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Welcome! Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton Electrician! On today’s topic of your Edmonton Electrician we talk about finishing your basement. More importantly the electrical wiring that is involved in finishing your basement. We will brush on a few topics, but the main goal here is to explain why it’s so important to have a quality and licensed electrician wire your basement.

Why Finish a Basement? In Edmonton there are many homes that were built without a finished basement. There was a high demand for houses so it became beneficial to sell the homes without finished basements. According to your edmonton electrician there are a few reasons why you might want to finish your basement. Selling value, new additions to the family, new workspace, or maybe you just don’t want to have a dingy dungeon down there. Finished basements can help do all of these things to a home. What you don’t want is to create more harm than good, especially in your own home. Quality Edmonton electrical contractors will have their own insurance and WCB so that you don’t need to second guess. When you don’t hire a quality, insured, and certified electrician to do the work you can run into a lot of problems. In Edmonton there are no shortage of Electricians. To find a quality Edmonton Electrician can be a real chore sifting through the hundreds of companies. At Hauer Power Electrical our company is local, and delivers nothing but quality service. Through our team of trustworthy and reliable licensed Electricians we strive to continue providing the best possible service that we can deliver.

Risky Business. Basements are the foundation for what your home is built on. If the rest of your home is built with quality electrical meeting todays codes, wouldn’t you want your basement to be built the same way? As your Edmonton Electrician we advise everyone to hire professional electricians for all their electrical repairs, as the consequences can be deadly otherwise. In addition to risking costly damages, you also put safety at risk for you and those around you when you tamper with your homes electrical system.

Timeline advantage. When you hire your edmonton electrician, Hauer Power Electrical, your basements electrical gets completed in a timely manner. Our prompt, courteous and professional electricians can bring your basements electrical wiring to where you want it to be, in a short period of time. When hiring contractors to finish your basement you can usually expect a higher quality of work than if you did it yourself, or with someone you know that says that they think they know what they’re doing. Your Edmonton Electrician knows exactly what they’re doing, and they’ve done it a hundred times before. Not to mention when someone tackles a job of finishing their basement without hiring out, they typically will not finish in under 2 years. That’s unless they’re working more than their evenings and weekends. If you aim to finish your basement in less that 2 years it would be a smart choice to hire a good contractor, and a good Edmonton Electrician.

Permits. Another missed item tends to be the permits. Your Edmonton Electrician should be discussing permits with you. A quality electrical contractor will pull the permit and book the electrical inspection for you once the work is completed. Typically a homeowner will not pull the required permits. If you live in a duplex in Edmonton you’re not actually able to pull your own electrical permit. This job can only be done by a master electrician. Hauer Power Electrical, your edmonton electrician, has the licensed master electricians that it takes to pull these permits. When a homeowner doesn’t pull their permits period this is a recipe for disaster. This means that the work will get closed up without any inspection. Now this means that a lot of codes and regulations that have been put in place will simply not be met. Many journeyman electricians don’t know the majority of electrical codes, chances are pretty good that the homeowner will not know these codes either. As your Edmonton Electrician we pride ourselves in being well versed in the Canadian Electrical Code. With qualified Master certified Electricians we always perform our work in such a manner as to uphold our current electrical codes. A common issue found with those performing their own basement electrical is the lack of vapour barrier compliant boxes or vapour hats for all exterior devices. Without following these electrical codes moisture and mold can develop in your walls. Another is the lack of AFCI Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. Without these somewhat expensive breakers your homes electrical is at risk for electrical fire issues. As your Edmonton Electrician we at Hauer Power Electrical will pull your basements electrical permit and have the work inspected by an unbiased 3rd party city electrical inspector. This helps to ensure full compliance with the current canadian electrical codes. This also ensures that when the property changes titles you won’t be hit with heavy fines and fees for not pulling the required permits. Generally your average basement renovation, with a contractor will typically take around 6-8 weeks. More work and custom work will typically take a little longer. With the electrical task spanning no longer than 1 week you can be sure that you’re not waiting around as long as if you did it yourself. As your Edmonton Electrician we can have a crew rough in your basement suite and have it ready for a rough in inspection in as little as 1 day. Should your basement project entail custom work or account for additional recessed lighting or other options only then should the job extend further.

Creativity and Foresight. As your Edmonton Electrician we have seen all sorts of designs, ideas, and sizes of jobs. As a general rule with inexperience, what can go wrong, will go wrong. Qualified and reliable Electricians do this as a full time job daily. There’s not too much we haven’t seen, and we always know what to look for. No 2 jobs are the same and there will always be some sort of variance in how a task gets completed. As your Edmonton Electrician we know what to look for to avoid common mistakes, mishaps, and to avoid the issues that could arise with your project. We can always recommend more lighting if we see an area that we know will see shadows. We feel it’s the Edmonton Electricians job to ask the questions that you might have not thought about. if you have a second entrance if you’ve ever considered having it wired for a second living suite. If you want a home entertainment system in a certain area and don’t want to see the wires when it’s all done, now is the time to plan for that. Your Edmonton Electrician might feel that sometimes it’s easiest to add a subpanel off of your existing service to feed your basement circuits out of. If you haven’t thought of adding space heaters, speakers, or lots of recessed lighting. Some items are commonly missed like smoke detectors, or carbon monoxide detectors. Your Edmonton Electrician won’t forget about these because we’ve done this before, LOTS. If you want a second laundry, or if your current basement laundry needs an upgrade. Do you plan on having a gas or electric range in your basement? Do you see a hot tub outside or an A/C unit in the future? We ask these questions that may otherwise be forgotten about, or never asked at all. As your Edmonton Electrician we strongly feel that wiring a basement and adding breakers is a job that should be left to the professionals. Not only does a licensed electrician know what they’re doing, but they know what you might want at the end of the project. As your edmonton electrician we’re not happy until you are, and we want you to have the basement of your dreams.

Cost. This is usually the main reason why someone doesn’t want to hire a contractor or an electrical contractor to work for them. They feel that they’re going to be raked over the coals and can’t afford to go this route. Your Edmonton Electrician is here to re-assure you. In reality if you’re going to your local hardware store and buying your materials there you’re not really saving any money. Typically the professional electrical contractors will have business accounts at reputable wholesalers where they will get their materials in bulk, at a much lower cost. As your Edmonton Electrician we do our best to pass these savings onto our customers, while still making a small profit. While there is the chance that an electrical contractor will try and get every last dollar from you, we at Hauer Power Electrical believe in fair and honest pricing. We are not the least expensive, but we are certainly not the most expensive, we strive for quality and reliability.

Summary.  As your Edmonton Electrician the last thing we ever want to see is someone get hurt. When you tackle an electrical wiring job yourself you’re compromising safety, both on the job and in the long term. When you hire your Edmonton Electrician, Hauer Power makes sure your job is done correctly, and safely. We take the appropriate measures to ensure no one is at risk for injury, and we follow the current electrical codes to ensure any shock or fire risks are mitigated accordingly. When you hire your Edmonton Electrician you’re hiring decades of knowledge, experience, and education about electrical wiring in your home. This saves you money in the long run, instead of having to pay costly repair bills and troubleshooting costs later. When you hire a professional edmonton electrician to give you power, you’re stopping yourself from getting in over your head. You’re making your life easier when you hire Hauer Power Electrical to finish your basement.

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