Edmonton Electrician | Frequently Asked Electrical Questions

Ryan, the master electrician at Hauer Power loves answering questions from his clients! From trouble shooting problems, to solving problems, like how to be able to plug more appliances in the kitchen. As well as teaching clients about the newest technology, such as bathroom fans with built in speakers and blue tooth connectivity.

Whether you are building the ultimate game room, and need certain power requirements, are getting a new hot tub, or putting mood lighting in the living room, master electrician Ryan and his team at Hauer Power Electrical are passionate about answering questions, visiting homes and providing expert advice as well as doing the electrical work their clients need!

Why Doesn’t My Electrical Outlet Work?

Helping home owners find out why their outlets aren’t working is one of his favorite questions. Not only is Ryan is the Edmonton electrician expert at Hauer Power, and this question often comes from new owners of a previously built home. The answer may be nothing at all is wrong, or that Hauer Power needs to come in to fix a wiring problem! It’s never a dull moment at Hauer Power!

One of the first things his crew will recommend is to plug a small lamp into the outlet in question, and turn it on. Then, to look around the room to see if there is a switch somewhere near or around the room, and try switching it on. If the lamp turns on, that just means that the switch needs to be in the on position to operate anything on that outlet.

However, if there is no switch that seems to operate that outlet, the next step is to head to the breaker room. What people are looking for, is to see if there is a circuit that has been tripped. People will be able to tell, because one of the switches will be in the OFF position. Simply turn on the circuit, and head back to that outlet to see if it now works. If there’s no circuit that’s been tripped, that’s when you will want an Edmonton electrician in to do an inspection. They will be able to determine if there is a short in the electrical system, or another electrical problem.

Why is my Outlet or Light Switch Hot?

Yikes, says Ryan Hauer – that’s a huge problem, and action needs to be taken immediately! This is likely due to an overloaded circuit, and the breaker not being tripped! Any Edmonton electrician will advise you to immediately turn off power to that circuit at the circuit breaker. Just flip the switch to the OFF position, and immediately call Hauer Power! Do not turn on that circuit for any reason until your electrician arrives for the inspection.

An overloaded circuit with a failed circuit breaker will cause an electrical fire. These fires spread very quickly – in the empty and open space within a wall, with nothing but oxygen to fuel the fire and help is spread – sight unseen – throughout the house. Usually people are unaware that their house is on fire until it has spread everywhere.

Edmonton Electrician | Why Do our Lightbulbs Blow Out Often?

Again, this is a scenario, according to expert Edmonton electrician Ryan Hauer, that can be caused by many different scenarios. Is it a faulty light fixture? A faulty connection? Is your circuit breaker starting to fail? In addition to being an expensive inconvenience, blown lightbulbs are another potential cause of electrical fires. Keep any troublesome light switches firmly in the OFF position, and wait for an inspection done by an expert, like the team at Hauer Power. They will let you know once and for all the cause of this pesky nuisance.

Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

Ryan at Hauer Power says this is another scenario that either has a simple, no problem solution, or it needs a lot of work from a qualified professional. If you reset your breaker, only to find it tripped minutes later, check that circuit to see if you don’t have an device (or two or three) plugged into that one circuit. What many people don’t realize, is that one circuit can only handle so much power through it. Even if there are multiple outlets on that same circuit. There are many common misconceptions when it comes to the outlets in your home.

One of the first misconceptions, is that people believe that as long as there are enough spaces in your outlet, you can plug anything into it. This means someone may plug their hair dryer into the same outlet as their plugged in and turned on hair straightener. Then, when their circuit breaker is tripped, have no idea why, says Edmonton electrician expert, Ryan Hauer. When the truth is, each circuit is rated to either 15 amps, or 20 amps, and common household devices use that much electricity all on their own.

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