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At Hauer Power Electrical we are one of your professional and reliable Edmonton electrician companies. We provide a top quality electrical contracting service because that’s what our customers need. We believe in giving you a fair price for an unmatched level of customer experience.

We are passionate about customer service, and providing you with the best options possible. Our mission is to provide our customers with power, through outstanding customer service. As your Edmonton electrician it’s all about giving YOU the power!

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electrical service upgrades

What Are Electrical Service Upgrades

And The Different Types of Services We Offer

At Hauer Power Electrical Services we are your trusted partner for professional electrical upgrades in Edmonton & Area!

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring that your electrical systems are not only efficient but also up to the highest standards is crucial for safety and functionality. Whether you’re looking to modernize your home, increase your commercial property’s energy efficiency, or simply ensure your electrical installations are compliant with the latest codes, our team of skilled electricians near me are here to guide you through every step.

With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Hauer Power specializes in providing comprehensive electrical service upgrades in Edmonton tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Let us power your progress with solutions that light up your space more brilliantly than ever before.

60 Amp to 100 Amp Electrical Service Upgrades

Upgrading to a 100 amp service is a smart choice for homeowners and businesses in Edmonton looking to enhance their property’s electrical capacity and safety.

As part of our Edmonton electrical upgrades, Hauer Power offers expert services in transitioning your current system to a robust 100 amp service, designed to accommodate modern electrical demands. This upgrade not only supports the use of multiple appliances and electronic devices simultaneously without overloading the system but also significantly increases your property’s value and safety.

By choosing us for your upgrade, you’re investing in a future-proof electrical system, tailored to withstand the evolving electrical needs of today’s technology-driven world. Trust Hauer Power to deliver seamless, efficient, and code-compliant electrical service upgrades in Edmonton to power your property more effectively.

100 Amp to 200 Amp Electrical Service Upgrades

For those in Edmonton seeking to significantly enhance their electrical system’s capacity and efficiency, a 200 amp service upgrade is an excellent investment.

Specializing in Edmonton electrical upgrades, Hauer Power is adept at seamlessly integrating a 200 amp service into your property, ensuring it meets the increasing electrical demands of modern households or businesses. These electrical service upgrades in Edmonton not only provides ample power for high-consumption appliances and future expansions but also improves safety by reducing the risk of overloads and electrical fires. Our expert team prioritizes your needs, ensuring a smooth transition to a more resilient and flexible electrical infrastructure.

Opt for a 200 amp service upgrade with Hauer Power, and experience unparalleled reliability and performance tailored to Edmonton’s dynamic needs.

Commercial Service Upgrades

Specializing in Edmonton electrical upgrades, Hauer Power is at the forefront of delivering top-tier commercial service electrical upgrades tailored to meet the unique demands of your business.

Our expertise spans from upgrading electrical panels and systems to accommodate increased operational capacities, to implementing energy-efficient solutions that reduce overhead costs and enhance your business’s sustainability. With a focus on minimizing downtime and ensuring compliance with the latest safety standards, our team is committed to providing seamless electrical service upgrades in Edmonton that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Choose Hauer Power for your Edmonton electrical upgrades and invest in the longevity and efficiency of your commercial electrical infrastructure.

Electrical Panel Replacement and Circuit Breaker Upgrades

We are a leader in electrical panel replacement and circuit breaker upgrades. These crucial Edmonton electrical upgrades are vital for both safety and functionality, accommodating the latest technological advancements and increasing electrical loads in homes and businesses.

Our experienced team ensures your electrical system is up to date, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and improving overall efficiency. With this electrical service upgrade in Edmonton, you not only secure a safer environment but also enhance your property’s value and ensure it’s ready to meet future electrical demands. Trust Hauer Power for comprehensive solutions that keep you powered and protected.

Electrical Panel Replacements

Our experts specialize in providing top-tier Edmonton electrical upgrades, including the critical service of replacing outdated or insufficient electrical panels. Upgrading your electrical panel ensures your home or business can handle modern electrical demands while safeguarding against potential hazards like electrical fires and system overloads.

Our skilled technicians are equipped to assess your needs and implement a seamless transition to a more robust and future-proof electrical panel, enhancing the overall performance of your electrical system. Trust Hauer Power for your electrical panel replacement needs and elevate the safety and functionality of your property’s electrical infrastructure.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Circuit breaker upgrades are a crucial aspect of Edmonton electrical upgrades, ensuring that homes and businesses are equipped to handle modern electrical loads with safety and efficiency.

Hauer Power excels in upgrading outdated or underperforming circuit breakers, a service that significantly enhances the protective measures of your electrical system. These upgrades not only prevent the risks associated with circuit overloads and short circuits but also improve the overall energy efficiency of your property. Whether you’re experiencing frequent tripping or planning to expand your electrical usage, our expert team provides personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Opt for a circuit breaker upgrade with Hauer Power, and secure your Edmonton property with superior safety and performance standards.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades stand at the forefront of Edmonton electrical upgrades, addressing the evolving electrical demands of modern living and working environments. Hauer Power is at the vanguard, offering expert electrical panel upgrade services to ensure your property’s electrical system is robust, efficient, and compliant with the latest safety standards. These upgrades are essential for accommodating new appliances, preventing circuit overload, and enhancing overall electrical safety.

By choosing Hauer Power for your electrical panel upgrade, you’re not only investing in the immediate improvement of your electrical system’s performance but also in its future readiness for technological advancements and increased electrical loads. Let us elevate your Edmonton property’s electrical infrastructure with our comprehensive, customer-focused upgrade solutions.

Quality Electrical Services Near You

Hauer Power Electrical is committed to providing the highest quality electrical services for residential and commercial clients. With the highest Google reviews in Edmonton for electricians near me, you know you will get high quality work and outstanding customer service. The expert electricians at Hauer Power are knowledgeable, dependable and always uphold the Canadian Electrical Code and safety standards on all job sites, no matter how big or small.

If you are looking for an Edmonton electrician, contact Hauer Power today for a no obligation quote – we will be happy to get a price to you quickly – we know how important it is that your electrical problems are solved in a timely manner.