Electrical Upgrades to Prevent Electrical Hazard with Hauer Power

Electrician in Edmonton | Electrical Upgrades to Prevent Electrical Hazard

Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware that their home may be unsafe, says Ryan Hauer, expert electrician in Edmonton. There are sometimes subtle clues that can alert someone to the unsafe conditions, such as flickering lights or your breaker being tripped often, but one of the reasons why electrical problems are so dangerous, is because a homeowner is not aware there is a problem until a something disastrous happens. Know the signs so you can get an electrical upgrade in order to prevent an electrical hazard.

Avoid Electrical Fires

Results of old, improperly installed or damaged electrical work can include problems like an electrical fire – a fire that is caused by electrical wires heating up, and eventually igniting materials inside the walls. The fire can then spread quickly, using up the ample oxygen in the walls, spreading throughout the house. An expert electrician in Edmonton, Ryan Hauer explains that if your breaker is tripping more often than usual, and you haven’t bought or started using new appliances or electrical devices, that’s a good indication that your breaker is wearing out, and should be replaced.

Or alternatively – says Ryan Hauer – if your breaker had been tripping a lot, and has suddenly stopped, that’s often a sign that the breaker box has stopped working altogether. Many homeowners often believe that their electrical problem has fixed itself, but the truth is that their home and family are no longer protected against electrical fires caused by overloaded circuits. If your breaker is tripping a lot, or has stopped tripping call the best electrician in Edmonton to inspect, and upgrade your electrical system before a problem occurs.

Electrician in Edmonton | Electrical Discharges Are Dangerous

Another problem that can occur with electrical systems that need upgrading is that they will discharge electricity dangerously. A power surge, or sparking can occur, where electricity doesn’t have a safe way to exit out of the house’s electrical system. While all homes are built be grounded and bonded to avoid dangerous electrical discharges many factors can cause the grounding and bonding to no longer work. If you have electrical work done by someone without proper knowledge, they can unknowingly damage the system, causing your home to be at risk, says the expert electrician in Edmonton, Hauer.

But what danger does an electrical discharge pose to the home or its occupants, you may wonder? Without grounding in place, when excess voltage passed through the system, it can cause arcing or sparking. Those arcs or sparks can pass to a person, causing damage and serious injury. An electrical discharge can also damage electrical devices that are plugged in to that circuit. Televisions, microwaves, computers and more can be damaged beyond repair by an electrical discharge. With the risk to your family and home, this is another instance of an electrical system that needs to be upgraded to prevent electrical hazards.

When to get Electrical Help

The top electrician in Edmonton recommends that homeowners get an electrical inspection if their home is older, especially if you haven’t had any recent electrical work. Any work done will have been done up to code, and any potential problems will have been discovered. Older homes tend to have outdated wiring, insufficient grounding or quite simply component parts no longer meet the current safety standards. If you can’t remember the last time an electrician saw the electrical systems in your home, contact Ryan at Hauer Power to take a look, and see if you need any upgrades that can increase safety in your home.

If you are doing any renovations or remodeling in your home, you should consult with an electrician. And while many homeowners will call their electrician in Edmonton if their renovations involve electrical work, but it’s great advice to involve an electrician anyway. They can make sure that no work will interfere with the electrical systems in your home, such as moving a source of water close to an electrical outlet that does not have a surge protector. Many home owners are unaware of how they may be impacting the electrical systems in their home, and knowledge is power.

Recurring Electrical Problems Need Help

There are a whole host of electrical issues that need help. If you have any exposed wiring, outlets that feel hot or warm to the touch after using, a history of electrical shocks, the breaker going off often, or suddenly no longer being tripped, after no changes in your home these are all good examples of problems that need an electrical upgrade to prevent electrical hazard.

If you have any questions about these issues, or anything else in your home that you would like addressed, contact the best electrician in Edmonton, Hauer Power, and they will send one of their licensed electricians to your home to inspect right away. With some forethought and planning, you will have a home safe from electrical problems.