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What’s up Edmonton? It’s Ryan with Hauer Power Electrical. Here we are your Edmonton electrician and we’re all about powering customer service, which is why we do these videos. We wanna show you a little bit more in depth about what we’re gonna do to your home, what we want to do to your home to make it safe, and and why we want to do it. So today we want to talk to you about Submetering versus dual metering. We got a beautiful Cooper here from Leviton. Tell us about us, about yourself, Cooper. Sure. Thanks Ryan. I’m Cooper Zappacosta. I work with Leviton, and I am the promoter and subject matter expert on our Leviton Load Center and with Leviton Load Center. There’s massive advantages, but the ones that we wanna highlight today are the smart cts. Cts are what is used for sub-metering. So, Ryan, please explain what a sub-metering application or what a residential application would look like for somebody who possibly wanted a tenant suite, a nanny suite an in-law suite or an Airbnb rental property and how they would achieve that electrical separation for their single family residents.

Awesome. Yeah. So this is gonna fire a lot of people up. This is a game changer for the market. So what these are called cts which is current transformers, they sent a run current that are going through our conductor. So here we got just a typical chunk of wire for you powering your house. This is basically what you have coming in a little bit bigger obviously, but you’re gonna have a line one, you are gonna have a line two, and you’re gonna have your identified or your neutral in the case of services. Now, what these are gonna do is it’s, this donut is gonna go around one of those, the neutral’s gonna go to your panel and the hawk’s gonna go to a breaker. Same thing with this guy here, and now these are gonna sense and send to a wifi hub, which is gonna send to your phone how much, how much power this cable is drawing.

So in layman’s term, that means that if you power up a subpanel for a secondary suite, which we do a ton of those, then you can verify that they’re drawing X amount of power. You can even put in your kilowatt hour usage that you get from your utility provider and bill your tenant accordingly by using distal magical product along with a wifi hub. And I mean, really a sub panel separate those circuits. But the best part about it is that the alternative to doing submetering, something like that would be, here’s a hundred meter socket with an insulated neutral. If we were to do a dual metering, meaning that we would have two of these, it’s a big box with two of these meters, we would have to have a common drop or a 200 amp in coming underground, and that, that dual metering would then bill with a meter and bill with a meter back to Epcor, which would then, or forest, if you’re in the rural areas, then they would have their transmission fees, all their, all their beautiful additional fees in addition to the extra cost of all this hardware.

I mean I don’t have to tell you like what looks more expensive, these bits of plastic or a chunk of metering, right? I mean, if this box is gonna be six, 700 bucks for a dual meter and this is gonna be 400 bucks, subtract the cost of labor and the connectors and the piping and the conductive, like, man, this game changer for if you’re having a basement suite maybe you have a single hundred app panel and you want to bill the upstairs tenant separately from the downstairs tenant. What a great investment. This is something we can install for each and every one of you. Give us a call and we can get your pricing for that. Tell us more about the stuff that I don’t know much about, but you’re the expert on this for sure. Yeah, again, you know, where this product really, really finds its home is in the request that we get all the time.

People want to utilize every square foot of their house. People want to have Airbnbs, people want to move their parents in. People want to supplement their mortgages by having friends or tenants move in. But the, the struggle is, now how do I charge them for only what they use? Traditionally, it’s just you split the bill you know, or you could now have a large install with two meters, again, have the utility bill that person change the billing over every time that person leaves. You know, it is cumbersome and it’s, it’s quite expensive and it comes with a lot of hardware, a lot of footprint on your home. But this option is very, very simple because you have a load center, be it you know, a federal, be it leviton, any brand that you currently have. And what power, power is going to do is they’re gonna add a subpanel that’s going to feed all of those tenant suites, garage suites whatever you have as a separate entity, and you are going to slip these smart cts over that feed going to that secondary panel.

What these cts allow you to do is connect to the My Leviton app and see the usage. You can print graphs via your desktop. So you can see from the first to the 31st. These people used this many kilowatts or this many dollars. You can cross that to your utility or you can pull the dollar value right off the website and send it or the, the app and send it to your customer, your friend family and say, this is what you owe instead of a shot in the dark. This makes your tenant suite, your ex residence that much more exciting and giving somebody who’s looking to move in that much more peace of mind that they’re only gonna pay what they use rather than 50 50 split. That’s a game changer. I mean, at the end of the too, like this provides you that independence from your utility provider.

And not to mention too, if you think that maybe they’re scamming, maybe, I mean, of course pretty honest, but at the end of the day, it is expensive, right? Let’s face that they’re great service, they provide what they want to provide, but if you can get away from having another set of transmission fees, yeah that’s just gonna save you money. And as you as the primary homeowner, you might have some turnover to have control and be the one that sees the usage and can easily charge the person that needs to be charged instead of having the account tied to you twice over or to another person. So you don’t have to carry that cost is just cumbersome really. And the smart cts not only are going to give you the usage, but you’re also going to employ alerts and notifications. So if things aren’t working as they should, if things are drawing outside of their normal, or if power has been shut off and there’s no draw at all, you are gonna have notifications to your phone through the app, through text, email, or push notifications.

