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Great Electrician in Edmonton | Residential And Commercial Services

Hiring the right great electrician in Edmonton is a very important task, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult one. There are many things you can do – whether you know about electrical work or not – to ensure you find the right affordable electrician Edmonton for your job.

Great Electrician in Edmonton

The first thing that people should do is ensure the electricians they are considering are interested in your scope of work. Any great electrician in Edmonton may do residential services, commercial services or industrial services. They may do all, one or any two types of electrical work. And it’s important that you hire an electrician who is comfortable with that type of work.

The reason why is quite simple – if an electrician works on an unfamiliar type of jobsite, they may end up missing or forgetting some important details. While outstanding electricians like Hauer Power work with checklists to help ensure nothing gets missed or forgotten. Hiring a contractor who only infrequently works on the type of job you have is usually a recipe for things going wrong.

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When you are asking an electrician to provide an estimate for the job you have, you can also ask them if they are comfortable with your plans. This is a great opportunity for the professional to let you know if there is something they would like to change, or propose an alternative to what you would like. They can graciously bow out if this type of work is not something they are able to take on at this time.

When searching for a great electrician in Edmonton, but as well as the surrounding areas, give Hauer Power a call. Not only have they been in business for many years, but because they are a smaller company, they go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied!

Great Electrician in Edmonton | Hire A Safety Focused Electrician

Quality should be the first consideration when hiring a great electrician in Edmonton, because work done by unqualified and inexperienced electricians results in dangerous work. Whether the job you need done is in your home, or your business, you need peace of mind that you, your family, employees and business are all safe from electrical disasters.

At Hauer Power, not only are they focused on safety and compliance, but they have a combined 50 years of experience. You know when you hire this company, you will get quality work done! However, to Ryan Hauer, owner of Hauer Power Electrical, quality work is not enough. They also strive to provide the best customer service. They know they are dealing with people’s homes and livelihoods, and they want to treat the workspace, and the customers with the respect they are owed.

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As well, it doesn’t matter what type of electrical job people have, Hauer Power does it all! From residential and commercial to industrial, as well as upgrades, installs and new builds, they have checklists for every type of job to ensure nothing gets missed or forgotten. They also guarantee their work, so if something has been missed, customers know they can contact Ryan and his team, and they will fix it, hassle free. That peace of mind means a lot to so many customers.

When people are ready to get an estimate from Hauer Power, they can call or email. Describe the job in great detail, but Ryan and his team will want to send someone to check out the potential job site. They will know a great deal more about the job, and any potential problems they may encounter, since they are a great electrician in Edmonton, so the estimate will be the price that is charged. Call Hauer Power today at 780-935-0622 or visit them online at