles lover on the outdoor topic if you need new GFCI maybe you want to have a fire on a weekend and you don’t have a place to plug in a radio well give us a call at our power electrical where you’re at an electrician and we can install those outdoor GFCI receptacles for you if you want in for heating bills and your bathroom doesn’t have enough heat HVAC guy your heating ventilation and cooling guy forgot to add heating Ducts in your bathroom maybe you want some in floor heating. You could go the Plumbing method but then you need a boiler system Edmonton electrician Warrior best nest hello parking your door know if you feel like maybe I can do it myself and you try tackling it and then you come across me driving Transformer issue low voltage too much voltage Transformer doorbell give us a call we can just swap the transformer for you let you do everything else yourself you want to hire a fart fan bathroom fan doing its job that’s great you were happy to help if you need a working in your bathroom and it’s just not smelling right then we can do that too when you don’t want to go outside we’re willing to do whatever it is that you need to do we need to move any Appliance around we can go in your basement drop ceiling if you have a great if not there’s other ways around just how you need if you want if you need help with a new electric hot water tank give us a call and you’re not sure what to do with it and you don’t want to deal with it electrical if you want to hire us for your future jobs Hauer power electrical, your Edmonton electrician.

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