100 Amp Three Phase Electrical Service Upgrade by Hauer Power Electrical Services

Upgrading Your 3 Phase Electrical Service | 100 Amp Three Phase Electrical Service Upgrade

Upgrading a 100 amp three phase electrical service involves increasing the capacity of your existing electrical system by an Edmonton Electrician in order to support higher loads and meet the growing power demands of your business. Here are steps generally involved most often in electrical upgrades in Edmonton:

First is the Assessment

Your Edmonton electrician will begin by assessing your current electrical system and determining the reasons for the upgrade. Perhaps you need increased electrical requirements, such as the addition of new equipment. Or your business simply needs an 100-amp three phase electrical service upgrade in order to meet the electrical code standards in Edmonton.

Next Step: Consultation

Your Edmonton electrician from Hauer Power will want to discuss your requirements and electrical usage. They will evaluate your electrical system and find out of you do need electrical upgrades in Edmonton. If so, they will also expertly calculate your load requirements, and give you their professional recommendations for the upgrade.

You Will Need Permits and Approvals

Depending on your location within Edmonton and surrounding areas, your Edmonton Electrician will need to obtain permits and approvals from the city of Edmonton, or local municipality if in the surrounding areas. Hauer Power electricians will complete the necessary paperwork to ensure your business 100 amp three phase electrical service upgrade in Edmonton and area are always in compliance with all of the local regulations.

Design and Planning Is Fun And Crucial

Once you have the necessary approvals for your electrical upgrades in Edmonton, your Hauer Power electrician will design your upgrade based on load requirements. This will involve determining the appropriate wire sizes, breakers, panels, and other components needed for the upgrade. This is also a great time to add any electrical components you had wanted installed, since the electrician will already be working in your business, and adding additional components is quite cost effective. Adding outlets, adding circuits, chandeliers, under counter lights and more, just as examples.

Electrical Upgrades in Edmonton | Power Shutdown Is Incredibly Important

Before starting any work, the Hauer Power electrical experts will coordinate a planned power shutdown with your utility company. This ensures a safe working environment and prevents electrical accidents during the 100 amp three phase electrical service upgrade process. So while a power shutdown can be a bit of a disruption to your life, to get the electrical upgrades in your business done safely and correctly is more than worth it. It will also mean your family and pets are kept safe as well.

Installation – The Work Begins!

Our Edmonton electricians at Hauer Power will install your new electrical panel, which will house the upgraded service equipment for the 100 amp three phase electrical service upgrade. This involves replacing the existing service entrance cables, as well as the circuit breakers, and other components as needed – they will keep you informed about anything additional that needs upgrading as it’s discovered.

Quite often, our experts will find hidden dangers once they start doing work. If your business building is older, or if you have recently purchased the property, you may not know what to expect during electrical upgrades in Edmonton. Wiring upgrades will be made to accommodate the increased amperage and three-phase configuration.

Grounding The Property is a Vital Step

An important part of the upgrade is ensuring a proper grounding system. This includes our electricians in Edmonton installing ground rods, bonding the electrical panels and equipment, and connecting all necessary grounding conductors.

If proper grounding and bonding is not done, a dangerous amount of electricity will not be discharged properly, leading to electrical surges that can damage electrical equipment, such as your television, computer, stereo, or anything that is plugged in at the time. Or it can lead to dangerous electrical shocks to the users of said equipment. Ensure that no matter who does the electrical upgrades in Edmonton in your business, that they ground and bond properly.

Ensure You Get An Inspection

Once our electricians have completed all electrical upgrades in Edmonton, the electrical inspector needs to inspect as well as approve the upgraded electrical service. It is crucial to comply with all Edmonton and surrounding area electrical codes to ensure safety for you and your family, and ensure legal compliance.

Utility Connection and Testing

Once the inspection is passed, Hauer Power electricians will coordinate with the utility company to connect your upgraded service to the power grid. This involves connecting the service drop and making sure the electrical meter is properly installed. Once power is connected, the electricians in Edmonton will need to test the system. This gives peace of mind that all circuits are functioning properly, and the load is balanced evenly across the three phases.

Hauer Power electricians make sure to check voltage levels, test circuits, and verify proper grounding. This not only establishes that the 100 amp three phase electrical service upgrade was done correctly., but that everything is functioning before they leave your property.

Final Thoughts

Hauer Power reminds business owners that depending on their business, that these steps may vary depending on your specific situation, and what is required during your 100 amp three phase electrical service upgrade. Hiring a qualified electrician with experience in electrical service upgrades, such as the experts at Hauer Power in Edmonton is essential to ensure a safe and successful project. Contact us today to get started on your project!