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Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Kitchen Renovations

Homeowners love contacting an Edmonton electrician to help them build the kitchen of their dreams! In most homes, kitchens are built with essentials only. While they might have beautiful countertops and cupboards, when it comes to the electrical, there is a lot left to be desired. Whether it’s not enough electrical outlets for all the appliances you would like to plug in. Or if it’s the terrible, glaring fluorescent box lighting. Perhaps adding an island with outlets and a sink will make the space much more usable.

Electrical Kitchen Renovations

No matter what the type of electrical kitchen renovations you are planning, it’s always best to consult an Edmonton electrician expert during the planning stage. This is because so many other trades are influenced by the electrical work. But also because they are the first trade in, then the last trade out. Ensuring their needs are met will guarantee quality work.

In order to help us understand why we should consult with an electrical contractor when we are planning electrical kitchen renovations is Edmonton electrician expert Ryan Hauer, owner of Hauer Power Electrical. Ryan will help us understand all the reasons why consulting with an electrician early on in the project is beneficial for all.

The Kitchen Uses The Most Power

One of the most important reasons to consult with experts on electrical kitchen renovations, says Edmonton electrician Ryan Hauer. Is the fact that this room draws more power, and on a daily basis, than any other room in your house. Whether it’s the refrigerator – which is in constant use, stove or oven, microwave or dishwasher. Or it’s any kitchen appliances – like crock pot, pressure cooker, blender, electric kettle or more. They all draw a significant amount of electricity, and you will want to ensure the electrical work is done properly to avoid problems, or dangerous situations arising.

Since this room uses more power than any other single room in the home, one of the most sought after electrical add ins, according to Ryan Hauer, is adding more electrical outlets. This means we will most likely need to add circuits to your electrical panel. And that often also means adding a subpanel, or updating the entire panel to allow more circuits. If you want to be able to brew your coffee, make toast and fry eggs on your electric frying pan in the morning, you will need to do this.

Kitchen Appliances Are Very Powerful

As well, so many of the electrical appliances in the kitchen are wired specially. For example, the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher will draw more power than a single, regularly wired circuit can handle. If you are changing where the fridge, stove or dishwasher goes, you will need to consult with an electrician before you even have the renovation plans drawn up. To ensure when they come to do the work, they are prepared to properly wire the device in the correct place.

And while many handymen can do electrical work, as per the Canadian Safety Association, any additions or changes to an electrical system needs to be done by a licensed or master electrician. The work also needs a permit, which can only be obtained by a master electrician. These are just some of the reasons to hire the right expert for your job.

Electrical Work Is Close To Water Sources

Electrical work is very dangerous, says Ryan Hauer, our resident Edmonton electrician expert. While many people think the dangerous part is when you are fishing cable, running wires or adding electrical boxes, that’s not true. The danger comes in after your Edmonton electrician leaves. Improperly done wiring can be at risk for electrical fires, and there are so many ways that it can be done incorrectly, says Hauer.

As well, since the kitchen is so close to water sources, it’s mandatory that a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) switch is on all outlets within one meter of the water source such as a sink. This will ensure that the electrical circuit will be turned off to protect the user from severe electrical shocks, especially ones that are caused by a connection to water.

If the GCFI switch is installed incorrectly, or not at all, because the electrician came before the plumber and didn’t realize a new water source was going next to an outlet. Then the electrical kitchen renovations could actually be dangerous. This is an important reason why electricians should be consulted first. They will know the safest ways to do the work.

The Kitchen Has The Highest Usage

Another reason to hire the best Edmonton electrician for electrical kitchen renovations, is because it is highly used. While a gaming or media room will also have high use, the fridge will always be running, making up a significant amount of the electrical usage in your home. But you and your family members will also eat every day. Whether you are cooking a full meal in the oven, or boiling water and using the microwave, one thing is for certain: many people will be using that room many times a day.

These are the reasons why the kitchen electrical will need to be done properly. It has the highest probability of something going wrong. And to minimize that risk, always hire the best such as an Edmonton electrician expert, says Ryan Hauer. They will pull the right permits, and get the work inspected to ensure it will be the safest for your entire family. That peace of mind is priceless.

Electrical Is The Most Costly Mistake To Fix

Because the electrical work must be ‘roughed in’, which is a plan for where everything is going to go. It needs to be the first trade in. They will help you plan, rough in where everything is going to go, and then run cables. You definitely want your Edmonton electrician running cables at this stage of the process says Hauer. Because it’s easiest to do the cleanest job before the drywall, flooring, cabinets et cetera are in place.

But also, if you don’t consult with an electrician, if there are mistakes, and they are only finding out after the drywall, flooring and cabinets are installed, such as an outlet in close proximity to a new water source. Then a lot of work will need to be undone or removed to fix the electrical issue. Trust me, no homeowner wants to see a hole cut in their newly drywalled and painted wall.

Style Trends And Great Ideas

Finally, it will be very helpful to have your Edmonton electrician in on the planning, because they may have great ideas, or solutions to problems. Do you want more light in your kitchen at night, without having a bright light? What about under the counter LED lights that give a beautiful ambiance to the room, as well as light to see, without needing a bright light. Looking for a new overhead lighting idea, but you don’t want pot lights? Your Edmonton electrician will know the most up to date trends, such as dropped lighting, LED lighting, light holders, unique chandeliers and more.

When you are ready to start designing your perfect electrical kitchen renovations, contact your Edmonton electrician for help. Not only will they help you solve design problems, but they will ensure the planning is done right, to ensure your renovation goes smoothly. Call Hauer Power today to get started!