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Get in touch with our friendly and professional staff at Hauer Power Electrical today and let’s get your electrical issue fixed. Whether you have commercial electrical maintenance needs, or a good electrician for residential construction, we have the best Edmonton electrician for you!

What to expect when contacting us by phone.
Clients and customers can call us at 780-935-0622 at any time. We answer our phones during regular business hours. If you received on our voicemail service please leave us a voicemail with your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible. If you can even leave us a brief description of your electrical issue too then that is always most helpful in solving your electrical problem. If you receive our voicemail service during regular business hours we are more than likely on the phone helping another happy customer with their electrical issues. If you are calling after hours then you will be presented with our emergency contact phone number. Our emergency after hours services require us to have our electricians on call, so emergency electrical after hours fees do apply. If you would prefer to contact us during regular business hours then our costs are much more affordable. As a professional Edmonton electrical contractor we do our best to maintain competitive and affordable rates.
How can I get in touch with your emergency after-hours electrical services?

As your professional Edmonton electrician we provide emergency electrical after hours Services. These emergency electrical services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. When you have an electrical issue that needs to be solved right then and there we are the Edmonton electrician for you. If you do not already employ us for residential electrical services or for commercial electrical maintenance that is okay. We may not be as familiar with your system as we would be if we have visited before but we are confident that we can solve your electrical issue. To contact us or our emergency electrical after hours services, simply call our phone number at 780-935-0622. You will be redirected to our voicemail which will provide an emergency number to our on call Edmonton electrician. At this point we will simply need your site address, email address, full name and phone number. Once we have your contact information we will be at your door or place of business in 90 minutes or less. If you have an electrical emergency and you are concerned for your safety then a good rule of thumb is to turn off your main electrical circuit breaker and leave the building. In the case of an electrical fire that cannot be extinguished contact your local fire department or call 911 for City Emergency Services.

Can Hauer's Edmonton Electrician solve my problem over the phone?

Oftentimes we will get phone calls where we have a pretty good idea of what the electrical issue is without actually seeing it. In some cases the electrical issue can be solved by the homeowner so that they don’t need extra money for a service that they can do them self. This is one more way that we provide power through exceptional customer service for our customers. If you have a circuit that has tripped the circuit breaker, and you need the electrical power back on but your breaker will not turn back on, then we may have a solution for you. Many overcurrent devices like electrical circuit breakers will have three positions. The 3 positions are on, off, and tripped. Oftentimes if your circuit breaker has moved to the tripped position it will not be able to be turned back on until it has been pushed all the way off first. If this has helped you solve your electrical issue and save you the cost of hiring a professional electrical contractor then feel free to leave us a Google review reflecting your customer experience. Another common electrical issue that we hear is when a customer says that power has turned off to half of their house. Immediately we have a pretty good idea of one of the solutions for this electrical problem. If the electrical power turned off to your house you likely will not have 240 volts coming in. This is often due to three scenarios. Scenario 1 is that your main electrical circuit breaker has failed on one of the lines. Either the circuit breaker itself has failed, or your electrical service panel has failed on the conductive buses. This is the least common scenario but it does happen, mostly with old expired Federal circuit Breakers, and Federal Pacific service panelboards. Scenario 2 is that there has been weather issues that have deteriorated your Transformer feeding your property. The Transformer that feeds your property would be the property of Epcor or Fortis, here in Edmonton and area. Often times we will call Epcor and give them the customers address and they will begin their process to solve the customers electrical problem for them. Scenario 3 is that one of their neighbours is doing electrical Renovations and is trying to do their own electrical work. When a customer tries to perform their own electrical service upgrade whether it be a 60 amp service upgrade or a 100 amp service upgrade this usually results in poor quality electrical installations. Often times when an unqualified self-proclaimed electrician will perform their own service upgrade they will experience the tremendous power that unfused electricity will bring. On occasion this will damage the electrical utility companies power distribution transformer, and this will affect surrounding properties. This is another case where Epcor or Fortis must be involved depending on your location. For more information contact us by phone or email. As your professional Edmonton electrician we are always happy to help restore electrical power to your property.

How do I contact Hauer Power by email?

As your professional Edmonton electrician we always monitor our email inboxes. For Emergency Electrical Services you must contact us by phone, however if you would like to book an appointment send us an email. We make an effort to respond to all of our emails during regular work hours. Our office email address is

How do I get a FREE electrical estimate?

Being a professional Edmonton electrical contractor we offer free estimates for all of our residential and commercial electrical maintenance clients. Whether you are a new client, or existing we are always proud to offer FREE estimates. To get your free electrical estimate simply call us, or email us and we would be happy to help you solve your electrical issue. If the electrical issue is a common problem that we face and there are not many variables involved we can likely give you a price over the phone or through email, after answering a few questions. In other scenarios of electrical work we may require an onsite estimate. This is when there are many variables to consider such as distance, size of cable, size of electrical service, existing electrical in the building, required electrical wiring methods, etc.

What is your electrical home walk-through inspection service?

After being in this electrical industry for such a long time we have seen so many electrical issues that commonly go unnoticed until it is too late. Whenever we provide free in-home estimates we like to give you a walkthrough of your home’s electrical service. In the case of our commercial electrical maintenance clients we like to give them a thorough understanding of any urgent or immediate electrical concerns. Our Edmonton electricians have checklists and templates in order to comb through your electrical system with ease without missing anything. When you book our home electrical walkthrough service we go through your entire homes electrical system and let you know of any electrical issues that we see. If there is an electrical issue that we do not catch, this is very uncommon, however we are in no way to be held responsible. The most common electrical items that we look at involve the size of your electrical service panel and brand, common Canadian electrical code violations, ventilation of bathrooms, expired smoke detectors, kitchen counter receptacle circuits, flickering lights, surge protectors, aluminum wiring , grounding and bonding, functionality of doorbells and thermostats, etc. Or Electrical inspection walkthrough service is just one of the many services that we provide. For more information on our professional Edmonton Electrical services refer to our page entitled Electrical Services. We look forward to giving you power!

How long are FREE estimates good for?

While we do have expiration dates on our estimates that is simply four legality reasons so that we can continue to provide Power to Edmonton area. If you have an electrical estimate that we have provided you we will most likely honour it depending on a few conditions. The biggest condition before that cost of materials fluctuates and in large projects just a few dollars change can mean a few thousand dollars. This can drastically affect cost and budget which is why we put an expiration date on our estimates. If our material suppliers did not have material expiration dates on their quotes then we wouldn’t need expiration dates for your quote. As always here at Hauer Power Electrical services our mission is to provide power through exceptional customer service. Honouring our estimates and quotes is just one more way that we provide our customers with the best electrical customer service experience possible!