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Edmonton Electrician | Why Hire An Edmonton Electrician

While renovations, repairs and adding new equipment to your home can add up, there are many things to save money on. However, the person you hire to help you get it all done is not the place you should try to save on.

When people are ready to hire an Edmonton electrician for their home projects, it really pays off to hire the right professional, who can get it done properly, than hiring someone who can “do it all” even though it may save money up front.

In order to help us understand this is Ryan Hauer, local Edmonton electrician expert and the owner of Hauer Power Electrical. He’s not only the expert in the field of electrical work, but he is also passionate about helping people understand their residential and business electrical system, and ensuring they know how to keep themselves and their family safe at home and work.

Hire an Edmonton electrician

Ryan explains that there are many reasons why hire an Edmonton electrician is the better option. Not only is it safer, but they will have a larger knowledge base for the project at hand. A contractor will have all the right licenses in place and will be more likely to ensure you get a more accurate quote for the job you need. When it comes to hiring, trust an Edmonton electrician expert, and have peace of mind.

An Electrical Contractor Is Safe

While this doesn’t mean a handyman has poor practices when it comes to on the job safety, explains Edmonton electrician. But rather, they are likely working with old or outdated knowledge. For example, the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) gets updated every three years. In order to retain their licenses, Master Electricians and Electrical SCOs must update their training, and submit the proof that they have completed it to the Canadian Safety Council to retain their title.

Contractors Must Be Licensed

Handymen that aren’t licensed, may not have updated their knowledge, because there’s no governing body they must report to. And while they might have electrical knowledge, the reason the Canadian Electrical Code gets updated regularly, is because as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) learns more information. What is a safer way to do things, more information is gathered about practices that might now prove to be dangerous. Therefore, a handyman working with outdated knowledge may be doing things unknowingly in a dangerous way.

Edmonton electrician expert, Ryan Hauer explains: as read in the previous paragraph, electrical contractors must be licensed. In order to do electrical work legally, which includes installing, altering, repairing or maintaining electrical systems, you must be a qualified electrician. You can obtain this by receiving a certificate recognizable by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

How can you acquire this certificate?

You can get this certificate by working as an apprentice for four periods of 12 months. This includes 1,560 on the job hours and eight weeks of instruction within a classroom for the first three years, and 12 weeks of classroom instruction for the last year of the apprenticeship. While an electrician can do electrical work, any work that requires a permit, which includes renovations, changes, upgrades, adding fire alarms, lighting upgrades or any additions whatsoever.

Edmonton Electrician | Who Is Qualified To Do Electrical Work

Only Master Electricians or equivalent can apply for permits. If you are hiring someone to help you with a project that requires any changes to the existing electrical system, you will need to have an electrical contractor to know that it will be done to code, and can pass an inspection. To become a Professional Electrical Contractor (PEC), a Certified Master Electrician (CME), or a Registered Master Electrician (RME), you must first become an electrician, and work for three years (out of the last five years) in the field. Then you must complete an approved exam by the ECAA.

Your handyman may be an electrician, but likely not a PEC, CME or RME, so they will not be authorized to pull any permits to change any electrical work in your home, explains Edmonton electrician, Ryan Hauer. Electrical work requires a lot of planning and when it goes wrong, the results can be disastrous. You will want to trust the safety of your renovations to experts who not only have the knowledge to do it right. But who can pull permits to ensure their work gets checked by other experts, in order to be assured of the most correct and safety work possible.

Ensure More Accurate Quotes

When you hire an Edmonton electrician, this is their job every single day. They work in the industry and know how much time certain tasks will take. They also are very familiar with the costs associated with each. Edmonton electrician says when a handyman is giving a price, it’s often their best guess, which may or may not include up to date knowledge of the industry. This means, it’s far more likely that as the project continues, your bill may be increasing on a daily basis. Instead, you can hire a professional Edmonton electrician and know that when they give a price, they are using the most up to date information from their sources.

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While it may seem more expensive to hire an Edmonton electrician over a handyman, when looking at accuracy, quality and safety, not only do you get more for what you pay. But the price that you may think you are paying for the handyman may be very low, leaving you with sticker shock at the end of the job. Your home, work and family are worth getting quality work done. When you’re ready to get electrical work done, contact the Edmonton electrician expert, Ryan at Hauer Power.