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  • Talk to an actual electrician when you call
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  • Honest, straightforward pricing with no hidden fees
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Reputation Is Everything.

At Hauer Power electrical services we focus on bringing our customers power through exceptional customer service. Any electrical contractor can bring you basic electrical services but we make it our mission to bring you the best customer service that you can get. As a top quality electrical contractor we have over 50 years of electrical experience right here in Edmonton. Due to our expertise and our willingness to accommodate our customers we have clients that insist on hiring us for their electrical maintenance, and for their electrical renovations.

“Very impressed with the speed of service and professionalism shown by Ryan. He was very accommodating to my schedule and able to squeeze my small job in very promptly. Total cost for service was very affordable, less than simply the callout fee of competitors! He knew exactly what the issue was and instructed us on how we can fix it ourselves should we ever encounter the issue again. We would use Ryan and Hauer Power again in a heartbeat and would happily recommend to anyone.”


“I have hired Hauer Power Electrical on many occasions to tackle various projects in our aging 1964 house. From replacing light fixtures, upgrading to GFI receptacles, & most recently wiring for security cameras & a long overdue electrical panel upgrade. Hauer Electrical NEVER disappoints!
When I’ve asked for advice, I get honest answers. No upselling of unnecessary services, just straight honest answers & cost effective solutions. I am VERY impressed with the team at Hauer Power. Very professional & polite, punctual, quality workmanship & excellent value for the money. A pleasure to welcome into our home, knowing they take pride in their work & stand behind it 100%. They go above & beyond to make sure the customers experience is a positive one.
I highly reccomend Hauer Power Electrical. You won’t be disappointed!”

Carin Kucy

“When it comes to any electrical needs, Hauer Power is the way to go. Always the first to call when I need something done right away. I have some electrical background myself but when I need professional input on a situation and quality work done, no questions asked I’m calling Ryan. Thanks for all the great help…people just call and get it done right and save yourself the hassle.”

On Time & Budget.

We provide upfront pricing to all residential and Commercial clients. for all commercial electrical and residential electrical projects we provide free estimates. this helps to eliminate much of the stress when it comes to an electrical job. With no hidden fees and with up-front honesty we can accomplish a valued working relationship with all of our clients. Our quoted price only changes if you want the work scope in question to change.

Electrical permits are required by law for any alteration to an electrical system. The Canadian electrical code book is mandated to uphold such a law. As your professional electrician we abide by all Canadian electrical codes and have qualified electricians only to perform work for our residential and commercial customers. It is not uncommon for an insurance company to wish to void Insurance in the event of unqualified electrical work performed. When you choose Hauer Power as your Edmonton electrician you are choosing to have your electrical work done right the first time.

As your professional Edmonton electrician we do our best to make sure that the electrical stage of your project is completed without any issues or hold-ups. As a quality electrical contractor we believe that if a customer has a budget at a time line that it is our job to make that happen. When a project is started with a reasonable budget and a probable timeline your Edmonton electrician should be able To cooperate have your job completed within those reasonable parameters. on all of our larger-scale projects we keep our customers informed and updated where we are at and how far we have to go. This way electrical projects are completed on time and on budget with no surprises. Electrical work doesn’t have to be complicated or scary when you choose Hauer Power electrical as your electrical contractor.

Our team of electricians includes Master electricians, journeyman electricians, and Apprentice electricians. All of our electricians are certified by the apprenticeship and Industry training board here in Alberta. As your professional electrical contractor we complete periodic training for all of our electricians to keep them up-to-date on local codes and rules. Training is very important in order to stay current with the Canadian electrical code. Whatever your electrical project may be, it is safe to say that we have seen it and done it before. With our team of trained and experienced technicians you can be confident that your electrical issue will be solved in a safe and timely manner.

Honest Pricing. Great Service.

As a reliable electrical contractor we do not hold any of our clients in a long-term contract, nor do we insist that you provide a recurring monthly invoice. Many other contractors will insist on a monthly maintenance program in order to keep your commercial facility running smoothly. In all actuality this is just an extra cost that they are hitting you with and they will charge you extra in the end for any additional projects anyways. Power power electrical we are concerned with getting you their pricing as it is our mission to provide you with exceptional customer service. No strings attached, and no hidden fees. Just simple Electrical Contracting made honest.

Whenever we come to a customer’s home, or for commercial electrical in their place of business, we always try to do one thing for that customer. Our mission is to provide power through exceptional customer service. One of the ways we accomplish this is through planning with our customers. Rather than just looking at the immediate task we like to give our customers a complete walk through of their electrical system. By giving our customers a thorough look at what electrical issues are urgent this helps our customers plan for the future and plan for their budget. We always give our customers timelines for how long an electrical project will take and how much their Edmonton electrician should cost for that job. We believe in efficiency and that follows through to helping our customers plan for all of their electrical projects. For example, if a customer has a fire hazard of an electrical panel, we may advise them to change that before adding in extra accent lighting to their kitchen. The customer is always right and we are happy to perform the work that we are hired to do regardless. This extra distance that we go to helps to give the customer peace of mind, and knowledge on their electrical system. While this extra lighting may look pretty it might not be the best financial decision in the long run. By having your Edmonton electrician help plan your electrical projects, your life will be made that much easier. In the case of our commercial electrical maintenance customers their business will run that much smoother with the help of our trained staff at Hauer Power Electrical Services.

Much of our work is performed utilizing checklist templates and check sheets. These check sheets help even our most trained electricians on staff to do your job to 100% customer satisfaction without missing a beat. Other contractors don’t have organized methods of performing electrical tasks such as this. When it comes to 60 Amp service upgrades for example, all of our electrical vans come with a binder with one of those sheets being a checklist with reference to commonly missed items on these 60 Amp service upgrades. For this reason Hauer Power is more than qualified to perform your service upgrade on your electrical system. many electrical contractors won’t tell you that when upgrading your 60 Amp electrical service that you will need to open up drywall inside of your home. This often comes as a shock to customers that don’t know that your electrical service Mast must be secured up to current electrical code standards. As your professional electrician we are not in the business of shocking our customers! We are in the business of providing power to exceptional customer service. Having a checklist for all of our common electrical procedures is just one more way that we can guarantee outstanding service for all of our customers. So the next time you need a 60 Amp service upgrade on your property be sure to call your professional Edmonton electrician.