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Edmonton Electrician | When To Upgrade to 200-Amp Service

Many homeowners plan on buying an older home, and renovating says Edmonton electrician, Ryan from Hauer Power. They often can get the cost of renovations added on to their mortgage, and it gives them the benefit of a beautiful older home, often in a mature neighborhood and on a large lot. This also gives them the ability to ensure the way their home looks and functions matches what they need and want in a home.

One of the first services that home owners should call when they decide to buy an older home and renovate is an electrician. This is because electrical work actually influences a lot of other trades, and are often the first trade in, then the last trade out during a renovation. They will be able to help the home owner determine how large the scope of their renovations might have to be. For example, if they need up upgrade their electrical panel, or get rid of the unsafe aluminum wiring.

Upgrade Your Wiring For Safety

Once they go over important safety issues, Edmonton electrician Hauer Power likes to talk to them about what they should consider for comfort and convenience in their home.  For example, many home owners wouldn’t even consider asking an electrician if they need to upgrade to 200-Amp service from their 100-amp service. In today’s home, every room in the house uses electricity, and most homes are already at capacity with a 100-amp service.

Upgrade to 200-amp service, says Ryan Hauer, the owner of Hauer Power to give the home owner peace of mind that their power requirements are not just met today, but in the future, even as they get more electrical devices in their home. They should also consider, according to the expert Edmonton electrician, what happens in their home during the holidays. Do they draw more power in the winter, with Christmas lights, a Christmas tree and heaters? What about the summer with the air conditioners and fans?

Edmonton Electrician | Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Upgrade to 200-amp service to give a home owner peace of mind that they won’t overload their circuits, no matter what devices or gadgets they get in the future. And if they are purchasing a home to renovate, it makes sense to do this now. As well, the home owner may not even consider that their electrical panel may need upgrading, but more often than not, older homes require an upgrade.

Not only have electrical panels changed significantly, but the emergency of circuit breaker panels are now the standard, and they are safer as well. If they decide along with their Edmonton electrician that they do want to upgrade to 200-amp service, then it’s necessary to upgrade their electrical panel as well. Although, if a home owner decides not to upgrade their service, an electrical panel upgrade still may be necessary.

Installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Edmonton electrician, Ryan Hauer at Hauer Power says not only are older electrical service panels very different now, but they are also safer, since they are less prone to overheat or become overloaded. Finally, an electrical panel upgrade may be necessary, if the electrician determines that ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are necessary, for example, outlets in a bathroom and kitchen should have GFCIs because of their close proximity to water.

A quality electrician will also have to add arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) in order to bring the home up to the current Canadian Electrical Code. It’s also an additional safety precaution. In addition to a ground fault circuit interrupter, and circuit breaker. This will give peace of mind to families everywhere. To speak to an Edmonton electrician before starting renovations on an older home, call Hauer Power to find out what you need to know to have a safe and functional home.


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