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Hot Tub Wiring Hookups & Why You Need a Professional Electrician

Hello Hot Tubs!

Today we want to talk about hot tub wiring and spa wiring, but specifically with the electrical requirements that are usually needed. By the end of reading this we hope that you have a good idea of what is expected of your electrician in hooking up your electrical system for your hot tub or spa.

Be Prepared.

When it comes to electricity and water, you don’t need to be a master electrician to know that they don’t mix well. With that said, hot tub wiring is a simple installation for a professional electrician that has experience with hot tubs and spas. Without the right knowledge or experience though these installations can turn very sideways and very expensive.

Let’s Begin!

To start, most hot tub installations have a few simple basic requirements like the location, fencing, and both a building permit and an electrical permit. At that point the hot tub electrician should be able to find a solution to bring power to where your location is desired. The electrical requirements of different tubs and different manufactures will vary however in our experience most tubs will require a 50A 120V/240V connection.

Next Steps.

Once you’ve established what electrical size requirements that your hot tub or spa requires there are a few key components to every electrical installation of a hot tub. Every Spa installation will require at the very least, a GFCI breaker, sometimes known as a spa pack. Along with your GFCI for your installation you will need a breaker, and the conductors to run between all the loads.

Wiring Methods.

The installation of any electrical system will have many different factors relating back to the Canadian Electrical Code, hot tub wiring and spa electrical systems are no different. When hooking up the electrical for your hot tub or spa there are a few key items to take into account for the installation.

Connectors Must Be Rated.

Depending on the location of your hot tub or spa, whether indoors or outdoors, the electrical installation will vary slightly. If an electrical installation is outdoors, the hot tub wiring, cabling, connectors, boxes, fittings, must all be rated for use outdoors. It may sound like common sense, but if you have a connector rated for NMD90 (Loomex/romex) and you use this on a TECK Cable, it’s simply not permitted by the electrical code.

Electrical Tools and Equipment Required.

Besides the knowledge of the basic fundamentals of electrical there will be certain tools and equipment needed for your hot tub wiring installation to go according to plan. Basic Hand Tools, and drills are just the beginning!

Smooth Installations.

As your professional electrician near you we take pride in never cutting corners. One of the ways we prove to install hot tub after hot tub week after week is with the use of expensive but necessary tools. SDS Max drills are brought in our electrical service vans to every hot tub wiring installation to core the exact size of hole needed through concrete to route our conduit and cabling perfectly every time.

No Critters or Moisture Here!

All of our entrances and holes to the home are sealed up tight to avoid any pests, and prevent any mold from entering your home. As your residential electrical contractor we take pride in our workmanship and treat your home like ours.

Hot tub wiring & spa wiring electrical code requirements.

Our electrical code changes every three years, however many items in the code have remained consistent. When it comes to the electrical code and people sitting in a tub of water, it is very important to take the code and wiring requirements seriously. With that said, we always encourage electrical permits to be pulled for any hot tub electrical installation.

Permits and inspections for hot tub wiring and spa installations.

More often than not a home will have a 100A electrical service, which can limit high draw loads on a home, such as a hot tub. The current drawn from a typical hot tub with 2 pumps and a heater is usually around 45A. With this in mind if a homeowner were to run other high draw loads simultaneously they run the risk of overloading their main service cabling and (hopefully) tripping out their main 100A breaker.

Service Requirements & Options For Hot Tub Wiring Installations

As a professional electrician near you we understand that you may require an increase in your service ampacity and we are here to help you! Homes in Edmonton and area will have one of two service entrance methods coming from their utility provider, either underground or overhead.

Overhead Electrical Service Upgrades.

In many areas overhead cabling powers homes and businesses. While this may be unsightly and prone to weather effects, it can make the cost of upgrading a building’s electrical ampacity much more affordable. When upgrading overhead power lines there is no digging required, and all electrical components are accessible. We strongly recommend having your overhead service upgraded to 200A if you are considering the installation of a hot tub or spa on your property.

Underground Electrical Service Upgrades.

In other residential and commercial areas we will find your electrical service lines have been run underground. Underground service upgrades are most cost effective when staying at 100A, however are much more costly when upgrading past the existing ampacity of the underground lines. When upgrading an underground electrical service to 200A or more the lines underground must be retrenched, or in some cases directionally drilled.

Increased Costs.

For obvious reasons these underground installations are much more expensive when increasing the size of cabling. In addition to this the local utility providers must also assess and potentially upgrade their transformer and infrastructure to accommodate such an increased demand. This also impacts cost to a client on these underground electrical service upgrades, and sometimes can hinder a project.

Alternatives to electrical service upgrades.

We thought you would never ask! If you are scared by the cost of these electrical residential upgrades that is completely understandable. While we do offer financing for our residential electrical services, there is another option that can be more cost effective.

Electrical Load Balancers and Loadmisers.

These electrical interlock devices allow the operation of high draw electrical loads without surpassing a set amount of ampacity. For example if your hot tub was interconnected with your electric range that value would need to stay below the set value of current, and in some scenarios this option can be a solution in order to comply with our electrical codes.

Electrical Inspections of Your Hot Tub Wiring Installation.

Once the service ampacity is in compliance, and the electrical permits are in place the work can begin. Once the electrical portion of your project is complete and the tub is installed and functional the work needs to be inspected. In Edmonton and area third party inspections occur for all permits, and can only pass once all work is complete and final.

Why would you hire an electrical contractor for your hot tub?

If you’re a fan of safety and understand the hazards involved with electricity and water then hiring a professional electrical contractor is a no brainer. Of course the materials are expensive and people do cost money, but at the end of the day you can relax.

Hot tubs and Spas are meant for relaxation.

When you hire Hauer Power Electrical as your electrical contractor you can relax in your hot tub and spa. Then you know it’s been done right, and performed safely.

Call us for all your electrical contracting needs! As northern Alberta’s highest rated electrical contractor we have the people and equipment and knowledge that you need. Let us power your customer service and contact us for your hot tub wiring today!