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What is This Hauer U VLOG All About?

Our power electrical we believe in getting our customers the answers that they want to the questions that are important. This section of our web page is designed to answer all of the electrical contractor questions that you may have. If you have a topic that we have not yet covered feel free to reach out to us and let us know! we are always uploading new content in an effort to provide you with the best customer experience. As your Edmonton electrician we want to keep our customers informed and answer their questions before they are asked. Below are the top 10 questions that we are asked and top questions that we believe customers should ask their electrical contractors before deciding to hire their electrical contractor.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Electrician.

Are you a licensed electrical contractor?
The short answer to this is yes. We are a professional electrical contractor with all of the pertinent licenses and certifications. Our business is licensed by the city of Edmonton, and we believe that any electrical contractor should be licensed by their local jurisdiction. In addition to our business license all of our Journeymen hold a valid journeyman or journeyperson certification. Our Master electricians hold unrestricted Masters licenses which means that they keep up on their Canadian electrical code updates. Unrestricted Masters licenses are different from restricted Masters licenses. We take the high road at Hauer Power electrical services and maintain unrestricted Masters licenses so that we can give you up to date work that complies with current Canadian Electrical Codes.

Are you insured?
As your Edmonton electrician, we are fully insured. Insurance is a big deal when it comes to the world of Electrical Contracting. Any professional electrician should have insurance whether they are a business Corporation or operating on their own. Pulling an electrical permit for a job does not make the city or city inspector liable for the work performed on. Job. At the end of the day the electrician performing the work is legally responsible for the work that they have performed. Electricians operating under a business name then make that business responsible for the electrical work that has been performed. Should anything happen that business must have insurance to ensure that the customer is covered in any event. here as your electrician we often see customers hiring journeyman electrician that are not insured or working under a corporation. They may get a cheaper cost for their electrical however in the long run if something goes wrong it will become much more expensive. We always encourage our customers to seek out insurance when hiring an electrical contractor. All of our commercial electrical maintenance customers ask for it because these businesses know how to perform these checks and balances. As a homeowner or building contractor you two should be asking if you are electrical contractor has insurance.

What are your credentials?
Electrical contractor credentials can vary depending on the work that they perform. A master electrician is the top tier of electrician however they not may not be experienced in the electrical field that the customer needs. A journeyman electrician may actually have more experience in a certain electrical field the master electrician in question. In some cases, even a qualified electrical Apprentice may have more experience in a certain field than a journeyman electrician or even a master electrician. It is always good to ask a professional electrician what they have the most experience in.

Do you have any references?
When you are interviewing your Edmonton electrician it is no different than when a company interviews a potential employee. You are interviewing this electrical contractor to see if you want to hire them. If your electrician chooses to deny giving you any references this may be a red flag. At Hauer Power electrical services we are always happy to give new commercial and residential clients references to our past clients. Most commercial electrical maintenance companies require these references because they understand the importance of a good reference. Many businesses at homeowners get a bad taste in their mouth after hiring an electrical contractor without a reference and end up having a bad experience.

Do I need a permit for my electrical?
The answer is yes. Permits are required for any alteration to an electrical system. Whether you are adding receptacles or lights or simply adding a new data run it is required to pull an electrical permit for your job. Often times permits are not pulled for the electrical work due to the additional cost of the permit often costing the same or more than the job itself. Permits can be a costly addition to any electrical project. As your electrician we are always happy to help you manage your electrical budget by moving around certain electrical costs to accommodate your needs.

Who will be performing the actual work?
The work your electrical contractor will perform is often times not done by the staff that meets you for an estimate. This does not mean that the professional Edmonton electrician will not do a good job it simply means that they have outside sales staff. at our power electrical services hour estimate staff are all electricians that have not been trained in any manipulative sales tactics. As your electrician we believe in giving you quality Electrical Services without trying to con you into hiring us for anything more than what you need. Electrical services is not supposed to be some sort of luxury. In this day and age quality Electrical Services are necessary For all residential and commercial buildings. We believe in fair pricing and quality service and that’s just the start of how we provide power through exceptional customer service. At Hauer Power electrical it’s all about giving you the power!

What work will be performed?
This one should sound pretty simple right? Oftentimes your electrician will include other parts of the work and perform that work and then surprise you with an invoice much larger than you anticipated. It is not too much different than any other industry where they will do the work that you did not ask to be performed and send you a large invoice after the fact. As your quality electrical contractor we do not believe in providing such a manipulative service. We will tell you what work will be performed prior to doing the work. Again it seems pretty simple but it’s just one more way we separate ourselves from the other guys. We will give you an estimate upfront before performing any work. Our estimates have zero hidden fees and zero surprises. Many of our commercial maintenance electrical contractors will hire us for time and material jobs. 10 * time and material will actually end up being cheaper than a job that is estimated. Estimating a job requires adding a variance in case something goes wrong or takes longer than expected. Typically the best bang for your buck is to hire your contractor through a time and material budgeting system. A rough timeline as to how long the electrical issue will take to solve is to be expected prior.

What are your costs?
As a professional electrical contractor we have many flat rate pricing systems designed to accommodate fair pricing for any electrical project. For our time and material costs we have our hourly charge out fees for our Journeymen and our apprentices both with and without vans, to accommodate for various sizes of projects. Simply asking your electrician what their costs are may be too general of a question. A better question would be what is their hourly rate for one journeyman with a tooled electrical service van. An even better question would be what is their hourly rate for a journeyman and Apprentice with a tooled electrical service van. a good point to note is that if they are not operating out of a licensed commercial vehicle such as a tooled electrical service van or truck they may not be a licensed contractor. If hiring a licensed professional electrical contractor is something that you are concerned with then it may be worth it to pay attention to their work vehicle. Here at Hauer power electrical services we believe in providing Fair quality electrical service to Edmonton and area. Our cost reflect a quality installation where no corners have been cut. We take safety as a huge priority and customer service comes through as our mission.

What are your electrical specialties?
Your Edmonton electrician will have different electrical Specialties as their background. Some electricians focus on residential electrical and some focus on commercial electrical. Some professional electrical contractors will focus more on industrial electrical services. At Hauer Power electrical we focus primarily on residential and commercial electrical maintenance. we perform various commercial electrical as well as many residential electrical service calls. We have a solid team of experienced electricians with a wide field of expertise. We perform specialty commercial electrical work from Laboratories to Restorations to Mills and more. whether you are building a residential duplex or have a basement renovation. Requires an electrical permit we are there for you. From large-scale commercial projects down to your residential service calls we have the right team of electricians to provide you with power through exceptional customer service. Whatever your electrical project may be we have the right electrician to serve you best.

Do you have any electrical warranty?
The answer to this question may surprise you with many electrical contractors. Many electricians do not provide a comprehensive warranty or even a limited warranty on their Electrical Services. As your professional Edmonton electrical contractor we are proud to provide a mandatory 1 year limited warranty on all of our supplied materials and electrical labour. We are confident that our team of qualified professional electricians are going to perform top quality electrical work in your home or business. We stand behind all of the work that we do and all of the quality electrical materials that we provide for our job sites. If you have purchased third-party electrical materials for your electrical job we are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to warranty these. If we did not purchase the items then we cannot verify that they are of sound quality, regardless of where you picked them up from. We try to follow up with all of our customers before their one year of limited warranty expires in an effort to save them money. In contacting you before your warranty expires we are doing our best to ensure that you have the better end of the stick. Our warranty follow-ups are just one more thing that we try to do in an effort to provide you with power through exceptional customer service.

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