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Edmonton Electrician | Are Motion Sensor Lights Worth It

There are many different reasons to install motion sensor lights, says Edmonton electrician, Ryan Hauer of Hauer Power. It can be for safety leaving home or work in the dark, or coming home to your business or home in the dark. Many people use them to deter crime, as the lights will come on, scaring off any criminals. Inside, you may want to install motion sensor lights in rooms where the light is dim and the light switch isn’t readily accessible. Perhaps you often go into this room with your hands full, like a laundry room, or a storage room, and a motion sensor in these rooms can improve safety at home and work.

In your business, you can save a lot of money by having the lights on only when the bathroom is in use. And at home, a motion sensor in the bathroom can help out children and elderly family members. For convenience and for safety, inside and outside your home and business, motion sensors make good sense.

Regardless of the reason why people are installing motion sensor lights, Ryan Hauer, the best Edmonton electrician wants to help. He can help understand the different types of motion sensor lights, the advantages of each kind. And then ensure they are expertly installed for maximum performance. He will also go over maintenance instructions to ensure they perform well year after year.

Why Do You Want a Motion Sensor Light

The first thing to decide, says Edmonton electrician Ryan Hauer, is what you are using your motion detector for. There are five different types, and depending on your usage, each kind will be the best option different circumstances. The different kinds of motion sensors include:

  • Microwave
  • Passive infrared (PIR)
  • Active infrared, or area reflective
  • Dual technology

Passive infrared is the motion detector most commonly found, and it works by sensing body heat. It is called passive, because as long as something comes within its range, and is warm enough to trigger the sensor, it will turn on.

Active infrared or area reflective on the other hand is active because there are two parts to make the sensor work. Infrared light is given off by one part, reflecting onto the second part. When this infrared beam is interrupted, that’s when the light will turn on.

Microwave sensors use electromagnetic radiation to sense objects. Edmonton electrician says this is a great option for people who want to adjust the sensitivity level of their sensors. Perhaps they live on a busy road, and don’t want to have their motion sensors activated by cars driving by. Or they are installing it in a stairwell, and they want the lights on as soon as anyone even opens the door.

Consider All The Variables

Dual technology sensors use two different types of technology together, such as passive infrared and microwave. These are beneficial because one system can be a fall back if one sensor doesn’t get triggered. Which is the best for your home or business? Consulting with your Edmonton electrician will help you make that determination.

There is also the consideration of getting a device with the best kind of lightbulb. There are options from incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED light bulb. It may be tempting to get the kind with the least expensive bulb to replace, such as an incandescent bulb, however they are the shortest lasting bulb, which means you’ll be replacing them often.

Halogen are very bright, however they also burn hot, which isn’t a problem usually. However, if this motion sensor is going outside, any inclement weather, such as rain, sleet or snow may cause these bulbs to burst if they have been turned on long enough to get hot before the rain or snow hits the bulb.

Edmonton Electrician | Choosing Motion Sensors Lights

Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent light bulbs are also very breakable. When used outside, not only can inclement weather cause them to break, but a rock also thrown from a tire, or debris in a wind storm can cause these bulbs to break as well. Though they may seem cost efficient at a glance, they may not be after you consider all the bulb replacements you will likely need to make during their life cycle.

While LED bulbs remain the most expensive bulb to replace, Edmonton electrician, Hauer Power recommends these most often. They are the longest lasting by several times over, which means you’ll have to change these bulbs least often. As well, the LED bulbs encased in thick plastic, making them incredibly durable, regardless of whether they are used inside or outside.

Expertly Installed Motion Sensors Lights

Once you’ve chosen the right motion sensor for your purpose, or the best outdoor motion sensor lights, you need to ensure it’s properly installed. While your Edmonton electrician will ensure it’s properly wired in, people also need to consider what angle it needs to be at, to ensure the light will turn on properly. This is something else that the expert installers at Hauer Power will do. This is especially important if the device is an active infrared or area reflective device.

Care must be taken to ensure that the sensors align with each other to ensure that the lights are turned on appropriately. They will do tests to ensure that the lights work as needed, and that the sensitivity is either turned up or down, depending on the need of the sensor. When that is complete, the Edmonton electrician will not leave without helping the home owner understand how to clean their device.

Proper Motion Sensor Lights Maintenance

Since dust, dirt and debris can affect how the motion sensor lights works, Edmonton electrician Ryan Hauer recommends every quarter to clean the sensor. A good reminder of this, is whenever the seasons change, you should clean your sensor. Use a soft, microfiber cloth, and get a window cleaner. Water and vinegar will also work. Dampen the cloth, and remove any build up of dirt, dust or debris like cobwebs or insects.

Finally, people should be aware of when they can expect their motion sensors lights will likely need replacement. On average, Hauer Power says that a motion sensor lights can reasonably be expected to last about 100000 hours. The more the motion sensor is activated, the sooner it will need replacement. If you have any more questions about motion sensors, contact the Edmonton electrician experts, Hauer Power.

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