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Edmonton Electrician | What To Expect When Hiring An Electrical Contractor

What’s up Edmonton. It’s Ryan here with Hauer power electrical. And today I wanted to do a video about what to expect when hiring an electrical contractor. So a lot of the questions we get for a, oh, it’s not what I expected. Oh, this one a lot easier than what I thought it would go. And that’s always really great to hear. We love hearing that, but we just wanted to reach out to more people who maybe haven’t hired us yet and let them know what you should expect when hiring an electric electrical contractor, whether it’s us or another professional electrical outfit totally up to you.

But if you want to go with the best, go with us, but anyways, a little bit about ourselves. So firstly, I’ve been in the trade for 14 years and this business hasn’t been around for a long, as long as the other ones have, but we’ve blown it out of the park just because we care about professionalism so much and bringing quality electrical back to the homeowner.

So that’s, that’s what we’re all about here. Powering customer service is , our mission and yeah, we’re killing it. So just wanted to reach out to you guys a little, little more and give you what to expect when hiring intellectual contractor. So I mean electricity, it’s all around us. It’s in our heads, whether you like it or not, but when you, when you, when you want to get some electrical work done, you should be hiring a pro you should be hiring a professional electrical contractor, a professional electrician.

Just because if you, if you don’t things, things won’t go how you want them to go. Wiring, like, I mean, doing it 14 years where I’m still learning, we had other guys on the crew who 42 years of experience for our eldest electrician. And he’s still learning stuff too.

So at the end of the day, if, if you want to jump in and do some electrical, it’s only easy until it’s not. So when you’re looking for an electrical contractor, the biggest thing I think you should look for is professionalism. You should expect professionalism, go with your gut. If he shows up to the estimate late, you know, that’s kind of a red flag. If they show up to the estimate and you ask them some questions and they can’t answer them for you, that’s a big red flag too.

So expect professionalism. If you don’t have that coming in. I mean, what right do they have being in business if they can’t be professional with you? Second after that is cleanliness, that’s important. So if they come in with muddy work boots and they want to walk through your house with that red flag, you know, don’t hire that guy. If they want to take off their work boots before they walk through and look at your panel and you know, they’re courteous to your pets, to yourself are friendly that way.

You know, that’s going to tell you a lot. That’s going to tell you that when their guys come to site, they’re probably gonna lay down drop cloths. They’re probably going to have brooms in their van. They’re probably going to have vacuums and their service van or truck, whatever they might be running. We run service vans and we have brooms and vacuums and drop cloths. And that’s what we do.

But I think that’s kind of expected by the homeowner that you’re going to leave the house in a clean, clean way. I mean, at the end of the day, leave it how you left it. If not cleaner, that’s how it should be. But most people don’t have that common sense to to go that far. So that’s why that’s why we want to do this video, reach out to you guys and make sure we’re all on the same page here.

Better service usually means a higher price

With that said, if you’re getting multiple quotes for a bigger job, maybe you’re getting an electrical service upgrade, or maybe you’re getting an aluminum wiring adaptation, maybe you’re hooking up a hot tub, whatever the project might be, don’t go based off of price. More value might mean a higher price. So if they’re going to take care of your home a little better, if they’re going to take that extra minute and strap the cable a little tighter.

If they’re going to make sure that your electrical panel cover is on when they’re not in that room so that your dog doesn’t jump into the panel crazy things, but you know, crazier things have happened so that if you’re going based off price, maybe don’t expect as much. But if you if you, if you’re hiring an electrical contractor, don’t go based off the price, do yourself a favor, pay your payer person that that’s doing your work well, because then they’ll do better work for you, right at the end of the day.

If you if you buy a cheap burger from McDonald’s, it’s not going to be the same burger you’re going to get from. I don’t know your favorite burger place. You see what I’m saying? So go, go, don’t go. Based off that price, more value might mean a higher price. If you do hire the cheapest electrical contractor don’t be surprised when they don’t deliver the quality that you’re expecting. That’s kind of a, that’s kind of a given with any trade, really.

But a lot of people, you know, they, they go based off the price and then they would come in afterwards and they ended up paying more in the end than they would have in the start because we got to fix the problems that the other guys caused. And that’s a, that’s never happy for everyone. It’s not, it’s not an, I told you so moment, it’s more of a, it’s more of a sad moment because other guys aren’t doing the work that should be done.

WE work for YOU

And we are, we’re out here. We’re working for you. That’s why there, we have the highest Google review account in all of Edmonton. And that’s what we strive for. Powering customer service. Another thing you should look for when you’re hiring an electrical contractor is safety is pretty big priority when you’re working with live electrical parts and equipment. And if they don’t have a safety program in place, that might be for a reason, right?

