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Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Work Done Right

The Do-It-Yourself craze has never been higher, says Edmonton electrician Ryan Hauer from Hauer Power. More stores are making it easier for people to try their hand at home improvement projects. And the wide variety of programs that show viewers how easy, are more popular than ever. Proof of this, is that Mike Holmes, a contractor is now a celebrity! What a crazy world we are living in!

electrical work done right | Edmonton Electrician

And while more Canadians than ever before are trying their hand at painting, wallpapering, installing flooring and smaller renovation type projects, there’s one type that Ryan hopes doesn’t catch on, is do-it-yourself electrical work. I’m relieved to not be called in too often from DIY electrical projects gone wrong, but I still see it, says Hauer.

Things can go wrong when you DIY

Many people think the danger is in the actual work, but once you turn the breaker off, there’s no danger, the wires aren’t live. And then they think the worst thing that will happen if they do it wrong, things won’t work, but they don’t realize that’s the best case scenario. Then you’ve hopefully learned to call the experts, like an Edmonton electrician when you have electrical work. But the worst case scenario is worse.

Things can go wrong, like crossed wires when you pull your own wires, says Edmonton electrician Ryan Hauer. The experts, we know what we’re doing, to ensure that the wires are kept neat. But if they end up crossed, you can have an electrical fire in no time, and not even realize it, until the whole house is on fire. A DIY electrical project can even cause the breaker to stop working, and that’s what will prevent an electrical fire.

If you truly want electrical work done right, be sure to contact us on our website! Our expert team is sure to help out with any household electrical issues.

Electrical Work Done Right By Us

So it’s best that anytime electrical work is required, the experts are called in. They can get your project done correctly, to code, and quickly. Your family’s safety is worth that much. But not only that, they can make suggestions to help make your space more functional and more attractive. For example, a customer that calls in Hauer Power to add an electrical outlet so they can move their fridge to a new location, may find out after the initial consultation that so much more is possible.

For example, since the Edmonton electrician will be adding an outlet, and likely adding a circuit, they can add more. If it’s the kitchen, how many times has someone said they wish they had more outlets? We can make that happen. And then add under counter lighting, to add light at night without having to turn on the large overhead lights. Finally, they may want to get rid of their old fluorescent lighting.

We can do it all at the same time. That saves us from coming back multiple times. The end result, is the customer end up with a kitchen they now love. Another example is when customers call Hauer Power to change the bathroom ventilation fan because it stopped working. They may not realize we can add a bathroom fan with speakers that can connect to your Bluetooth, that also have mood lighting. You can listen to your favorite music or podcast when you’re getting ready for the day, or unwinding at the end of it.

From upgrading your aluminum wires, to getting a new electrical panel, there is a world of possibilities, says Hauer, customers should definitely call the experts. Not only can they avoid a DIY headache, but they can end up with something better than they imagined. Call your expert Edmonton electrician, Hauer Power today to find out what they can do for you. Or visit the website and find out some of the services that they offer, and plan your renovation properly.


Thank you for reading this article! We hope by now you know that our electrical work done right is a must. Make sure to contact us if any electrical issues arise.