So if this is something that you rent out, then you’re not there. You’re spending some time away. You are living your life the way you so choose, you’re gonna have some intel into what is going on in the house, what kind of usage you can really tell you know, how much or how little that person is utilizing within your home. So it’s peace of mind for critical circuits. This is changing stuff at the end of the day. We got, we got a top of the line product here. Now we’ve talked a lot about how this can help you for sub-metering, for having a secondary suite or a granny suite, Mother-in-Law Suite, whatever you want to call it. This is a cost effective alternative. It’d still be, still be costly. It’s still nothing in this world’s free, as you know, but heck of a lot cheaper than having a dual metering set up for your whole service upgrade.

So this is a less costly alternative. It won’t upgrade the grounding on your home or the neutrals on your home. It won’t do a lot of the other things that a service upgrade will do, but it will accomplish just that in that you can monitor a single circuit feeding, say a sub panel with split circuits in your home. But what I’m thinking too, I mean, like I got a hot tub from Arctic Spas. I love that hot tub. I hope they get to see this. But one thing that I would love to know is how much power that electric hot tub draws over the course of a month a year. And budget accordingly for that. I mean, I know that it draws 46 amps when we got both pumps running and we got the heater going. So that’s a lot. But could you use this on any circuit Cooper?

Yes. That’s another nice feature. The way that this is in its form factor, this could be implemented into any panel. This, this is a leviton load center here, but if you had any panel, these can be incorporated into it and it can help you understand by what type of draw these high amperage loads have. A great example is in the summertime, if I run my hot tub at 18 degrees or 10 degrees or 25 degrees, what does that really cost me? Is it dollars, is it cents or is it tens of dollars per day, per month, per year? You can really, really see what those changes mean to you rather than waiting to every month and seeing your bill change and getting that heart stopping moment that your bill is now $200 more expensive. ’cause You wanted to have the hot tub warm. You can turn it up, look the very next day and say, okay, that’s the change.

That’s, that is exactly what the differential is. Is it worth it to me or not? So this really gives you that granular look into any load out of any panel. So steam showers, EV chargers is a great application. So power, power and the guise install an EV charger into your existing panel. People love to say, oh, I, I have an EV vehicle or a plugin hybrid vehicle, it costs me no fuel. No you know, no dollar value or very little fuel if it’s a plugin hybrid. But what they don’t say is how much electricity and what the dollar value is there. And it’s just a great way to be honest with yourself on budgeting and the savings that you’re getting by having a plugin hybrid or an EV vehicle utilizing smart cts on that EV charger circuit is gonna allow you to understand on a dollar value how much it costs to charge that vehicle by month or week or day or minute.

What I love about this too is, so if we’re doing a service upgrade for a client and we get to put in this beautiful panel in their home and help them out and make their panel work for them, you can see all the other levitts and videos on our website about just how amazing how much of an electrician, what through these panels really are. But what I love more about this here, I’m getting sidetracked. What I love more about this too is if you are on the budget where you can’t afford yet to have a full service upgrade and you still need to have that submetering and then maybe you’ll get the service upgrade later, but you can use those on any panel at all, whatever existing panel you have, if the circuits are split up, that’s gonna read the value of that feed coming through.

So that’s, I mean, that’s, that’s game changer. You guys at Leviton are doing some phenomenal stuff here. Like, I don’t know what other stuff there really is on the market like this, especially for the price point that you guys have. Sure. And you know, the leviton name is something you can stand behind and you’re gonna have local support with it. So I’m sure you can find things out there, but you don’t know where they come from. You don’t know where they’re gonna be in the future. So you can trust that Leviton will have your back. And honestly, when it comes to rental suites, making a little bit of money, helping your mortgage, creating more of a real estate portfolio for you, you need to make your rental suite look attractive. And when somebody’s coming to look to sign a lease with you to be able to tell them you only pay what you owe instead of a 60 40 split, a 70 30 split or, or some type of incorporated dollar value, it just doesn’t give somebody the same amount of confidence as you can tell them, pay what you use.

Yeah. That’s efficient and honest. I love that. ’cause Yeah, I tell you what, I don’t know how many people have lived in a spot where maybe utilities are covered. You just, you’re just gonna run it. And so if you’re, you’re the landlord in that scenario and you’re trying to, you know, be, you know, give someone down. Yeah, well you’re trying to give someone benefit the doubt and, and they take advantage of it. ’cause You know, as humans kind of do that sometimes, then to have this keep both parties honest and ethical, like that’s, that’s next level. I love it. Yeah. It’s really, really inexpensive insurance into the most expensive piece of property or, or, or purchase you’ll probably ever make in your life. Yeah. If you’re gonna invest in property and you want to have that submetering and you wanna make a good product and you wanna do that and be, be a reputable line board, that’s, yeah, that’s next level.

Ask us about more stuff like that. We can do dual metering for you if you’d rather have ’em set it up through Epcor. If you wanna have sub-metering, if you want to get a service upgrade or a Subpanel, this is a fantastic version of a panel that we can do for you. And you can always have smart breakers later, watch more of our videos about that with myself and Cooper. But until next time Edmonton, we will we will dig you a dew. I hope you guys have a great week, great month, great year, and we look forward to hearing you from you and, and hopefully we can get one of these battles set up for you. Thanks guys. All right, take care, Edmonton.