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Electrician in Edmonton | Hiring The Best Contractor in Edmonton

You don’t have to be a general contractor to know how to hire an electrician in Edmonton. You just need to know the types of things to look for, to ensure you find someone with great qualities, who you can trust. As well, you should always listen to your own intuition, because whether you have a good feeling about someone or a bad feeling about them, you are usually right.

Electrician in Edmonton

Start with narrowing down your search by looking at electricians and electrical companies who really want to do the scope of work that you have. Whether it’s residential electrical work, or commercial, even industrial, some companies do it all, but most do not. You will want to hire the companies who are most experienced about the job you have, as they will be quite good at it.

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When creating your short list of what electrician in Edmonton to hire, look at Google reviews. They are a powerful indicator of the company in general. Are they good at what they do, are they trustworthy, and what it’s like to hire them. Generally, you will want to find a company that has more than 40 Google reviews. You don’t need to hire the company with the most reviews, but over 40 reviews, and an approval rating of 4.5 or higher is a great sign.

Also read the Google reviews, even if they are all five stars, it’s great information to see what happy customers are saying. Were they courteous and respectful? Did they go over and above to solve a customer’s problems? Getting a sense of the company from the Google reviews can be powerful in deciding which company to hire. After all, they are coming in to your home or business, and working to make it better, you deserve the best!

Electrician in Edmonton | Hiring The Best Electrician

Choosing which electrician in Edmonton to hire is going to be very important to your job, and one to take very seriously. Even if you don’t have any electrical knowledge, there are many things you can look for in electrical companies that will help you make the right decision for your electrical job.

Whether you have a large project – like finishing a basement, or a smaller job, like installing more electrical outlets in your kitchen. Having quality work done is of paramount importance. Poorly done electrical work is very frustrating – as things don’t work consistently or at all!

But the reason why poor quality in electrical installations are so bad is because they are dangerous! Wires incorrectly installed, or installed poorly are at risk of starting electrical fires. While the breaker operates as a fail-safe, turning off the flow of electricity to wires that are overloaded. If the wires have been poorly installed, the breaker may not even be working properly, compromising the entire wiring job, and putting the building, and all it’s occupants in danger!

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This is why hiring a quality electrician in Edmonton is so important. When considering various companies for your job, you can ask them to provide you with proof of their licensing and insurance. All reputable electricians and companies will have no problem showing you that information. In fact, they will more than likely be very proud of it as well! If they refuse to show these documents, that’s a red flag – keep on searching!

So when searching ‘best electrician Edmonton’ or ‘electrician near me’ on Google, definitely check out Hauer Power, located in Edmonton. They do excellent work, with a focus on customer service. They offer on site estimates for every job site. Call them at 780-935-0622 or check out their website at www.hauerpower.ca they will be excited to hear from you!

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