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­­Edmonton Electrician | How To Get An Electrical Meter Upgrade

Homeowners will need a reliable Edmonton electrician from time to time, whether it’s to install new outlets to make your home functional, to upgrade wiring for new appliances, to install under counter lighting, new chandeliers, or bathroom fans. However, there are more reasons why a great electrician is important if you are a homeowner – sometimes you will need them for electrical upgrades, particularly an electrical meter upgrade.

You may need to upgrade your electrical meter, if you are adding new appliances – particularly in the kitchen. The kitchen uses more electricity than any other room in the house. From refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, and dishwashers, with their huge electricity usages. But also appliances like toasters, kettles, blenders, coffee makers, crock pots and those ever-popular pressure cookers and air fryers. Upgrading your electrical meter will make it possible to have more kitchen appliances in use at a single time, for easier mealtimes.

Renovations May Require Electrical Work

However, another reason why you might need an electrical meter upgrade, is because you’re building on to your home. Perhaps finishing the basement, or adding a suite, building on a new room, or expanding to an upper level will also require this important electrical upgrade. It might even be that you had not planned on upgrading your electrical meter, but your current system may not be up to current safety standards or building codes. Your Edmonton electrician will want to ensure they leave your home as safe as possible and will discuss with you the importance of upgrading.

Finally, if you are installing a smart meter, you most likely need to upgrade. A smart meter will allow homeowners to track energy usage in real time to better manage electricity consumption. Another benefit of upgrading a home’s electrical meter to a smart meter, is that you will likely have more accurate billing, and your utility company can read your meter remotely.

­­Edmonton Electrician | First Steps in Upgrading Electrical Meters

If you need your electrical meter upgraded, it should only be performed by a licensed electrician, like your Edmonton electrician Ryan at Hauer Power. They will be able to properly assess the situation and perform the upgrade safely and expertly in just a few steps. Here is how they will complete the important upgrade for you and your home:

Your Edmonton electrician will first visit your home to properly inspect and assess your existing electrical system and meter, to find out the state of both. They factor in many things including the electrical load, complying with your local municipalities’ codes. For example, the city of Edmonton may have different requirements from St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove or other outlying areas. Professional electricians will make sure that no matter where you live, your home will be done up to code. If permits are needed, they will handle the permit application, to make sure all necessary approvals are obtained, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Coordinate With The Utility Company

Once your Edmonton electrician has a plan and permits in place, they will coordinate with your local utility company. This is because they often need to be involved in the meter upgrade process. As the utility company will have to turn power off to accomplish the upgrade, your electrician will also coordinate with you to ensure this power outage is at the best time for you and your family.

Once the power is off, your electrician will remove the old meter from its housing, safely disconnecting wire connections. Once the old meter is removed, they will waste no time installing the new one. They will ensure the wire connections are done as per the manufacturer’s instructions and as per the electrical code. As soon as the new meter is done being installed, your Edmonton electrician will test it to ensure it’s working perfectly. This means watching to ensure it’s measuring electricity properly as well.

Restore Power and Inspection

After the new meter is installed and tested, the electrician will work with your utility company to restore power to your property and upgraded meter. They will ensure that if an inspection needs to happen, as per the permit specifications, or the rules of your municipality, they will get that scheduled, and complete any required documentation.

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While homeowners may never think about their own electrical meter upgrade, working with a trusted Edmonton electrician like Ryan Hauer at Hauer Power and his team, you know that if any work is needed, they will consult with you right away. Always ensure your home is powered for your life.