Maybe a safety program, maybe, maybe they can’t afford it. That’s fair, but maybe they shouldn’t be in the trade if they can’t employ and keep their people safe. So WCB that’s number one, that’s a given that’s almost by law if not by law, but I make sure they have WCB compliance. And if you want to go a step further ask for their cor certification cor is a certificate of recognition for a company that has put a HSE program in place.

And when you have a safety program in place like that, and it is audited on a regular basis, then a contractor is held to a higher standard. They know that they have to work safely. Otherwise there’s going to be repercussions. They know that they have to work safely. Otherwise there’s going to be issues. They’re gonna lose their job. They’re gonna lose their licensing and they’re gonna lose their cor compliance.

What is a COR certification?

We need cor certification for a lot of our larger clients, but it’s a good measure to have for any electrical contractor. If you’re looking to have them perform work safely and have people that are held to that high value of safety ask what insurance they have. If things go sideways and your home burns down, God forbid, you’re going to be looking for an insurance payout. You’re going to need to so ask what insurance they have if they, if they don’t have insurance, that might be an issue.

You kind of want an, an electrical contractor to have insurance. If they’re working on your home in the first place. Just because again, if things go wrong, that’s what it’s there for. You, you need it for your car. When you’re driving down the street for a reason, the same way a contractor needs that when they come into your home most, most electrical contractors will have a good insurance program. Maybe a 5 million commercial aggregate insurance plan.

That’s pretty common if they don’t have anything like that, it might be time to look for someone else, get another quote give us a call. We do free quotes, how our power electrical that’s our own mission is customer service. So that’s why we make sure all these things are in place so that we can serve you better. We can be better. We can do better, and we can get you the best electrical and give you the best quality that you can expect.

As far as that’s concerning to look for their reviews, if they have a Google my business account, perfect. If they have a website, great. If they have reviews and social proof the more reviews, the better, if maybe they only have 10 or 20 reviews that might just be friends and family, you never know that’s the way Google sees it. That’s the way we see it. But at the end of the day the more reviews, the better, if, if they have that much social, social proof, it’s that much harder to fool someone, right?

So you can’t really fool the Google system when you have over 250 Google reviews like us from our honest clients. So give us a call about that. If you want to know more about our reviews look at their one-star reviews. If they have any, we don’t have any, but just because they have any, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean that they’re a bad electrical contractor, too.

There’s some good ones out there that do have one star reviews, but maybe see how they replied to it. See what it was about. See if it was even from someone that they hired at the end of the day, you want to see what the, what people are leaving as one-star reviews. Cause that’s that’s the bottom of the barrel and you don’t want to end up as that. So see if that’s going to play into what your, your project is to have a look at the reviews.

If they have good reviews, that’s going to be a good sign. That can tell you if they’re going to show up after they’ve paid your deposit, or if they’re a fly by night company, that’s going to leave you high and dry and say, have a nice day and, and see you never buy. You don’t want that, that you want to hire a quality electrical contractor where it’s pretty simple.

You pay them and they give you a service and then you’re happy afterwards. That’s, that’s the whole point. It’s nice and simple. And that’s the way we want it. So yeah. Give us a call. We’ll give you a quote, pay the deposit. We’ll do the work. We’ll make sure you’re happy after and get a five star review. That’s that’s plain and simple. That’s what you should expect as a whole when hiring an electrical contractor.

So yeah, at the end of the day, make sure that you’re going with your gut. You know, if, if they were friendly, if they showed up on time, if they gave you all your questions answered and more, they should be able to give you a little bit of knowledge about what they’re going to do and what they’ve done in the past and what they’ve seen and what they hope to see with you.

That’s kind of a big point for for the whole, the whole experience is it shouldn’t be as stressful as it can be. It shouldn’t be that stressful. It should be nice and easy. You can pay the money. They do the work. That’s the whole point of hiring anyone for a service. Isn’t it. But anyways, that’s that’s how we feel about the whole customer service experience. When you’re hiring an electrical contractor. Again, my name is Ryan I’m with Hauer power electrical.

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And if you like this and you want to hear more content, or if you have any if you have any ideas about future videos, I would love to hear it and we can do some more videos and answer some more questions. Get at us Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram off our website. Give us a call. 780-935-0622. And yeah, get in touch with us. We’d love to work with you. Our whole mission is power and customer service, and I hope that we can give you power to have a great day Edmonton take care and yeah, stay safe out there. Bye. Now,