Installing A New Hot Tub

Edmonton Electrician talks about: Installing A New Hot Tub

The dream of many homeowners, is to have a hot tub on their back deck for relaxing, and to enjoy the yard year round. Edmonton electrician loves to make that dream come true for many Edmonton homeowners. When you are ready to make this popular dream a reality, ensure it gets installed correctly, and contact the experts!

Ryan Hauer, Edmonton electrician expert and owner of Hauer Power is very familiar with installing a new hot tub and its wiring challenges, and he helps us understand why it’s best to ensure our new hot tub to the experts. Ryan is an expert Master electrician, he worked for years before creating his company.

This allows Ryan and his entire team to be able to deliver the highest quality service to all customers, ensuring they are 100% satisfied from start to finish.

What To Know Before You Buy

Hot tubs draw a lot of electricity, it’s not as simple as converting a power outlet to wire your hot tub in. In fact, because hot tubs often draw 240 volts of power, a homeowner will need to get their Edmonton electrician to add a 40, 50 or 60 amp 4 wire service. And this means hardwiring the hot tub to a separate junction box inside the access panel.

While some hot tubs are smaller and only require 120 volts of electricity, just know before you start shopping around, that before you can actually use your hot tub, you will need to hire your Edmonton electrician expert. They’ll use bigger cables, install a bigger breaker, and ensure every aspect of the job is done strictly to code.

Water and Electrical Don’t Mix

Just like in your home, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, says Edmonton electrician Ryan Hauer, when an electrical outlet is close to water, you need special safety measures in place. The safety measure that should definitely be in place, as per the Canada Safety Association (CSA) are ground fault circuit interrupters (GCFIs).

This turns the flow of electricity off to minimize the risk of electrocution. This is whether the hot tub is inside or outside the home. Not only will your hot tub need special wiring, says Edmonton electrician Hauer. But that special wiring needs to have safety features built in as well.

Get The Right Wiring And Cables

Something else that your Edmonton electrician will ensure of, says Ryan Hauer, is the correct wires and cables will be used. While most hot tubs use cables rated for a hot tub that is 90 degrees Celsius, not all hot tubs and hot tub circuit boards are created the same.

Some manufacturers have their circuit board be set to 105 degrees Celsius, which requires another size of cable. If you have installed the most commonly used cable, you will definitely fail the inspection and potentially void your hot tub warranty. This is just another reason why you need to hire the experts.

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