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Edmonton Electrician | Home Electrical Safety First

While it may be tempting to cut corners in any do it yourself project, says Edmonton electrician expert Ryan Hauer from Hauer Power. Electrical components are one thing that should never be attempted by someone who doesn’t have the right knowledge, it can end up with disastrous results.Home Electrical Safety | Edmonton Electrician

Not just the wiring not working, but potentially starting an electrical fire, or causing the breaker to not work properly, putting the home, and your family at risk. At the end of the day, it’s just not worth it. Whether you are finishing a basement, adding more electrical outlets to your kitchen, computer room or media room. If you are doing a large or small project, you really should be contacting an expert Edmonton electrician like Hauer Power.

Not only are they extremely efficient, but they know what projects need permits, and how to ensure everything is up to the Canadian Electrical Code. This is to ensure you and your family are safe, long after the work is over. People may be tempted to call an Edmonton electrician who has quoted the lowest price, but be wary of offers that are too good to be true, says Ryan Hauer. Quite often, they are too good to be true.

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From workers who take payment and never show up, workers who aren’t reliable or stop showing up halfway through the job. Even workers who are not up to date on the Canadian code could be doing dangerous and outdated practices, that’s why hiring right is so important. When it comes to ensuring your home is safe for your family, would you sleep well at night knowing you hired the lowest quote, or that you hired someone with hundreds of Google reviews?

Always do your due diligence when it comes to hiring the right Edmonton electrician so you end up with a high quality job, and a safe home at the end of the day. However, many Canadians have unsafe homes and don’t even know it. When is it time to hire an electrician? A good rule of thumb, according to Ryan Hauer, the owner of Hauer Power Electric. Is when you are using an extension cord or power bar because you don’t have enough electrical outlets. Many people think that these devices safely allow them to increase the amount of voltage an outlet can handle, but that’s just not true.

Edmonton Electrician | Important Home Electrical Safety Advice

Extension cords and splitters allow you to plug more devices into the outlet, but it still takes the same voltage to overload the circuit. The more extension cords and splitters you use in your home, the more likely you need an Edmonton electrician to add more outlets and increase the number of circuits you have. This is more common than many people realize.

Most homes do not get built with enough electrical outlets, just the minimum number the builder can get away with. And the older the home, the fewer outlets there will be, and the more imperative you add outlets, and sockets right away. Not just that, says Ryan Hauer, but home owners should be aware of how much voltage each of their devices takes, and avoid plugging in devices that draw more than 120 volts on a single current.

Many people assume that if there are two sockets, they can safely plug in two devices, but that’s not true. If you are plugging in two devices that draw less than 120 volts together, then it’s fine. Such as a phone charger and a reading lamp. But if you’re in the kitchen, and you plug in a toaster and a blender together, or a frying pan and crock pot, you’ve got trouble. The circuit will overload, and most likely trip the breaker. Or at least, says Edmonton Electrician, that’s what it should do.

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A circuit breaker is a fail safe and a crucial component in home electrical safety, it turns off the electrical current to the overloaded circuit to stop that wire from getting hot, to prevent an electrical fire. So if you are routinely plugging in more than 120 volts to a circuit, that’s a good sign you need more circuits and outlets. But what’s even more important, says Hauer Power, if you know you’ve been routinely plugging in too many items, and your breaker hasn’t tripped. that’s a sure sign of trouble.

If your circuit breaker is not doing its job, it’s imperative you call us right away. We can add circuits and outlets everywhere they’re needed, but we’ll also check out your electrical panel. It likely needs replacing as well, or at least give you peace of mind if it’s in good order. So it you are using a lot of extension cords, and splitters, or if your breaker keeps tripping. Contact us, so we can help keep your family safe.

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